Which coffee is lowest in acid?

Which coffee is lowest in acid?

Do you suffer from an upset stomach or acid reflux? Are sensitive about the acidity of coffee beans? Are you even aware of the best coffee beans for your health? Which coffee is lowest in acid?

History shows that human beings are defeated by what they do not worry about. This also applies to small issues such as nutrition. You may have removed all acidic foods from your shopping list but still having gastroesophageal reflux disease. Your solution is to check the acidity of your coffee. Join us to learn more about the acidity of coffee, the acidity chart of coffees, and ways to reduce the coffee acid.

Is coffee acidic?

Coffee Ph. is about 4.85 to 5.10 which means coffee is acidic. But to recognize how acidic coffee is, we should compare it with other food products and beverages.
Coffee acid is less than lemon or Orange juice, vinegar, tomato, and even soda. Milk and baking soda include more acid than coffee.

Coffee beans besides lemon and a cup of coffee

Coffee acids

why do we place coffee into acidic beverages?
Coffee is acidic because of its components. We can name different acids in coffee like chlorogenic acids and Quinic acids.

Chlorogenic acids

Chlorogenic acids are one of those lovely friends that we always hear about. These acids are antioxidants and they harm by the roasting process. So we’ll have a reduction in the acidity level by the roasting process.

Quinic acids

By roasting the Chlorogenic acids turn into quinic acids. This material is the reason why coffee has a
Sharp satisfying taste in the mouth and some people’s tummy. Other coffee acids are acetic, lactic, malic, phosphoric, linoleic, and palmitic acid.

What makes coffee acidic?

Why coffee is healthy for people with a sensitive stomachs too? Let’s take a look at the main principles of this topic to find out the answer.

Is french vanilla coffee good?

The acidity of coffee depends on other factors in addition to the presence of acids we have mentioned:

  • Growing region
  • Climate
  • Ground size
  • The caffeine
  • Difference in species
  • Brewing method
  • level of roast

Growing region

The region plays a key role in the acidity level. Each soil has its characteristics and that’s why some region’s products are more acidic. So sometimes a farmer must care more about his farm soil to produce better products.
In some regions, the soil is acidic or alkaline


Temperature and elevation make huge differences in the final result.
Coffee beans that have been grown in cooler temperatures evolve to acidic coffee after roasting. Also, low elevations coffees are lower in their acid levels.

Ground size

Smaller grounds lead coffee to be more acidic. This time is aware of the grinding role in acidity.

The caffeine

The caffeine forces the stomach to extract more acid. Therefore, you better check out the caffeine content of coffee beans as well.

Difference in species

The importance of genes shows itself everywhere. Even the acidity of coffee beans is not completely in human being control. There are coffee beans that are higher in their acid contents. By genetic engineering, we can control this factor in some cases too.

Brewing methods

If coffee acidity bothers your stomach, you can choose the cold brew. Cold-brew helps you lowering the acidity level in comparison to hot brew.

level of roast

What roast of coffee is less acidic? As we said before roasting would expire the chlorogenic acids. A longer roast gives you a cup of coffee with less acid. If you have a reflux issue it’s better to use dark roast instead of the blonde one.

Is decaf coffee lower in acidity?

We posed that caffeine can urge your stomach to extract more acids. So one way to avoid acidic coffee is by consuming decaffeinated coffee.

Ways to know if your coffee is acidic

You bought low acid coffee beans, but you’re not sure about that?
Let’s see the signs of the high acidity level in coffee. You may feel dryness and a sour taste in your coffee. Beyond roasted coffees and high acid, ones have a bitter taste. You can somehow compare its taste with fruity tastes.
Because of the existence of various acids in coffee and also the effect of caffeine in your stomach, it may lead to having reflux issues.
If you are sensitive about acids we recommend you lessening your caffeine consumption. But about coffee, there are different ways to reduce acidity which we’ll tell you later.

What roast of coffee is less acidic?

Is low acid good for health?

Our blood is a buffer that means generally acids or alkaline won’t hurt a healthy body. if you feel your body reacts to acidic foods it’s better to visit a doctor. But about the reflux problem, you must avoid the caffeine or at least lowering its contents with other solutions. Some people are not forced to face an issue like reflux but that care much about their health. That kind of person likes to know if low acid coffee is healthy or not. High amounts of hypochlorid acid would be harmful to your body so a lessening in coffee acidity can be beneficial.

