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What Makes Blue Mountain So Expensive?

Why blue mountain coffee is so expensive?

Blue mountain coffee is another special coffee. there is some reason that causes this specialty. You can make an unforgettable experience of drinking coffee by drinking blue mountain coffee. Aside from being special, scarcity and expensiveness are other issues. The scarcity and expensiveness of this coffee are other factors that you may need to know more about them. In the following paragraphs, we provide you with useful information about every one of these factors. Also, coffeevibes will tell you about the reasons for this specialty and its scarcity. Knowing these facts, what’s your idea about this coffee? to you, does blue mountain coffee worth it?

What is all the fuss about the coffee of Blue mountains?!

As you may guess by the name, blue mountain coffee is cultivated in mountains. The beans are cultivated and grown somewhere about 5000 feet above the sea. It is the main reason that makes this coffee the special one. As further information, it is cultivated in Jamaica, or it’s better to say in the blue mountain range in Jamaica. These areas are special and also make special Jamaican blue mountains (JBM). You won’t forget the special taste and aroma of this coffee. just follow us in coffeevibes to tell you everything about these attributes. We’ll also answer your questions as “why is blue mountain coffee is so expensive?”, “why is blue mountain coffee famous?”

What makes blue mountain coffee special?

Actually, there is not one reason that makes this coffee special. Factors such as taste, aroma, and appearance make this coffee a special kind. As mentioned above, blue mountain coffee is rare. So this could be the reason for to supply and demand problem. You are going to read about every one of these factors in detail below.

Jamaican crazy me coffee beans

blue mountain coffee beans in a black cup

why is blue mountain coffee famous?

this coffee is well known for its sweet taste, sweet floral aroma, and vibrant acidity. These factors make this coffee the famous one and place it at the top of the best coffees list. You will read about these factors more in the following lines.

Does it taste really special?

We can say yes because of non-bitterness! Unlike most coffees, Blue mountain coffee is not a bitter coffee and this point makes it a different one. This coffee tastes smooth with a mild flavor and vibrant acidity. as a result, these are the reasons why this coffee Is special and famous. You can smell sweet flowers while you are drinking this coffee. it has a sweet aroma with traces of nuts.

Does it look different?

Somehow! The cultivation area makes JBM’s coffee beans a little different from most kinds of coffee. Due to the high altitude of the place of cultivation and growth, the beans are denser and similar to peaberries. So in addition to the different tastes, it has a different appearance.

Reading previous lines, now you may have answers to some of your questions. now, keep reading this passage to find your answers easily and be informed with the helpful information in coffeevibes.

How much does blue mountain coffee cost?

JBM’s coffee is the tenth on the most expensive coffee list. it is sold for about $108 per kg. Also, it is sold 1-8 million pounds to other countries in the world. As you see it has a high price and it is considered an expensive coffee as mentioned before.

Why blue mountain coffee is so expensive?

The main reason is supply and demand. The low supply and high demand for this coffee make it an expensive coffee. the special area for growing this coffee makes it rare and costly coffee. so the conditions and place of cultivation of a coffee are important and effective in its cost. Now you know the main reason for this question and it may help you to have better shopping with more satisfaction.

Blue mountain coffee beans

Is blue mountain coffee organic?

As mentioned before, this coffee tastes soft and clean with a mild flavor. With the clean taste of this coffee, you can experience the natural and chemical free taste of coffee. so if this is an important issue to you as a coffee lover, it could be a safe choice for you. Also, it would be a helpful drink for your healthy diet.

Arabica OR Robusta?

Generally, Blue Mountain coffee is a kind of Arabica coffee. in fact, it Is one of the many varieties of Arabica coffee in the world. So it is an Arabica coffee with its special properties that are mentioned.

Is blue mountain coffee the best?

Considering factors like the special taste, the aroma of sweet flowers and nuts, and the high area where this coffee is produced, we can say yes. this coffee is one of the best types of coffee in the world. People around the world pay a high price for it and enjoy it. What do you think? Does blue mountain coffee worth it? Share your ideas with us on this page of coffeevibes.

why blue mountain coffee is so expensive

Best blue mountain coffees

It is the more important part for the coffee lovers, the introduction part! Here we are going to introduce the best blue mountain coffees. So you will have advantageous shopping. We provide this list for you to select your favorite one considering your taste.

  • 100% Jamaica blue mountain peaberry
  • 100% JBM Clifton mountain states
  • 100% JBM – Clydesdale estate
  • Wallenford Estate – 100% certified JBM
  • Unroasted 100% JBM beans- direct trade

The following lines inform you more about every one of them. Read the details about the tastes of each one to choose your favorite one.

100% Jamaica blue mountain peaberry

This type of blue mountain coffee has a very high percentage this coffee. It is about 5% of peaberries. So you can bring Jamaica in your home by drinking this coffee!

Blue mountain coffee beans

100% JBM Clifton mountain states

If you are a chocolate lover JBM Clifton Mountain State could be one of your choices. It tastes chocolaty, creamy with traces of sweet floral. If you prefer sweet coffee too bitter one, it is the best choice for you.

100% JBM – Clydesdale estate

It is the different one. It tastes fruity and is a different kind of blue mountain coffee. so if you like fruity tastes, it is the more appropriate choice for your taste.

Wallenford Estate – 100% certified JBM

It tastes dark chocolate with light color in your cup. also you can feel traces of butter in your mouth. So it is again the best choice for the chocolate lovers, especially the dark one.

Unroasted 100% JBM beans- direct trade

If you are interested in making your coffee at home, this could be one of your alternatives. You can buy Unroasted 100% JBM beans and roast the beans at home with your own roaster.

As you see, the blue mountain coffee has different kinds for different tastes. So people with different tastes can search to find their appropriate one. In coffeevibes we provide you with high-quality coffee beans. You can choose your favorite one.

Where to buy blue mountain coffee?

You may now find your answer to the question of why is blue mountain coffee so expensive? As you know it is a rare and expensive kind of coffee. but in coffeevibes you can find the best coffees at a fair price. By buying a high-quality coffee, you will feel the pure taste of Jamaica’s blue mountain coffee.


Generally, it is exciting to try many kinds of coffee from different parts of the world. you may prefer to experience different tastes of coffees to find your favorite one. As a coffee lover, it is worth paying for expensive coffees and trying another taste that is new. Now we know the answer to the question of why is blue mountain coffee is so expensive? therefore we can pay for it consciously. in coffeevibes we try to provide you with any useful information about this coffee. we also answer different questions in this passage as: why is blue mountain coffee famous? does blue mountain coffee worth it?

Now by the end of this passage, we want to know about your experiences. Have you ever drank blue mountain coffee? what’s your idea about it?


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  1. you are right coffee vibe! I tried this coffee last week and it tastes amazing. its worth it to drink blue mountain coffee occasionally when you want to drink a special coffee. so I highly recommend drinking this coffee. special thanks to coffee vibes for detailed explanation.

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