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what is Mexican coffee made of?

what is Mexican coffee made of?

All you need to know about Mexican coffee is right here. At the end of this article, you probably can buy the best Mexican coffee. Every unique flavor has an especial history to pass its way to your houses. So we’ll talk about Mexican coffee history. If you are curious about these coffee beans growing conditions, we have some information for you too. In the end, you may become a Mexican coffee fan that means you need some tasty recipes which are written in the article.

What is Mexican coffee?

Mexican coffee is a kind of coffee with dark roasted beans that is brewed with cinnamon and sugar and combined with tequila, Kahlua, melted vanilla ice cream. The final flavor that is sweet-spicy and a bit fruity has made it famous. We can classify Mexican coffee as a strong coffee. If you should avoid high caffeine drinks, Mexican coffee can not be the best choice for you.

There is a surprise for chocolate lovers in Mexican coffee. The combination of dark chocolate, hints of cinnamon, and milk will make a mysterious taste that may be even addictive for some people.

History of Mexican coffee

To know the history of Mexican coffee we should take a time trip to the late 18th century. At that time the Spanish brought plants from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Later, after 1860, a border dispute with Guatemala forced Mexico to give unregistered farms and lands to wealthy Europeans. Europeans came to be coffee agricultural in their farms with the help of local workers. In 1914 labor laws freed local workers and now they could continue farming coffee in their lands. With the rise of the coffee industry and the Mexican revolution in 1900-1973, coffee producers bought more farms. But in the 90s the coffee price and value overpowered and the coffee industry in Mexico faded away. But again after the growth of the coffee industry, everything changed. Now Mexico is one of the 10 major coffee producers.

what is the best mexican coffee?

Mexican coffee growing conditions

You may ask what makes Mexico an adequate region for agricultural coffee. The main reason as you may guess is related to the climate and location. Pacific and Atlantic ocean steam help farmers to plant coffee easily. Another reason is the region’s soil and climate that is nice cultivation for Arabica coffee beans. And the last advantage of this region is that coffee plants flower three or four times a year which allows cultivating and producing more coffee.

what is Mexican coffee made of

7 best Mexican coffee brands in 2021

Here is the list of the best Mexican coffee beans available for you:

  • Volcania Organic
  • New Mexico piñon
  • Coffee bean direct decaf
  • Cafe De Olla
  • Anthony’s Organic Altura Arabica
  • Allegro coffee
  • Cafe Garat Gourmet Mexican coffee

Volcania Organic

Volcanica’s Mexican coffee is one of the best Mexican coffee brands. As you know Mexican coffee has lots of flavors by itself but Volcania organic goes beyond that and adds hazelnut taste to it. This is a bit creamy and because of this feature has absorbed many people. The next positive feature of this coffee is that you can find it in three grind sizes. Do you prefer fresh coffee and whole beans?

No problem, you can also purchase whole beans. The price is also adequate for their daily consumption.

New Mexico piñon

New Mexico piñon is a nice medium roast coffee with a combination of original Mexican coffee flavor with hints of cinnamon and chocolate. Many old customers will miss the piñon nuts flavor which is omitted because of the lack of piñon nuts. But yet new customers love the taste.

Coffee bean direct decaf

Do you need to cut down on your coffee expenses? Coffee bean direct decaf is a healthy option that is fair for your budget. As you know Mexican coffee is a kind of strong coffee and if you can not continue with this much caffeine, we advise you to use a nice decaf coffee. Although many decafs will butter you with bitterness, Coffee bean direct decaf is Swiss water processed. Swiss water process prevents the final flavor of bitterness. Also, we promise not to use any additional chemical solvents so you can use this kind of coffee daily.

Mexican coffee beans

Cafe De Olla

Looking for a smoother flavor of Mexican coffee? Cafe De Olla promises a unique smooth flavor that you can hardly forget. This coffee is a pre-grounded product to save your time. Each special product will cost you more than what you may think and Cafe De Olla is a unique product.

So if you need a fresh or better price we do not recommend this one.

