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unroasted coffee beans

unroasted coffee beans

For many Americans, a good day means waking up by the smell of a nice cup of coffee. And in my opinion, the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans is one of the best there is. But what about unroasted coffee beans? Are they any good? Do they smell like roasted ones or does the roasting makes all the nice smell? Are they more nutrient? Let’s find out!

What are unroasted coffee beans?

unroasted coffee beans also known as Green coffee beans, are raw, unroasted beans that have more water and a substance called chlorogenic acid. These beans are still green and have a fruity texture. You can brew them like roasted ones and enjoy a rather different taste of coffee.

Differences between roasted and unroasted coffee beans

The obvious difference is roasting. Unroasted coffee beans are soft and spongy and smell grassy. Roasting brings out the aroma and flavor that is trapped inside these beautiful beans. it causes chemical reactions to happen in the beans that darken the coffee. More importantly, the acidity of coffee decreases while it becomes more bitter and less fruity. there are four main roasting levels:

  • Light roast
  • Medium roast
  • Medium-dark roast
  • Dark roast
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Light roast

light roast makes beans light brown. While some like the strong aftertaste of these beans, others find them grassy and underdeveloped. These beans have no oil on the surface because they are not roasted enough for the oil to break through to the surface.

Medium roast

These beans have a darker brown theme than lightly roasted one. They have a stronger taste but yet they don’t develop oil. Sometimes these beans are referred to as American roast because it’s more common in the united states.

Medium-dark roast

At this roast, some beans start to develop oil. These chestnut brown beans are considered to be the perfect balance point in terms of brightness, aroma, and flavor. This roast has a slightly bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Dark roast

Most of these beans are shiny and oily. These beans have a pronounced bitter taste and smoky flavor.

Each level has a unique taste and scent so if you are a true coffee fan you should taste them all! Once roasted, however, it’s better to use them quickly before they go old. Roasting is a delicate process and mastering it requires lots of effort. So you probably should start buying unroasted coffee beans now!

Benefits of unroasted coffee beans

There are some perks for unroasted coffee beans that make them more appealing to buy than roasted beans. We can name a few like:

  • Health benefits
  • Storage
  • Freedom of selection
  • Freshnessunroasted coffee beans in a bag
  • More aroma
  • Economical consideration

Health benefits

As I mention before, unroasted coffee beans have more chlorogenic acid. Some claim consuming these beans extract is effective for, reducing blood pressure, losing weight, lowering cholesterol, Controlling Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and some other conditions. Though there is not enough evidence to surely confirm these claims.

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One of the main advantages of unroasted coffee beans compared to roasted ones is storage. They stay freshest longer than roasted beans and you can roast them anytime you want and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. It is recommended to store them in a dark, dry container at room temperature. Unroasted beans are porous so watch for moisture.

Freedom of selection

Even If you aren’t interested in green coffee extract, it is better to buy unroasted coffee beans. With unroasted coffee beans, you can find your favorite roasting level. And drink coffee from freshly roasted beans anytime you want.

Always fresh coffee

With unroasted coffee beans, you can always have freshly roasted beans ready to become a nice cup of coffee. Remember that the best cup of coffee you can drink Is always the freshest.

A house full of aroma

Ain’t the smell of freshly roasted coffee great? With unroasted coffee beans, you can smell that aroma anytime you want. Ain’t that great?

Economical choice

Though not always the case, most of the time unroasted coffee beans are cheaper options than roasted ones.

The cones of unroasted coffee beans

If you can’t spare the time and effort to roast your coffee yourself, you are probably better off with roasted beans. Roasting requires attention and most of us don’t have that kind of time in today’s busy life. Keep in mind though that roasted beans tend to lose their aroma over time so buy them regularly.

Finding the best unroasted coffee beans for your taste

The differences between coffee beans determine how you should roast it and how the ultimate coffee taste. We recommend at least 4 points to consider:

  • Origin
  • Species
  • Altitude
  • Processing
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the climate and soil of the region where your beans grow will affect the aroma and flavor of your coffee. With the options that today’s market can provide, choosing can be hard, but I’m sure there is a perfect coffee for you out there.


For coffee, we have species and varieties (varieties is a genetic category after species) to choose from. Each one offers a unique experience.


This one seems a little odd but there is science behind it. The more the altitude, the colder the weather. Lower temperature allows the sugar to develop more. Which results in a more complex taste profile.


Different processing routes result in different tastes and flavors. For example, Natural/dry processed beans tend to be sweeter and fruitier. While wet/washed beans are less sweet but cleaner.

Finding the best coffee requires attention to detail. You can rate your cup of coffee on a scale of 1 to 10 each time you try a new bean or roasting method. You can also take note of other details like acidity, sweetness, and aftertaste.

types of unroasted coffee beans

buying unroasted coffee beans online

lucky for us, we can stretch our arms and purchase any type of coffee beans via the internet. From Indonesia to Ethiopia and from brazil to central America, you can buy and taste any type of roasted and unroasted coffee beans from our site. Coffeevibes try to make buying coffee as easy as possible for you. Check out our menu for your favorite coffee!

Wrapping it up

Coffee is one of the greatest things that mankind has discovered. Most of us won’t stay awake without it! But what makes it fantastic is its taste and aroma. Switching to unroasted coffee beans is a good way to always have the freshest coffee possible. Though it needs some effort to master roasting, personally, having that aroma in the house is always worth it.


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If you're a coffee fanatic who enjoys the first sip of coffee every day, you understand the magical power of good coffee beans. I've been crazy about coffee for a quite long time, and I truly enjoy learning about different types of coffee and all the facts about caffeine. So, I decided to share my experience with you to help you choose coffee beans like a pro and find your favorite type of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

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