What roast of coffee is less acidic?

what roast of coffee is less acidic?

many people deal with reflux or stomachaches when consuming acidic food or drink. coffee is no exception and because of that people may wonder what roast of coffee is less acidic. Actually, the amount of acid in your drink is measured by something called PH. The PH of everything is something between 0-14. The PH of coffee is 5 and it’s lower than 7 so it’s generally an acidic drink. But, you shouldn’t think that all the types of coffee are acidic and if you don’t want an acidic beverage, you should forget about coffee! There’re many types of coffee beans that are lowest in acid. Plus, there’re many ways to make your coffee even less acidic. So, what roast of coffee is less acidic? Which coffee is lowest in acid?
Follow the article to find out everything!

What factors make coffee acidic?

Firstly, there are some factors that can change the acidity level and make some drinks lower acidic and some higher.

It’s based on two factors:

  • the type of coffee beans
  • the roast of coffee beans

The acidity of coffee beans by types

In general, Arabica beans contain less acid than Robusta beans. Arabica coffee bean with a dark roast is the best choice for those who are looking for coffee with less acidic.

Here are some brands with this specification:

  • Starbucks Arabica beans with dark roast
  • lucy jo’s mellow belly
  • Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean & Ground Coffee
  • Puroast coffee
  • Koffee kult coffee bean Dark roasted
  • Volcanica low acid coffee
  • Java Planet, Organic Coffee Beans, Colombian Single Origin, Low Acid, Gourmet Medium Dark Roast of Arabica Whole Bean Coffee, Certified Organic
  • HealthWise supremo Low Acid Coffee
  • flogers simply smooth coffee
  • tieman’s fusion
unroasted coffee beans

Folger simply smooth coffee

This coffee is one of the cheapest coffees that proves you don’t need to pay many dollars to have a good drink. This drink is good for people who are trying to find out what roast of coffee is less acidic and also which coffee is an economical choice.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s not a very good-tasting coffee so be careful about buying it.

tieman’s fusion

You will love this one. It has a very mellow and average taste not very bitter and not very sour it’s something like gray not black and white.

It’s also very rich in antioxidants, so it’s healthy and a great choice to buy.

coffee acidity by roast

There are two factors that are involved in acidity and these factors are the best to answer for what roast of coffee is less acidic:

  • time of roasting
  • temperature of roasting

According to researchers, if your roasting duration is longer and the temperature is higher, your coffee will contain a low level of acid and your PH level will be higher.

what is the difference between dark roast and light?

Generally, the dark roast coffee beans aren’t that acidic and the light roast coffee beans are more acidic and that’s why if you roasting your bean in higher grades, your drink will be less acidic.

is dark roast coffee healthier?

In this article, we are looking for coffees with a low level of acidity for answering what roast of coffee is less acidic. Actually, it’s about antioxidants in your coffee and the fun fact is the dark-brown color of beans in dark roast coffee is because of antioxidants in it.

what about medium roast?

Generally, if you roast your coffee beans to become darker your coffee beans will get a lower level of acidity. So if you want to know what roast of coffee is less acidic medium roast is better than a light roast for you. The PH level of blonde roast coffee is averaged 4.5.

pouring milk to a cup of coffee

how can I make my coffee less acidic?

Simply, you can add extra milk. The PH level of milk is something between 6.7 to 6.9, so adding milk help with reducing of acidity of coffee.

There are some other options for reducing acidity:

  • add salt
  • put baking soda
  • add eggshells
  • use hard water
  • avoid hot water
  • avoid hot coffee
  • brew faster
  • grind level

adding salt to your coffee to reduce acidity

Salt can reduce acidity levels. You might be shocked but it’s something trend all around the world. So let’s talk about salt, the PH level of salt is 7 and it’s higher than coffee because of this it can help for acidity level. In addition, Salt can block the bitter and sour taste in a coffee drink.

Tired of bitter taste of coffee?

putting baking soda in a coffee

It is a very powerful way to reduce your acidity in coffee by adding baking soda. Baking soda PH level is something like 9. So you have to be careful about how much you are adding to your coffee. For a cup of coffee, you just need a ¼ teaspoon of baking soda

adding eggshells for reducing the acidity level

You might be shocked! But it’s real and it’s not that odd thing. It’s about chemistry things in eggshells. Eggshells contain alkaline calcium. You have to add clean, washed, and crushed eggshells to your coffee powder then brew normally.

is honey good for coffee acidity?

