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Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans

Tanzania Peaberry coffee beans

Generally, Tanzania peaberry coffee is a kind of rare coffee that is different from regular coffee in taste and it’s tastier than regular coffee. On the other hand, there is no difference from regular coffee in the processing method, and this step should be considered because it changes the taste of coffee. in this part, coffeevibes will inform you about different aspects of Tanzania peaberry coffee as flavor, taste, origin. We try to provide you with useful information in the best way.

What is Tanzania peaberry coffee?

Now we are going to inform you about Tanzania peaberry coffee in coffevibes. there are some important tips you need to know about this coffee.

Tanzania peaberry coffee is Arabica has small beans that are round with a cleft in the middle of each bean. This is not a popular coffee and it is a rare kind of African coffee that is harvested in Kilimanjaro. Being rare is one of the reasons that make this coffee expensive.

The flavor is richer in this coffee compared to the other kids and it has high quality because of peaberry beans

Where does Tanzania peaberry coffee come from?

In this part of the text in Coffeevibes, we want to get acquainted with the origin of Tanzania peaberry coffee. As the name suggests, this coffee is produced and exported in Tanzania. The geographical location of this region is East Africa.

How is Tanzania peaberry coffee processed?

There is one similarity between Tanzania peaberry coffee and regular coffee, which is in processing. The wet method is used for processing these two kinds of coffee. as mentioned above, it is an important part because methods cause some changes in the flavor of the coffee.

Tanzania peaberry coffee is selected manually and well washed and dried with good air circulation. Then peaberries are separated carefully so that uniform coffee is ready.

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Regular coffee or Tanzania peaberry coffee?

here you are going to know some information about the differences between regular and Tanzania peaberry coffee in coffeevibes. There are definitely differences in the taste between these two types of coffee. Now you know, by reading the paragraph above, that Tanzanian coffee is sweeter and has a different taste than regular coffee. also, it is more acidic coffee than the regular one. As mentioned above, Tanzania peaberry coffee is tastier than regular coffee. it is noticeable that peaberry coffee is more expensive compared to regular coffee.

As another important point, Tanzania peaberry coffee has a higher amount of caffeine than the regular coffee


If you want to have other information about Tanzania peaberry coffee in detail, follow us in this paragraph of coffeevibes. Tanzania peaberry coffee is a strong coffee that tastes sweet because of the sweetness of peaberry. Being from Africa could be a reason that makes this coffee strong. As another influential factor in making strong flavor, we can name origin and roast.

What makes this coffee unique is the special taste of chocolate and its brightness. It is one of the rarest coffees in the world that has its own fans. Tanzania peaberry coffee lovers believe that this coffee tastes best.


As mentioned in the previous sentences, Tanzania peaberry coffee beans are small round beans with a cleft in the middle of each bean. This makes it different in appearance compared to other kinds of coffee and makes it special in appearance as in taste.


The price is a significant issue for this coffee. If you have been following us, you now know that Tanzanian coffee is expensive coffee. Now if you want to know the reasons for this, continue following coffeevibes. In addition to the rarity that makes this coffee expensive, there are other reasons for peaberry beans. Pea berries accumulation and storing conditions are different from other types of beans. Also, the method of roasting these beans is different and this is the reason why these beans are not abundant.

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In this section of Coffeevibes, we want to discuss the type of roasting for this coffee. The Tanzania peaberry coffee beans are often medium or dark roasted beans but it has a light color. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t find light roasted beans.

as mentioned above, this light color doesn’t mean light flavor and this coffee tastes strong contrary to its appearance. It is a kind of intense coffee. The more roasted, the more intense it is. so the intensity is determined by roasting degree.

Brewing Tanzania peaberry coffee

There are different ways to brew this coffee. By brewing Tanzania peaberry coffee with any of these methods, you will experience a special taste of this coffee. We can name two methods of brewing as drip-brew and French press. the first method is a better choice for brewing medium roast. and, the second one is an appropriate method for brewing medium or dark roast Tanzania peaberry coffee. If you are in hurry and you will have a cup of coffee in the morning, the first method is the best for you. By the French press method of brewing, you will experience the exact taste of Tanzania peaberry coffee. it gives you the sweetness of peaberries and helps you to try the real taste of this special coffee.

There may be other ways to brew this unique coffee, but we mentioned these two methods in coffeevibes for your better guidance. We hope you enjoy it.

tanzania peaberry coffee beans

Pros and cons of Tanzania peaberry

Now we want to aware you about some points about the advantages and disadvantages of Tanzania peaberry coffee. these are some important tips to make it easy for one who wants to experience this unique coffee. follow us in this article of coffeevibes.


As advantages of this coffee, we can indicate that this coffee has a different taste and this makes it such a unique coffee.

The beans of this coffee aبre well roasted and also it is a flavorful coffee. As you can see the taste is the most important part of this coffee and it can be said that somehow it’s a strength of Tanzania peaberry coffee. Furthermore, you can be creative in making this coffee. you can try different methods to making this coffee and find your own. So in addition to mentioned methods, this coffee is made by your creative style and method in making coffee.

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It’s fair to know the disadvantages as advantages of this coffee. reading the following lines, you’ll be aware of the disadvantages of Tanzania peaberry coffee. Now you know it’s rare coffee and maybe it wouldn’t be easy to drink it as a routine. Also, this coffee is an expensive type of coffee and may not be worth using much. If you have the chance of trying this coffee for once, do not miss this opportunity.

caffeine content

Caffeine content is the other important factor in selecting any kind of coffee. you can read about it about any coffee in coffeevibes. In this section, we will look at this important factor about Tanzanian peaberry coffee and provide you with information.

The intensity of the coffee does not determine the amount of caffeine, but it depends on the roasting factor. So if you need more caffeine for your Tanzania peaberry coffee, choose lighter roast beans. Also finely ground beans have more amount of caffeine. Tanzanian coffee with 1.42% caffeine, compared to other types of coffee, has a significant amount of caffeine. Certainly, there is other coffee with more amount caffeine.

Buy Tanzania peaberry coffee online

If you decide to experience the special taste of this coffee, it is advisable that you choose high-quality Tanzania peaberry coffee. so you will experience a real taste of coffee. Coffeevibes tries to provide you with this coffee with the best quality and the fairest price.

With this choice, you can avoid wasting money and also have a positive and true opinion about the taste of Tanzanian peaberry coffee.


Have a different experience of different types of coffee by tasting each coffee! In this content, you have got acquainted with the characteristics of one of the most different and special coffees. You can try this coffee, by considering the points we reviewed in coffeevibes, as a different experience.

Not only do we inform you about important tips about different coffees, but also there are many feedbacks and reviews which are useful.


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