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single origin coffee beans

single origin coffee beans

What are all the fuss about single origin coffee beans? What does it mean? Why do coffee lovers defend it so much?

Coffee is a growing industry nowadays and it has a long story like the Great Wall of China! To some people, coffees are as necessary as water. Coffees are products that make you feel cheerful, delighted, steady, or firm. They can be like your best friend or child getting along at any time. But sometimes this friend has a bad effect on you too! Coffeevibes describes this friend to you in general. So, follow the article to find out everything you need to know about coffee and why single origin coffee beans matter.

What is a Single Origin Coffee?

As simply put, Single Origin Coffee beans mean that they come from a single producer, crop, or region in a country. Single Origins offer unique characteristics and specific taste compared to Blende Coffees. As a good strategy, coffee shops highlighting producer’s names, single farms, crops, or more to sell their Coffee.
So many factors make Single Origin coffee beans to be different from blends, but the most important one is their traceability. Single Origins are traceable, which means we can identify where they have come from, what farm had a hand in producing them. Or, in what region they have grown, and as a result, they typically have a distinct flavor based on the processing conditions and growing in that region.

Single Origin coffee beans feature

The reason that makes single origin coffee beans is its unique characteristics which are mentioned below:

  • Flavor
  • Purity
  • Consistency
  • Cost
  • Availability

brewing single origin coffee beans


It is very original and gives you an exotic taste, you feel a special taste that reminds you of the place it is made. Single origins contain a high amount of caffeine inside. Well, they are bolded and robust.


High-quality coffees make you do not use milk or sugar, it is not milk or sugar-based.


Every time you buy a new coffee, you feel something strange in taste. You might feel its taste differs anytime you buy a new one and that’s because single origins vary with seasons. Make sure at what time you are buying your coffee!

What is the top selling coffee?


Anything rare is costly for sure and this happens for coffees either. Singe-origin coffee beans are exclusive and limited by season. Well, it’s not available anytime you wish but when it is available it’s going to be expensive!


Geographic limitations make single origin coffee beans difficult to be available in all seasons of the year and producers are forced to make limited quantities.

Types of single origin coffee beans

There’re two main types of single origins:

  • Estate Coffees
  • Micro-lot or small-lot Coffees

Estate Coffees

Estate Coffees are Single Origins specific ones. They are grown on massive farms that may differ in size from a few acres to large plantations. Countries like Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Brazil are well-known estate coffees.

Micro-lot or small-lot Coffees

Now we go for another type of Single Origin Coffees which are more specific, they’re known as Micro-lot or small-lot Coffees.
They are from a single field on a farm, a small range of altitude, or a specific day of harvest. Micro-lots are mostly used for growing coffees, which are those of high quality and high in price.

Meaning of single origin coffee beans

Among coffee lovers, single origin coffee is known as a high-quality and rich coffee. But, by meaning single origin coffee, we can mean three types of it: From a single farm, or from a single region, or even from one country.

All these types are ranked from the rarest one to the more common one and they all are counted as single origin coffee beans! and they are the world’s best coffee beans to buy.

How to brew single origin coffee?

You can brew single origin coffee with any method you prefer. However, the most ideal way to get the most flavor out of these coffee beans is the pour-over or French press method. The reason to prefer these methods is that they take a while for brewing coffee and this slow process ends up as a delicious cup of coffee made from single origin coffee beans.

What is the best tasting single origin Coffee?

As a quick point out, the answer is not clear, there is no best-tasting one!
Taste is something completely personal and it differs from person to person. Below spotlights make these differences:

  • Genetics, which impacts how your brain perceives different tastes.
  • Upbringing, which conditions you to prefer certain flavors over others.
  • Taste Receptors, which can be altered by diet.
  • Experiences, which can be negative or positive that make different memories associate with flavor.
  • Mood and Stress, which alter how your brain perceives flavor.
Why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta?

However, you can make sure that any type of single origin coffee beans will give a satisfying experience of coffee.

The best single origin coffee-producing countries

This part can be optional to different people and that is because of so many factors like mood, experience, and so on but there may be no specific difference among them! But, the countries mentioned below are the world’s top coffee producing countries.

