I want to try coffee beans

I want to try coffee beansCategory: QuestionsI want to try coffee beans
jerry asked 1 month ago

I’ve never bought coffee beans in my entire life, and I’ve always tried Nescafe, k cups, or instant coffee or simply get my coffee from a cafe. I’ve always wondered how it will be to pick a bag of coffee beans that are in every store and grind your own coffee. is it only a personal choice or there are beneficial effects of it?

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Sam Staff answered 1 month ago

yes! grinding your own coffee beans is a whole different experience and offers you the chance to get the freshest coffee and the richest taste. you can buy a simple grinder and grind whole coffee beans right before brewing them to get the freshest cup of coffee. for more information check out the articles “whole beans coffee” and “is it better to grind your own coffee beans” on Coffeevibes to learn everything step-by-step. good luck

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