Anthony’s Organic Altura Arabica

Anthony’s Organic Altura Arabica is a product that contains whole coffee beans and will stay fresh longer. There is a feature about this coffee that makes it different from other Mexican coffee products.

You have an additional option to add flavors by your appetite into your coffee because Anthony’s Organic Altura Arabica has just the base flavor of Mexican coffee not anymore. Since those who purchase Mexican coffee want to experience that sweet and spicy taste, this coffee may not satisfy everyone but the price is satisfying.

Allegro coffee

Those who have sweet teeth will fall in love with Allergo coffee. Besides the Mexican coffee flavor, you can also taste almonds, pecan, and milk chocolate flavor. This smooth Mexican coffee is a nice recommendation for a cold brew to save the whole aroma.

Cafe Garat Gourmet Mexican coffee

Cafe Garat Gourmet Mexican coffee will through you to the middle of spring even in the winter. Cafe Garat Gourmet Mexican coffee. You can feel high-quality cherries flavor in a sip. Chocolate and walnuts flavor in combination with the lemon and orange taste will make a smooth acidity that can absorb everyone. Cafe Garat Gourmet Mexican coffee is a medium roast product and won’t butter you with bitterness at all.

a cup of coffee beansHow to buy the best Mexican coffee

To buy the best Mexican coffee you need to memorize some keynotes. Maybe these keynotes seem too easy or even incidental but being careful about them will make a huge difference.

  • Roast level
  • Flavor
  • Brewing method
  • Grinding size
  • Price

Roast level

A medium roast gives Mexican coffee the ability to give out its natural aroma. This roast level also preserves coffee to be too dark or bitter.


Always choose a way to your heart. Be careful about the flavor profile of the product. Do you like smooth? Bitter or sweet? Fruity or non-acidic?

Mexican coffee beans

Answer all of these questions then you can find your flavor.

Brewing method

Brewing methods are always a challenging issue. Don’t worry you can use all brewing methods for Mexican coffee.

Grinding size

The grinding size is up to you and the type of coffee you need but the important thing is to choose pre-grounded or whole beans?

The answer is easy. If you don’t have enough time or equipment to grind the coffee, it’s better to purchase pre-grounded coffee. In other cases, drinking fresh coffee is the best option to build up your day.


You can purchase an expensive Mexican coffee to drink on Fridays.  For sure a daily consumption needs a fair value to save your budget, so it’s up to you to decide how much you want to spend on a cup of coffee.

How to make Mexican coffee

Independency is always attractive even if it’s to make your Mexican coffee at home. Now will see what is Mexican coffee made of?

Mexican coffee is a specific coffee so you need more ingredients on your shopping list. Let’s see what do we need first.

  • Hot Brewed coffee
  • Brown sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Whipped cream
  • Tequila
  • Kahlua
  • Homemade coffee syrups
  • Vanilla extract or ice cream

Now it’s time to make a delicious Mexican coffee.

Choose an adequate saucepan and combine hot brewed coffee with brown sugar, chocolate, and cinnamon sticks. You can also add milk chocolate instead. Boil the mixture then let it cool down. Now you can divide cinnamon sticks from the coffee. Add tequila and Kahlua if you want it to be more like an original Mexican coffee.

If you like you can add little homemade coffee syrups or vanilla extract to sweeten your coffee. Now you can enjoy your Mexican coffee or adding ice cubs or vanilla ice cream to have a nice Mexican iced coffee.

Where can I buy the best Mexican coffee?

Our real challenge is not about finding the best Mexican coffee but it’s about Where to purchase the best coffee. If you also need somewhere trustworthy to purchase the highest quality products, coffeevibes is what you are looking for. Buy the best Mexican coffee right here, in coffeevibes.


We talked about the history of Mexican coffee and now you well know there are years of labor and failures behind your delicious coffee. Now you can successfully notice the best Mexican brand to buy.

And finally, we told you how to make the best Mexican coffee in few minutes. You don’t always need to buy everything you want sometimes having your favorite product is even easier than ordering it.


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