How do I use a coffee press?

How do I use a coffee press?Category: QuestionsHow do I use a coffee press?
sefo asked 3 months ago

I’ve just bought a french press to make my own coffee. but I just wanted you to give me some tips before actually trying it. How can I use a French press to make coffee?

1 Answers
Sam Staff answered 3 months ago

First, add 8 spoons of the coffee to the press boil some water and weigh about 2 minutes after it boils. Now you can take it off the heat source. That’s the best temperature of water to brew coffee. Fill it up with that water to the point where the upper metal edge of the press is. Then stir it carefully after 4 minutes scoop out any chunks of coffee ground floating to the top. Now take the plunger and slowly push it down.

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