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Why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta?

Why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta?

There has been a controversial debate among coffee lovers for a year on whether Arabica coffee is better or not and why its price differs at all. Overall, why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta? Follow the article to find out everything!

What is the difference between Arabica and Robusta?

The real difference between these 2 beans is just:

  • cultivation
  • disease resistant


Robusta coffee beans typically grow at lower altitudes and do not require special growing conditions and special care. However, Arabica coffee beans do not grow in harsher plantation conditions and require a lot of care.

disease resistant

Robusta coffee trees are more disease-resistant than Arabica trees. It is an important factor for the price. These are the two main factors that make both of these coffee beans different from each other. But, now let’s find out why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta in more detail.

Coffee diseases

So we found out the cultivation and disease resistance is two important factors for price now let’s survey it.
The fun fact is if you put Arabica trees in the place that Robusta trees grow, they will be dead because of bacteria and other diseases.
It’s easy to find out why Arabica is more expensive than Robusta. Actually when a type of bean is in danger like dead because of bacteria and other things so it is something hard to find.

difference of coffee beans

For a better understanding, we compare many factors that cause real differences between Arabica coffee beans and Robusta coffee beans. Here are the differences:

  • The shape of coffee beans
  • acidity of coffee
  • taste of coffee
  • caffeine level
  • lipid, sugar, and proteins level
  • growing regions
  • cultivation

the shape of coffee beans

Both of the beans got a special shape that makes it easy to recognize them. Arabica bean is taller than Robusta and Robusta bean looks kind of fatter than Arabica. The middle line of the coffee bean in Robusta is straight unlike the Arabica coffee bean. The color of the Robusta bean is sharper and brighter than Arabica.
We compare every side of shaping differences but these differences do not affect the price.

Jamaican crazy me coffee beans

acidity of coffee

We cannot be sure about which one is more acidic but according to some studies and articles that you can read on our site, Arabica coffee bean is more acidic than Robusta. Still, it cannot be an effective factor for the price of coffee.

taste of coffee

The taste of both coffee beans is kind of close to each other but some people think Arabica coffee is smoother. Robusta beans taste bitter and on the other side, Arabica tastes sweeter and softer. Both of them are incredibly famous and it very much depends on what taste you like. So we can’t answer why Arabica coffee is more expensive than Robusta with this section.

caffeine level

Technically Robusta has more caffeine in on a single cup of coffee. The caffeine level in one cup of coffee of Robusta beans is something between 2.5 – 3. on the other hand, the caffeine level in a cup of coffee of Arabica beans is 1.5 – 2.

caffeine level in a single bean

According to some studies and researches, the average caffeine in one single Arabica coffee bean is 2 milligrams.
On the other side, the average of caffeine in one single Robusta coffee bean is 3 milligrams. Even though Robusta is richer in caffeine level still Arabica coffee is much expensive than Robusta! So, seriously why Arabica is more expensive than Robusta?

lipid and sugar in coffee

In the lipid field, Arabica contains 60% more fat than Robusta bean so we recommend Arabica coffee bean for those who want more fat of coffee for the KETO diet. Besides fat, sugar has got a close result. Arabica beans almost have 2 times more sugar than Robusta. Arabica coffee powder price is twice than Robusta and more fat and sugar level cannot be the main reason for this prices at the end of the article we will write a conclusion part and all factors for price are getting mentioned in there

growing regions

Coffee trees got their special regions to grow. Each of them grows in different regions with special heights. Generally, Arabica beans grow at higher heights in mountains.
Arabica coffee bean grows in 1300 – 1500 meters and Robusta bean grows in 900 – 1000 meters that show us collecting Arabica is harder than Robusta because it’s harder to reach that height. This factor is very effective and important for price because the height factor makes your bean harder (strictly hard bean) and it’s a higher quality of bean than soft beans. So yeah! If you are asking why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta?
One of the answers is region and height grow level.

