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Top coffee producing countries

Top coffee producing countries

There’s nothing like getting a fragrant cup of coffee and reaching your peace of mind with the first sip in the middle of a busy day. All coffee lovers understand the feeling of clearing the mind by the smell of a rich coffee, and they’re all used to start their day with their favorite coffee. Whenever you get the rich taste and aromatic smell of coffee while drinking, you become sure that it’s made from high-quality beans and has been brewed properly. So you may wonder “Where are the best coffee beans from?”, in this article, we simply give you all the information about the coffee beans origins and top coffee producing countries, and how they’re harvested from farms of different countries, plus what changes are done to them to finally get into your cup.

Seeds of coffee

Coffee beans are in fact, the seeds of a red fruit called “Coffee cherries” that grow on Coffea plant. The seeds are raw and green, and they go through a long process that requires science and art to become the roasted coffee beans that we brew in our everyday life.

Coffee nutrients

Coffee beans’ components are:

  • Amino acids: which are protein-building blocks in our body.
  • Carbohydrates: they make up most of the coffee beans.
  • Minerals: beans contain different minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, and zinc.
  • Caffeine: It’s the main component of coffee beans, and coffee is mainly used for its caffeine.
  • Antioxidants: beans contain high levels of antioxidants which are very good for heart health and metabolism.
  • Fiber: there’re dietary fibers in beans, which are helpful for controlling cholesterol, and digesting nutrition.

How coffee is made?

As it was said earlier, a coffee plant produces coffee cherries. Then, the seeds of coffee cherries are harvested and dried with special methods to remove the skin and mucilage. Each coffee bean has a different caffeine and acidity content, and some sugar is locked inside, so every type of coffee beans are harvested and dried in their own unique way, and that’s why various types of beans have a different aroma and taste. Finally, beans are roasted at different levels according to customer’s preferences and finally become the coffee beans that we buy and brew regularly.

What is the best flavored coffee?

Generally, the coffee bean making process contains:

  1. Harvesting coffee cherries from plants
  2. Drying the raw coffee beans
  3. Grinding beans after removing their skin and pulp
  4. Exporting green beans
  5. Tasting the quality of coffee beans
  6. Roasting beans at different levels

Coffee beans origin

Most people give answers to the question “Where are the best coffee beans from?” considering growing countries such as America, however, some of the most famous coffee beans that have the highest quality and the richest taste come from small countries that have the climatic conditions to plant coffee trees.

Climatic conditions highly affect the flavor of the coffee, so it’s normal if you want to know about the top coffee producing countries and the origins of the coffee you drink.

coffee beans come from the cofea plant

where are the best coffee beans from?

The most commonly used coffees are produced in different countries across the globe. Coffee plants are mainly grown in tropical areas, and most of them are exported to other countries. On a lighter note, the coffee that we drink every day can come from a country miles away, with a completely different climate than the country you live in. The world’s best coffee beans come from the top coffee producing countries such as:

  • Colombia
  • Ethiopia
  • Guatemala
  • Costa Rica
  • Jamaica
  • Brazil
  • Yemen


Colombia is mainly known for producing Arabica beans, the world’s most famous bean among coffee lovers that has a soft and fruity flavor. Colombian coffee beans are very famous, and they’re exported to countries all around the world.


You may be interested in the fact that Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee beans, and the cofea plant originates in Ethiopia. It’s one of the world’s largest coffee producing countries. The most famous Ethiopian coffee beans are named “Harrar” that have a taste of wine with a little astringency.


Guatemalan coffee beans are very famous for their cocoa flavor and rich aroma. Guatemala beans are grown in mountainous areas contacted with ocean winds which gives them a very unique flavor.

Costa Rica

The coffee beans of Costa Rican are well-known for their round-shaped looks and crisp taste and bright acidity. These coffee beans are grown on the volcanic soils of the mountainous regions.

