which coffee is high in caffeine

which coffee is high in caffeineCategory: Questionswhich coffee is high in caffeine
Cem_belevi asked 2 months ago

as far as I’ve learned from my researches, robusta contains a higher level of caffeine but has low quality. I’ve been looking for a high caffeinated coffee but the low quality factor is disturbing. by the way, the bitterness of coffee does not bother me. what are other coffee options that are rich and high in caffeine?

1 Answers
Sam Staff answered 2 months ago

Robusta coffee beans are not really low-quality, and they are the best choice for people looking for a higher caffeine intake in a cup of coffee. so, I recommend you give it a try. and, if you are not satisfied, you may try to make coffee with Arabica coffee beans and consume in larger quantities.

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