7 reasons why coffee is healthy

7 Reasons why coffee is healthy

We all adore a cup of good coffee after waking up in the morning, or when we’re taking a break in the middle of the day. Coffee is a magical drink that is loved by coffee addicts from all around the world. Some of us may not be aware of the health benefits of coffee, except for boosting energy and mood. However, coffee beans are one of the healthiest products to consume every day. Plus, there’re many ways to make your coffee even healthier. why coffee is healthy at all?! In this article, we’ll explain all the pros of drinking coffee and the methods to make a cup of coffee healthier. Plus, 7 reasons why coffee is healthy.

What makes coffee healthy?

Coffee is linked to various health benefits, but people mostly know the caffeine-related effects of coffee. However, coffee beans are very complex and have various substances. Besides caffeine, coffee beans are rich in Vitamin B2, magnesium, chlorogenic acids, and quinic acids. And each one of these nutrients has many beneficial effects on the body.

healthy coffee brewed with a paper filter

Why is coffee healthy for you?

Studies conducted on coffee beans show that our favorite drink contains substances that are very effective for both our physical and mental health. The main reasons why coffee is healthy are:

  • Boosting physical performance
  • Burning fat and losing weight
  • Promoting longevity
  • Lowering the risk of the diseases
  • Protecting your brain
  • Stronger DNA
  • Boosting mood

Boosting physical performance

If you drink a cup of coffee an hour before doing a workout, the caffeine will increase your adrenaline level. And your adrenaline hormone will make your body ready for an intense workout.

Burning fat and losing weight

The potassium and magnesium contents of coffee help regulating your insulin level. So you won’t crave sugary snacks. In addition, coffee boosts your metabolism to burn fat faster.

Promoting longevity

Studies prove that drinking coffee lowers the risk of premature death by 25% because it helps in avoiding serious diseases. In fact, when you drink an acceptable amount of coffee regularly, you’re less likely to develop heart-related disease.

Lowering the risk of the diseases

There’re researches that show coffee can lower the risk of prostate cancer for men and endometrial cancer for women. In addition, drinking an acceptable amount of coffee every day decreases the risk of stroke and type two diabetes because it regulates your glucose. You may be amazed by the fact that coffee increases the risk of Parkinson’s disease too!

can coffee beans kill you?

Protecting your brain

The caffeine content of coffee beans helps in reducing the risk of developing dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Stronger DNA

One of the most surprising reasons why coffee is healthy is that scientists claim that coffee reduces cellar damage. And inhibits mutations of your DNA that might lead to cancer.

Boosting mood

A cup of coffee makes you alert and gives you a better focus. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system to produce dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin. Which are very helpful for lowering stress and depression.

As a result, not only coffee is a great mood booster, it highly affects your life quality in a beneficial way.

adding almond milk to coffee which makes it healthier

Is coffee healthy for weight loss?

The nutrients that coffee beans have can be a great help for losing fat. It’s not only low calorie, but also has antioxidants which improves your digestive system. Plus, Caffeine is a great supplement for boosting metabolism and losing fat quicker. And, if you have a cup of coffee before doing exercises, you’ll notice the difference and how energetic and better your exercises will become.

How to make coffee healthier?

If you learned about the reasons why coffee is healthy, now it’s time to know about the few hacks to make your coffee super healthy:

  • Don’t add sugar to your coffee
  • Add almond milk instead of other kinds of milk
  • Avoid artificial creamers
  • Use organic coffee beans
  • Add cinnamon to your coffee
  • Make your coffee bulletproof
  • Add cocoa to your coffee
  • Use a paper filter when brewing

Don’t add sugar to your coffee

When you load your coffee with sugar, you just turn a healthy beverage into a harmful drink. As you may know, sugar is linked to many diseases including obesity.

If you just don’t like the bitterness of coffee, add natural sweeteners such as stevia.

Add almond milk instead of other kinds of milk

If you prefer coffee with milk, almond milk is the healthiest alternative among other milk. And its calorie is lower.

Avoid artificial creamers

Artificial and law-fat creamers are highly processed, so they’re dangerous for your body. Instead of adding artificial cream to your coffee, add full-fat cream which is healthier.

Use organic coffee beans

The quality of beans you buy to brew a tasteful cup of coffee affects your coffee experience. It’s widely accepted that organic coffee is a better option because there aren’t any pesticides or chemicals used in making them.

Which coffee is lowest in acid?

