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Robusta coffee beans

Robusta Coffee beans

Probably when we talk about coffee, we all have heard the names of different types of coffee. This time, let’s read about Robusta coffee beans.
We want to talk about what exactly are Robusta coffee beans. Where do they come from? What are the benefits of Robusta coffee? And when do we use them?

What are Robusta coffee beans?

Robusta coffee is the most popular coffee in the world after Arabica coffee. It accounts for 30% of world coffee production. Robusta coffee is a type of coffee made from the beans of the Coffea canephora plant, which is originally grown in Western and Central Africa.

Robusta coffee taste

When it comes to choosing the favorite species of coffee, the taste is probably the first thing we consider. So let’s describe Robusta coffee flavor. Robusta is known for its bitter, strong, and harsh taste. So it can be the best choice for instant coffees. The pleasant aroma of Robusta is known for its woody, earthy, and even burnt taste. (This burn flavor generally depends on the quality of the roasting process, and obviously, most people do not like it.)


Do you prefer to distinguish the type of coffee beans by looking at them? Robusta coffee beans are almost easy to identify. Just look at them carefully.
As shown in the figure, Robusta coffee beans are slightly rounder and shorter than Arabica coffee beans (The familiar coffee bean for most of us). Robusta coffee beans do not have the ‘S’ shape in the middle.


Coffea canephora is a Resistant plant and usually produces a large amount of crop. So Robusta coffee has reasonable and even cheap prices. On average, per kilogram of unroasted Robusta coffee costs $ 1.5 to $ 2. You can see the fluctuations in the price of Robusta coffee in the past year in the figure.

Most expensive coffee in the world

caffeine content in Robusta coffee beans

Well, in choosing the most suitable coffee, we should not neglect the amount of caffeine, because as we know, the reason for the popularity of coffee is caffeine. Among natural sources, coffee has the highest amount of caffeine. Caffeine affects our nervous system. The most important effect of caffeine on the brain is that it calms the brain and as a result, the feeling of tiredness decreases, and the level of consciousness increases. There is 112 mg of caffeine in every 100 ml cup of Robusta coffee, which is higher than the average amount of caffeine and is considered a high-caffeine coffee.

plants and growth environment of Robusta coffee beans

As mentioned above, Robusta coffee is made from the alpha plant. This plant can grow in Unfavorable conditions. And it is usually immune to pests and diseases. This small plant can grow at high temperatures (above 30 ° C). It needs a lot of water to stay hydrated. Also, unlike other coffees, Robusta plant grows well at low altitudes. The flowers of this plant are white and the fruit is dark red.

a shot of espresso made with a coffee machine

Robusta coffee benefits

In addition to its less refined taste, Robusta coffee is commonly used in espresso blends because it has been shown to produce better cream.

  • Easy cultivation: Robusta coffee plant is resistant to various pests and can also be grown in more areas than other coffee beans.
  • Cheaper than similar coffees: Due to the ease of cultivation of Robusta coffee beans and their high yield, it is obvious that it has a lower price than other similar coffees.
  • Low fat: Robusta coffee is low in fat, so some research has shown that using Robusta coffee beans can help you lose weight and is even a great diet option for people who care about their daily calorie intake.
  • Strong taste: The strong taste of coffee means that it is bitter and has a long-lasting flavor in the mouth. Usually, you can experience the strong taste of coffee by using the same amount of coffee with less water.
  • High caffeine: Compared to the average amount of caffeine in coffee, Robusta has high caffeine.
  • Make more cream: One of the reasons for the popularity of Robusta coffee beans is the large amount of cream that these beans produce, which makes your coffee more pleasant.
  • The best choice for use in espresso coffee: It is a great choice for espresso because it produces a lot of creams and has a strong taste.
  • Matures fast (about two years earlier than Arabica): Another feature of the Robusta coffee plant is its rapid growth.
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Some producers of Robusta coffee

Many different countries cultivate Robusta coffee beans according to their climatic conditions. The most famous and highest quality Robusta coffee is produced in Vietnam. Apart from that, other countries are also producers of this coffee, including:

  • Brazil: Brazil is one of the leading countries in the production of Robusta coffee beans.
  • Indonesia: Indonesia is one of the largest producers of Robusta coffee in the world. Indonesia farms are great for growing coffee because it is near to the equator. The most coffee produced in this country is Robusta coffee.
  • India: Two main types of coffee, Robusta, and Arabica are grown in India. India produces Arabica coffee because it has a good market and grows Robusta coffee because of its resistance and strong flavor that allows it to be used in different blends.
  • Thailand: Robusta coffee production in Thailand has declined in recent years due to climate and economic changes.
  • Malaysia: Malaysia is one of the world’s coffee producers, devoting part of its annual coffee cultivation to growing Robusta coffee beans.

Robusta coffee vs Arabica

Robusta and Arabica are coffee beans that differ in the growing environment, price, taste, and quality.

the difference between Robusta and Arabica beans

Robusta coffee is usually compared to Arabica coffee, and each of these coffees has its fans. In general, the differences between these two types of coffee can be mentioned as follows:

  • Arabica coffee is more expensive than Robusta. (it has more difficult growing conditions than Robusta)
  • Their beans are different in appearance. (Robusta coffee beans are rounder and shorter)
  • Robusta coffee has more caffeine than Arabica coffee
  • Robusta coffee is less acidic
  • Robusta coffee has a burnt taste like rubber but Arabica coffee has a sweeter taste with chocolate notes
  • Robusta coffee contains fewer lipids and sugar than Arabica
  • Robusta plant is taller than Arabica coffee plant. (about 2 meters)
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why is Robusta coffee popular?

So why is Robusta coffee so popular? Certainly, personal taste is involved in everyone’s favorite coffee and it can’t be ignored, but why do some people choose Robusta coffee?
Robusta coffee has a strong and bitter taste that makes it a great option for use in instant coffee, and as for today’s lives, most people do not have enough time to make coffee themselves. So, they have to use instant coffee. In addition, Robusta coffee gives you a pleasant cream. Surely another reason for the popularity of these beans is that they are cheap.

Buy Robusta coffee beans online

You can buy Robusta coffee pure or in combination with other coffee beans like Arabica from reputable online shops. We suggest you try the great taste of Robusta coffee and have a memorable experience of shopping by buying your Robusta coffee beans from coffeevibes. Believe me, you will not regret it!

robusta coffee beans in a bowl and yellow background

Robusta coffee brands

Numerous brands and companies have produced Robusta coffee, but some of the best and most famous can be said:

  • Bach Vietnamese Coffee: Vietnamese coffee with low acidity and smooth with chocolate notes
  • Farm Fresh Java: strong coffee with high caffeine content and energy boost drink
  • Dalat Highlands Robusta Whole Bean Coffee: Smooth with chocolate notes, high caffeine, and low-acid, suitable for espresso because of its good cream
  • Truegrit Whole Peaberry Robusta Coffee Bean: Real Vietnam coffee, usable for espresso machines and French presses


With all the advantages and disadvantages of Robusta coffee, we can finally conclude that Robusta is a great choice for use in espresso coffee blends and also as instant coffees. However, preparing good quality Robusta is very important for the real taste of this coffee.
How do you think about Robusta coffee? Have you ever tried Robusta coffee? What’s your experience of Robusta coffee? Did you like it? Let us know with your comments.


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If you're a coffee fanatic who enjoys the first sip of coffee every day, you understand the magical power of good coffee beans. I've been crazy about coffee for a quite long time, and I truly enjoy learning about different types of coffee and all the facts about caffeine. So, I decided to share my experience with you to help you choose coffee beans like a pro and find your favorite type of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

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