ways to decaffeinate coffee at home

ways to decaffeinate coffee at homeCategory: Questionsways to decaffeinate coffee at home
courtney asked 4 months ago

I don’t really trust the decaf coffee beans being sold by markets. Is it possible to decaffeinate coffee at home? do I need special equipment?

1 Answers
Sam Staff answered 4 months ago

There is no practical way to remove whole coffee caffeine, but there are easy ways for lowering caffeine content:

  1. Use coarser grounds.
  2. Use Arabica coffee beans
  3. Flavour decaffeinated coffee with your favorite coffee beans
  4. Although dark roast and light roast coffee beans’ caffeine content are approximately the same but dark roast is a bit less in caffeine.
  5. Decease brewing time
  6. Try cold brew. Cold-brew caffeine content is lower than other coffee kinds due to its short brewing time
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