Best espresso beans

cultivation of coffee trees

As we say the cultivation of coffee trees is different. For example, Arabica is less disease resistant so it needs to be more careful about how we raise them. This is the main reason for the higher price of Arabica coffee beans. Trees are not that tall, they are something between 6 – 9 meters.
First of all, Coffee beans are in berries and they are green colored. They start to change to yellow after a while, after that they get red and ready for collecting them. The fun fact is the coffee tree will give 5 kilograms of red cherry coffee bean each year which is just 1 kilogram of green coffee bean that we can roast and use. Fostering coffee trees is a time-consuming process Because it takes 5 years to achieve berries and the best time for collecting is 7 to 20 years for trees. Some of the coffee trees can get 100 years old.
So next time if someone asks you why is Arabica is more expensive than Robusta? Just tell them how hard their cultivation is and what makes them one of the world’s best coffee beans to buy.

Coffee beans on a bowl

what is Arabica coffee used for

It is a usual coffee bean used in coffee shops and 75% of the world uses high-quality Arabica coffee.
Also Arabica coffee has got sweet taste and floral flavor.

What is robusta coffee used for

Actually, Robusta is generally used for instant coffee. Top brands such as Jacob coffee, Nescafe, Lavazza use Robusta coffee for their instant coffee models. So we know that Robusta is cheaper than Arabica so it makes sense they use it. Imagine they use Arabica coffee. Arabica is more expensive than Robusta this price difference makes instant coffees very expensive.

Bucaramanga Coffee beans

the most expensive Arabica coffee

We know that Arabica coffee is more expensive than Robusta. So, here are some of the most expensive coffees

  • black ivory coffee
  • finca el injerto coffee
  • Hacienda LA Esmeralda
  • lavazza coffee espresso super crema
  • aloha island coffee
  • HWC: Roasted Bean Arabica Drip Coffee
  • Tieman’s Fusion Coffee, Low Acid Dark Roast
  • D Danesi Caffé Espresso Roast Whole Coffee Beans
  • Starbucks Rwanda blue bourbon coffee

black ivory coffee

It’s the most expensive coffee all around the world and it’s from Thailand, the southeast country in Asia. It sold for 550$ per pound and this price difference is for the way it produced and produced process. It’s just like kopi luwak coffee but with one difference that is, this coffee is from an elephant. Arabica is more expensive than Robusta and this type of coffee is the most expensive coffee because of the production process and it is a very rare coffee.
Our team, coffeevibes will recommend this coffee to try, if the price isn’t a problem for you. The flavor of this coffee is very special and it is unlike everything that you tasted. The flavor of this coffee is something like a dreamy thing you can’t understand the experience until you try it once.

Hacienda LA Esmeralda

This coffee is one of the most expensive coffee in the world it’s not as expensive as black ivory coffee but still the price is high. This type of coffee price is 350$ per pound. The trees of this coffee grow in the southwest region of the Republic of Panama. The flavor of this type of coffee is jasmine honeysuckle and tangerine.

finca el injerto coffee

Finca el injerto coffee is the national treasure coffee in central America. This coffee is the highest quality coffee in America and also its smallest coffee bean all around the world. these are the main reasons for the price difference of Finca el injerto coffee. Arabica coffee is more expensive than Robusta and the price of this type of coffee is 500$ per pound.
Coffeevibes recommend it for sure because of the high quality of this coffee hope you enjoy it.

Why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta?


We try to explain easily that why is Arabica is more expensive than Robusta and at the end, we introduce some good and expensive coffees with our special review that you can read it.
Some of the high quality and expensive Arabica coffee are:

  • black ivory coffee
  • finca el injerto coffee
  • Hacienda LA Esmeralda
  • lavazza coffee espresso super crema

We hope that enjoy buying these coffees and enjoy it!

Do you like Arabica coffee? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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  1. I usually get blends of 70% arabica and 30% robusta and I am so satisfied with the taste. but I’m amazed by reading so many interesting facts about both types of coffee beans!

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