are some coffee beans inherently bitter?

are some coffee beans inherently bitter?Category: Questionsare some coffee beans inherently bitter?
melani asked 1 month ago

I had a trip to the countryside with my friend, we bought a bag of coffee from a store on the way and not my local coffee roaster. on the first day, my friend brewed the coffee and it was too bitter. the next days, I brewed my own way and tried different ratios but it was bitter as hell. so, clearly, the problem was with the beans. so, I have a question. can some coffee beans be inherently bitter?

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Sam Staff answered 4 weeks ago

I’ve never heard the phrase “inherently bitter” for coffee in my entire life!:D but, old or low quality coffee beans can taste bitter than usual. but it highly depends on the type and roast of coffee you get. for example, a dark roasted robusta will taste very bitter!

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