  • Mexican Single Origin Coffee
  • Kenyan Single Origin Coffee
  • Papua New Guinea Single Origin coffee
  • Nicaraguan Single Origin Coffee

Mexican Single Origin Coffee

Mexican Origin coffee is known for its nutty tags, highlighted by chocolaty overtones. It has light-body medium acidity and palatable dryness.
It has two different origins, Chiapas and non-chiapas. In Chiapas ones, the acidity level is high, body medium, and has brown sugar, chocolate, cashew, and peer inside.

Kenyan Single Origin Coffee

Kenya is one of the African countries that has grown to a large extent than other African countries which is capable of exporting high-quality coffee in large volumes and suggests some of the most flavor profiles.
It has bright acidity, sweet tang hints, and a dry wine finish. Some other types have black currant tangs and aromas. Coffees produced in Kenyan coffee beans are full-bodied and highly acidic but it is pleasant, richly flavored and has distinct floral notes.

Papua New Guinea Single Origin coffee

It is a high-grade coffee and most of New Guinea Coffee is cultivated in the mountainous lands of New Guinea. In taste, it is so similar to Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans. But, it has its own unique, delicious flavor profile.
Papua Coffee combines sweet tangs with low-toned, fruity richness. The acidity is medium but it is heavy-bodied.

Nicaraguan Single Origin Coffee

The principal trade of the Nicaraguan economy is to have its coffees of really high quality. Nicaragua is the 12th largest coffee-producing country on the planet.
There are more than these cases talked about but the most important ones have been gathered here. And, Coffeevibes helps you buy any type of single origin coffee beans mentioned easily and at a reasonable price.

single origin coffee beans

What is a Coffee Blend?

Blended coffee lovers do not take coffee so seriously! Some of them prefer low quality for business purposes but others prefer high quality with a mouthfeel taste. These coffees are different from Single Origin coffee beans.
Blended ones are produced in more than one place and different flavors are combined to strike an overall balance. A mixture of 2 or more origins allows you to feel different coffees and seasons in a single cup of coffee!

buy premium coffee beans online

Benefits of coffee blends

Coffee Blends have various benefits for coffee lovers and roasters but 3 options are more common:

  • Coffee Blends are Delicious and Consistent
  • Brew at Home with Ease
  • There’s a Coffee blend for everyone

Coffee Blends are Delicious and Consistent

For most of us, Coffee is the first step of our daily routine. You wake up and go for a kind of coffee that makes you up and gives you the power to have a good day!
Well, the consistency of Blends is the reason most people go for it. If it is roasted correctly it gives you a smooth flavor.

Brew at Home with Ease

Have you ever been to a café and ordered a coffee and you loved it so much? (yeah me too!)
Then you buy it and try to brew it at home but the feeling you have now is not like the feeling you had in the café. The thing is you may have bought a Single Origin coffee.
Roasters made Blends to be more pleasant and no need to brew them carefully.
Well, a big thanks to roasters!

There’s a Coffee blend for everyone

Taste is different for every person. Some people seek out chocolaty taste while others want it fruity or floral with crisp acidity.
The beauty of Blends is they have different options for everyone.

Single Origin coffee beans vs Blends

Every cup of coffee is a new world. In general, coffees are of 2 types, Single Origin, and Blend.
Single Origins come from one farm, one climate, one producer, or one country. Indeed, traceability is the most important feature that makes a big difference between Single Origins and Blends.
Blend Coffees are available anytime you want and some people find them more mouthfeel. Every person has their own experience and taste, well any comment about every kind of coffee depends on individuals.

Buy the best single origin coffee beans online

As a team of coffee addicts who understand the matter of good coffee, we only introduce you to the best coffee beans. So, you can have a joyful experience everyday. Coffeevibes offers you the best type of single origin coffee beans and takes them to your door straight away. For more information, you can check our website out.


Coffees are not limited to some known regions or countries but in some places, people drink them more than others. Caffeine level is so important and you must consider how much your body maintains to keep its function at a high level.
Coffee has both advantages and disadvantages, but if you use anything over the needed amount it will be harmful. To me, coffees are one of the best explanations for mankind.

Do you prefer single origin coffee beans? share your opinion with us in the comments.


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If you're a coffee fanatic who enjoys the first sip of coffee every day, you understand the magical power of good coffee beans. I've been crazy about coffee for a quite long time, and I truly enjoy learning about different types of coffee and all the facts about caffeine. So, I decided to share my experience with you to help you choose coffee beans like a pro and find your favorite type of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

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