Honey is acidic naturally and the PH level can range from 3.4 to 6.1 and the average honey PH is 3.9. You should not add acidic things to your coffee to make it low acidic. However, when honey is consumed it becomes alkaline.

After all this, honey is better than sugar. Honey has vitamins and mineral and also contain antioxidants.

why is my espresso so acidic?

The acidity of the espresso is something between 4.5-6 and like other coffee drinks, it’s an acidic liquid. But, if you think your espresso is more acidic than the others we recommend you put crushed and clean eggshells to your powder when you are brewing it.

how to reduce the acidity of espresso drink

It’s just like other drinks of coffee, you can simply add milk and other methods that we talk about it in this article. For sure the roast of beans is important to know what roast of coffee is less acidic.

coffee acidity and taste

We can’t be sure at 100% for this question but, according to some studies conducted, the sourer the coffee is, it’s more acidic.

the signs of an acidic coffee

There’re two obvious signs that you can simply find out whether the coffee is acidic or not:

  • color of coffee
  • taste of coffee

color of coffee

We can’t say it’s an important factor but, according to roasting levels, if your bean got a higher degree of roasting, it gets a darker color.

7 reasons why coffee is healthy

So color it’s related to what roast of coffee is less acidic.

taste of coffee

The acidity in the drink is based on hydrogen ions and roasting levels. Our tongue can understand these flavors:

  • sour
  • bitter
  • sweet
  • salty
  • umami

Sour and bitter flavors are that we want to measure our drink acidity level. If your drink is sour, then your drink is more acidic than a bitter taste.

Because of these tasting measures, we can answer one another time to ‘what roast of coffee is less acidic’ that is bitter coffee

what roast of Starbucks coffee is low acidic?

Since most of us are used to buying coffee from the coffee store in our local place “Starbucks”, here’s the list of coffee beans available there for you which are less acidic.

  • Starbucks dark roast ground coffee –  French roast
  • Starbucks dark roast ground coffee – Italian roast
  • Starbucks dark roast ground coffee – Sumatra coffee
  • Starbucks dark roast ground coffee – espresso whole bean
  • Starbucks dark roast ground coffee – café Verona
  • Starbucks dark roast ground coffee – café Verona whole bean

Sumatra coffee Starbucks

This coffee is amazing! It tastes like earth and you’ll feel a fresh taste if you try this coffee.

the acidity of Sumatra coffee Starbucks

We start with “what roast of coffee is less acidic?” and we are here.

If you are looking for something with a low acid level, I personally suggest Sumatra, it’s one of the good taste and low acid coffees of Starbucks

Italian roast coffee

When we are talking about Italian roast we imagine the darkest color ever and the highest level of roasting, but when you open the bag of this product of Starbucks you may get disappointed. It’s not like the lowest quality, but since we are perfectionists in the coffee field, we do not recommend it!

the acidity of Italian roast coffee

Italian roast is a good coffee for those who want a less acidic coffee bean

is instant coffee less acidic?

I’m 100% sure that you heard about Dalgona coffee. Dalgona coffee is based on instant coffee, but really is it good for acid reflux? The answer is NO. PH of instant coffee is about 4.5 and it’s below the average coffee PH level. So yes it is one of the most acidic drink

why coffee drinks upset our stomachs?

Two factors are involved in this part:

  • caffeine
  • coffee acids in the drink

Both factors play a serious role in stomach pains you can reduce coffee acids in your drink with the ways mentioned above.

It’s also recommended to talk with a doctor about it if your problem is serious.

what roast of coffee is less acidic


Can people with reflux problems drink coffee? Why coffee is healthy for both people who like acidic drink and who do not? In a nutshell, the team of coffeevibes makes it easier to choose the right type of coffee for you guys. If you have acid reflux and looking for a coffee drink with less acidity you should check the roasting options and type of your bean. The short answer is Arabica coffee bean with a dark roast. It is a great choice for people who want coffee with less acidity. We hope our article helps with your shopping experience.

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