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Jamaican coffee is one of the world’s most expensive premium coffee beans. It’s known to have an elite standard, and it has a classic taste but a special aroma. Jamaican coffee beans have a pleasant level of acidity. Blue mountain coffee is a type of Jamaican coffee that grows in the blue mountains of eastern Jamaica. Jamaican blue mountain coffee beans are grown in very limited areas, which makes them so expensive and luxurious.


Brazil is the world’s largest coffee bean producer that exports large quantities of coffee beans at lower prices. Robusta coffee beans, which are mainly used in instant coffees, make up most of the Brazilian coffee production. Brazilian coffee has a smooth and sweeter taste and a lower level of acidity.


Yemen has a long history of producing coffee beans as well, but Yemen coffee isn’t as popular as other types of coffee. You may hear of Yemen coffee as “Mocha coffee” too because the beans are grown near Mocha city. Yemen coffee beans are harvested and processed with traditional methods. They’re smaller than other coffee beans, but they have a very rich taste.

It’s worth mentioning that, the range of top coffee producing countries is not limited to Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Brazil, or Yemen. There’re many other countries that produce very high quality beans such as Mexico, Kenya, and Indonesia. Each region grows a unique type of coffee beans according to its climatic condition, sea level, and other factors. That’s the reason every type of coffee has a different flavor, strength, and aroma.

Leading producer of coffee

So now, we all learned about all these countries that each produce the most unique coffee beans. But, which one is the leading producer of all?

The answer is Brazil! It is the largest coffee producer of coffee beans among other coffee producing countries. Producing about 5,714,381,000 pounds of coffee each year which is getting higher and higher.

Which country has the best coffee?

As you can understand from the explanations above, there’re many regions that produce coffee beans, and the coffee kinds vary from place to place according to growing conditions. So, it’s worth tasting various coffee beans to discover your favorite type. However, you can narrow down your options to find out your best coffee beans with the help of the details explained for each coffee in this article.

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coffee production in world

as the world’s most preferred beverage, the price of coffee is escalating every year. Because of that, the coffee producing countries are producing more and more coffee each year. Here is the list of coffee production in the world (from the largest to the smallest):

  • Brazil
  • Vietnam
  • Colombia
  • Indonesia
  • Ethiopia
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Uganda
  • Mexico
  • Peru

the origins of coffee beans affect the type of coffee beans

Arabica coffee producing countries

Generally, most of the countries mentioned above produce the best Arabica coffee beans. but, in fact, Brazil is the biggest Arabica coffee producing in the whole world, producing the richest coffee beans. After Brazil, Colombia also produces the best kinds of Arabica coffee as well.

Buy the best coffee beans online

You may think that the only way to make sure about your coffee bean shopping is by going to the store and touching the beans. But, you should know that by buying coffee beans online, you have more control over your coffee because there’re a variety of coffee beans from all around the world, and at any price. Plus, when buying coffee, you may wonder about the best coffee producing countries and where are the best coffee beans come from, but you may not easily find out about the origins of beans in stores. Coffeevibes, provides all the information needed about coffee beans, including origins, caffeine content, aroma, exact flavor, roasting level, and acidity. Moreover, there’re reviews available from coffee fanatics that have tasted the coffee you want to buy. So, you can read all the reviews and buy your coffee beans online safely.

Best place to buy coffee beans online

Coffeevibes helps you have access to a great cup of coffee made from high quality beans whenever you wish, without having to go to the stores constantly or worrying about not finding your favorite type. There’re thousands of coffee bean types that you may even haven’t heard of. Buying coffee beans online makes you get to know the unique tastes of different coffees that may change your coffee preferences completely. As a result, give yourself a treat and check out all the high quality coffee beans produced in different regions, and simply discover your favorite cup of coffee.

Final word

There’re many countries that produce the coffee beans that we consume every day. Getting to know the origins of beans and the top coffee producing countries matters because the conditions dramatically affect the beans. Because of that, the flavor and strength of coffee you want depending on its origins, and you should find out about that to have a satisfying coffee.

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