Pros and cons of the low acid coffee

Our main purpose is to know which coffee is the lowest in acid to use instead of acidic coffee. But before that, we should know that sometimes it’s not necessary to drink low acid coffee.
Acidic coffee’s Ph is yet lower than orange juice. So it’s more reasonable to analyze the pros and cons of low acid coffee first.


  • It can help you with reflux problem
  • Lowering the excessive amount of hypochlorid acid helps the digestion
  • A good supply of antioxidants li


  • The original taste would change a bit.
  • Sometimes you don’t need to consume a low acid coffee.

The highest coffee acidity

If your stomach is sensitive to acids avoid these coffee types:

These coffees are the most acidic. But let’s see which coffee is lowest in acid You can use Arabic coffee, which is low acid and smoother.
Espresso in comparison to other kinds of coffee has less caffeine that can help you.

which coffee is lowest in acid

How to reduce coffee acidity?

in order to lower the acidity of coffee, there’re a few methods:

  • Using low elevations coffee beans
  • Drinking dark roast coffee beans
  • Using Arabic coffee beans
  • Drinking decaffeinated coffees
  • Adding milk into your cup of coffee (Calcium neutralizes some acids in coffee. Milk also adds a smooth flavor to your coffee that coffee won’t bother your stomach)
  • Adding a dash of salt
  • Adding a pinch of salt reduces the acidity.
  • Have some baking soda
  • Baking soda is an alkaline component that would neutralize acids.
  • Short brewing time
  • Long and hot brewing extracts more acids out of the coffee beans.
  • Cold-brew
  • Grinding more
  • Finer grinding lowers the acidity level in the opposite of courser grinds.
  • Using paper filters (Paper filters are an obstacle in acids way to your cup of coffee)
  • Using cool water (Got water extracts more coffee beans acids. So it’s better to use cooler water and temperature in case of preventing over-extraction)
  • Using hard water (Hard water contains calcium. calcium neutralizes acids in coffee.)
coffee seeds

Different coffees acidity chart

Here you can see different types of coffee ph from the most acidic ones to low acids.

  • Costa Rica light Ph: 4.90
  • Costa Rica dark Ph: 4.90
  • Kenya light ph: 4.90
  • Iced coffee ph: 5.23
  • Kenya dark ph: 5.30
  • Cold-brew ph:5.42
  • Coffee with milk ph: 6.20

Low acid coffee brands

If you’re confused with the variety of brands producing low acid coffee beans, here is the list of the best low acid coffee brands we’ve prepared for you:

  • Lifeboost Low Acid (Organic)
  • Low Acid Blend (Volcanica Coffee Co)
  • Komodo Dragon Coffee (Volcanica Coffee Co)
  • Hawaiian Kona (Volcanica Coffee Co)
  • Puroast Organic House Blend
  • Java Planet Organic Medium Dark Roast

Low acid instant coffee brands

If you’re one of those people who do not want to spend too much effort on a coffee, here is also the list for you of the best low acid instant coffee brands:

  • Tieman’s Fusion Coffee.
  • Kava coffee
  • Mommee Coffee Half Caff Organic Coffee

Buying low acidic coffee beans online

The acidity of Coffee beans depends on different factors like region, climate, coffee species, and even coffee types. As we talked about Arabica coffee is one of the lowest in acids. However, finding a safe place to buy original and high-quality Arabica coffee can be another dilemma. Coffeevibes supports you in buying original and tasty Arabica coffee. Now your body can enjoy the healthy and tasty Arabica coffee.


Food products’ acidity won’t hurt the body unless you have an acid reflux problem. Although Coffee acidity is lower than many other beverages, its caffeine armies the stomach, to release more acids. To solve this problem, you can use decaf coffee or add milk, salt, and soda. We learned that the process of making coffee also plays an important role in acidity.
Brewing coffee with egg shelves is another solution. Generally, if you don’t have a special health issue there is not much difference between low and high acid coffee. sometimes Arabica coffee is an adequate choice for those who want low acid coffee. Sometimes it’s better to enjoy the original coffee taste.

Which low acid coffee do you prefer?

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