Add cinnamon to your coffee

Adding cinnamon to your coffee gives a tasty flavor to coffee. And, it has several health benefits. Cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar and when added to coffee, it reduces inflammation.

Make your coffee bulletproof

It may sound unusual and gross, but you’ll be surprised by the fact that by adding unsalted butter, or coconut oil to your coffee you make bulletproof coffee. Which is very beneficial for burning fat, and boost of energy.

Add cocoa to your coffee

Adding unsweetened cocoa powder to your coffee is a great alternative. Because cocoa contains antioxidants that are helpful for balancing cholesterol and lowering the risk of heart disease.

Use a paper filter when brewing

Brewing coffee with a paper filter reduces the amount of cafestol and gives you a richer taste of healthy coffee.

As a result, coffee is known for its several effects on physical and mental health. However, there’re a few simple tips to make your coffee even healthier.

Coffee health risks

Coffee used to be a controversial issue among scientists, but now there’re specific proven facts about coffee. Besides all the reasons why coffee is healthy, coffee may cause caffeine-related problems for people who are sensitive. If you drink too much coffee, the caffeine may cause some problems and disrupt your sleep.

Generally, the main risks of taking too much coffee are:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Addiction
  • Digestive problems


People who are sensitive to caffeine, or people who take too much caffeine tend to be nervous when drinking coffee. Too much caffeine can link to jitteriness and anxiousness.


The main trouble people deal with when drinking too much coffee is insomnia. Coffee can lower the quality of your sleep and make you restless. In this case, decaf coffee can be a better option for you.

Rapid heart rate

As you can understand from the facts mentioned above, coffee increases the risks of heart-related disease in people. But, some people deal with high blood pressure and become overstimulated after drinking coffee. So, if you deal with the same problems when drinking coffee, it’s the best to reduce your coffee intake. It’s the release of adrenaline that causes alertness, and nervousness after consuming coffee.


Many coffee drinkers understand the addiction to coffee. The caffeine content of coffee may lead to addiction and becoming tolerant of it. In this condition, when people don’t drink coffee, they get headaches, and brain frog because they’ve developed a dependency on coffee.

Organic coffee

Digestive problems

Coffee is known to boost metabolism and helping the body to release gastrin hormones. However, too much caffeine intake can lead to diarrhea, or reflux disease in some people.

Overall, there’re strong reasons why coffee is healthy, but if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you’d better not consume coffee more than a cup every day. Plus, pregnant women and children should avoid coffee as well.

What coffee is the healthiest?

The healthiest coffee isn’t the same for everyone. And, depending on your purpose of drinking coffee, and sensitivity to caffeine your choice of healthy coffee can change.

As it’s explained above, there’re few tricks to make coffee healthier, but if you want to make a healthier choice of coffee when you’re at a coffee shop, or when you have a coffee machine, here’re the healthiest coffees to drink:

  • Black coffee: black coffee is the healthiest type of coffee to drink because it’s purely coffee and water. Drinking espresso, or Americano is the best choice of black coffee.
  • Latte: It’s a cup of espresso mixed with milk. Latte is a good source of calcium, but it’s recommended to avoid choosing flavored lattes which are getting popular.
  • Cappuccino: it’s the mixture of a shot of espresso and milk as well. But, it’s lower in calories compared to the latte.
  • Macchiato: It’s espresso with foamed milk. Macchiato is a healthy coffee unless the milk is full, or sugar is added.
  • Flat white: it consists of more milk than a cappuccino, but it has less milk than a latte. The taste and calorie content of flat white are similar to a latte.
  • Bulletproof: if you’re on a keto diet, or you’re trying to burn fat more before doing exercise, bulletproof coffee (black coffee mixed with butter and oil) is a great high-fat beverage.

Healthiest coffee beans to buy

If you know the goal of your drinking coffee and you’re looking for a way to make your coffee super healthy, you should buy the best coffee beans to brew too. Coffeevibes offers you high-quality coffee beans from different origins and at reasonable prices. So, if you get the reasons why coffee is healthy, and you follow all the instructions mentioned in this article to make your coffee even healthier, it’s time to get your favorite coffee beans with only a few clicks.


Many people drink coffee everyday without knowing that how beneficial a cup of coffee is and what its effects are. Most of us know coffee as an energy-boosting aromatic beverage. But, coffee is more than that. And the good news is there’re many extra methods to make your cup of coffee healthier so that you can enjoy your healthy favorite drink everyday.

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