other uses of espresso coffee grounds

other uses of espresso coffee groundsCategory: Questionsother uses of espresso coffee grounds
melika asked 1 month ago

Me and my roommate drink a lot of espresso during the day, specially during busy days. we’ve got a manual espresso machine (mocha pot) and there is always a lot of coffee ground left that we throw out. I’ve heard that coffee grounds are good for the skin as a scrub too but I’m not really sure. What are the other practical uses of espresso coffee grounds?

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Sam Staff answered 1 month ago

Hey!:) coffee grounds are the whole coffee beans that have been ground before and they have been exposed to the air for a longer time. the freshest stage of coffee is when it is freshly roasted and you grind it right before brewing. so, the fact is ground coffee stales sooner and it is not as fresh as whole coffee beans. for more information check out the article “reasons you should buy whole bean coffee” on Coffeevibes to learn all the facts!

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