Staring an online coffee selling business

Staring an online coffee selling businessCategory: QuestionsStaring an online coffee selling business
jacqueline asked 3 months ago

Hello, I am starting to sell roasted coffee online. Right now, I can think of two options:1. Buy fresh green beans, roast and pack them, and ship the order. 2. My second option is Dropshipping. Does that exist in the online coffee business?

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Sam Staff answered 3 months ago

Hey! hope you are successful. This is a very interesting and good idea for a business. However, I can already find a lot of downsides. First, you need to buy packaging for coffee. You need to calculate the delivery tax. You need to specify the area in which you want to provide services. You also need to choose the kind of coffee you want to send. So, think a lot before you start.

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