the difference between coffee roasts

the difference between coffee roastsCategory: Questionsthe difference between coffee roasts
Jenna asked 3 months ago

I just get so confused when buying coffee beans between the variety of roasting levels. Does making light roasted coffee differ from medium and dark roasted ones ?

1 Answers
Sam Staff answered 3 months ago

yes, it is different. The size and temperature of the water and the ratio of coffee and water are different for them. Light roasted beans need Finer than pour over grind fine size and 100 °C water. The radio should be 11 g coffee and 200 g of water. But for medium-dark roasted beans, pour-over or coarser size of the grind is better. Also, water should be at 85-95°C. And it is better to add 200 g of water to 12 to 13 g of light roasted coffee.

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