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Roasted coffee beans

Roasted coffee beans

If you’re a coffee lover, you may get more impressed by knowing about the roasting process of coffee beans. Originally, coffee beans are small ruby red berries that go through so many different actions to become a tasteful cup of coffee that we always enjoy.

Firstly, the raw coffee seeds are dried to remove the outer skin and pulp. The dried raw coffee seeds are the ones that we know as green coffee beans. We can consume these beans as green coffee, or pass them to the roasting process. The roasting process requires great care and science, and the coffee beans are tasted several times during roasting. Because there’re specific moments in which beans start to crack, and release sugar, so if coffee experts don’t pay enough attention during making roasted coffee beans, they’ll ruin a large number of beans that are harvested and proceed with a lot of care and are exported from very unique regions.

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Roasting Coffee

Unroasted coffee beans, known as green beans, contain the same amount of caffeine, and acidity level. However, the unique aroma and flavor of coffee are locked inside beans, so in order to get the fresh taste and smell of coffee beans, they need to get into the roasting stage.

Roasting coffee is a process that leads to both chemical and physical changes in coffee beans. Coffee experts put raw coffee beans exposed to very high temperatures, then put them into the cooling process very quickly by using special equipment. Roasting coffee beans completely changes the weight and appearance of beans and brings out a special flavor from coffee beans. You should know that you can keep unroasted beans as long as you wish, but once the beans are roasted, they may diminish and lose their flavor and smell after a while.

Roasting coffee process

The roasting requires great skill and experience because a bad roasting process can ruin high quality beans completely, on the other hand, it’s an art that gets the flavor and aroma of coffee seeds into their highest quality.

Light roast coffee beans

After you figure out all the information needed about the type of coffee beans you like, you should learn about the function of roasting too. Roasting contains step-by-step actions that are explained below:

  1. Drying: After being harvested, raw beans usually contain some water, so in order to get rid of the moisture, beans need to be dried.
  2. Turning from yellow to light brown: once beans lose all the moisture and water, they start changing color to light brown because of the chemical changes.
  3. Steam: when heating beans, steam will also rise from beans meaning the water inside coffee beans is evaporating.
  4. Cracking: after a while, the sugar inside beans starts to caramelize and you hear a cracking sound which means that the beans have expanded and they’re lightly roasted. Then, if you hear a second crack, it indicates the medium roast level. So, the more you wait, the more your beans get roasted.
  5. Cooldown: when the heating process ends, beans should be moved to another colander to cool down.
  6. De-gassing: finally, the beans should be allowed to de-gas for about a day in a container. After that, the roasted coffee beans will be ready for brewing.

As you can understand, there’s a great combination of science and art in making roasted coffee beans, and not everyone can make a rich coffee.

Roasted coffee beans shelf life

Generally, Coffee beans don’t expire or go bad. That’s the reason there isn’t any expiration date on the label. However, you can get the peak freshness of coffee beans until about two weeks after being roasted. After that, it’s important to keep them in a proper container. Keeping them in an air-tight container in a cool and dark place would be the best way.

Coffee roasts

Coffee beans are usually categorized according to their roasting levels. This may confuse you when choosing which coffee beans to buy. Therefore, we explain the differences between each type of roasted coffee beans to simplify your coffee bean shopping.

The roasting level is a personal choice and can differ from person to person. The labels of roasted coffee beans usually contain all the information needed, so it’s better to check them before buying. The main coffee roasts are:

  • Light roast
  • Medium roast
  • Medium-dark roast
  • Dark roast
best light roast coffee beans

Light roast

You may also hear of light roast coffee beans as “light city”, “half city”, and “cinnamon roast”. If you prefer higher acidity, and milder, fruity flavor in coffee, light roast might be an ideal option. You can recognize lightly roasted coffee beans by their light brown color and a non-oily surface.

Medium roast

This type of roasting level is more popular among people due to its mild acidity level and unique flavor. Medium roasted coffee beans are darker than light roasts but they’re not oily either.

Medium-dark roast

Medium-dark roasts give more notes of richer, and spicy taste. They have a heavier body, and there’s some oil around the beans.

Dark roast

If you like less acidity and more bitterness in a cup of coffee, dark roast might be your type. They sometimes have a smoky taste as well. Dark roasted coffee beans are dark brown and oily.

Most people assume that dark roast is the strongest type of coffee, and it contains more caffeine than other types of roasted coffee beans. However, there’re many factors that affect the flavor, caffeine, and acidity of coffee beans. As a result, it’s an individual preference, and you should consider all the primary factors making your favorite cup of coffee.

Roasting coffee beans at home

Even though roasting coffee beans can be challenging, and requires enough knowledge, you may like to roast your own beans with the help of simple equipment you own at home. The simplest way to roast coffee at home is by roasting them in the oven on a baking tray. Or, you can use a popcorn popper to roast your beans. You should be very careful about the heat adjustment, and the measurements. It’s recommended that you don’t leave the beans while being roasted because you need to pay attention to cracking sounds to get your favorite roasted coffee beans.

Over roasted coffee beans

If you ever hear of “Over roasted coffee” anywhere, just know that it simply means burnt coffee beans! after hearing the first cracks during the roasting, if you keep roasting the coffee beans, they will get burnt.

When you burn coffee beans, you lose all the main characteristics of coffee, including taste, aroma, and oil. In other words, if they’re burnt, they’re wasted and not worth using.

Can you roast your own coffee beans at home?

Best roasted coffee beans

As you can understand from the explanations above, the kind of roasted coffee beans is a totally personal preference, and we can’t rate a single type as “the best roasted beans”. But, there’re some tips you can use to find your favorite type of roasted beans including flavor, caffeine, and acidity that we sum up all the information needed in this article.

Buy roasted coffee beans online

As you can understand from the explanations above, the flavor and strength of your coffee highly depend on its roasting level. As coffee beans crack during roasting, their flavor gets bitter and their acidity gets lower. Plus, there’ll be a layer of oil around the beans. As a result, if you find out your favorite taste and aroma, there’s no need to go to the store constantly in order to buy coffee beans. Coffeevibes shows you the best-roasted coffee beans with all the information you want, including roasting level and origins, so you can get your favorite roasted coffee with a few clicks whenever you want. Moreover, you’ll not be limited to the coffee beans that are available in your local store, and you’ll be able to get your coffee from any brand, and at any price you like.

Best place to buy roasted coffee beans online

There’re significant differences between each type of roasted beans, considering acidity, caffeine level, flavor, and aroma. Plus, there’re so many wrong assumptions about roasted coffee beans such as “Dark roast beans are stronger”, or “light roast beans are raw and they taste grassy”! Therefore, it can be really challenging to differentiate fiction from facts. By reading all the simple guidelines prepared in this article, you can narrow down your roasted coffee beans options, and save your money and time as well. Coffeevibes offer you a great range of different roasted beans and give you all the necessary information about each coffee bean. In order to avoid confusion among various brands and types, you can easily benefit from all the descriptions and reviews available for each product.


Roasting is a chemical transformation that changes raw coffee beans into aromatic, and tasteful coffee beans that we enjoy. Coffee experts mention roasting coffee beans as a “Combination of art and science” because it involves very accurate and careful temperature control, and you can simply burn down high quality coffee beans harvested from farms by roasting them for a few more minutes!


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If you're a coffee fanatic who enjoys the first sip of coffee every day, you understand the magical power of good coffee beans. I've been crazy about coffee for a quite long time, and I truly enjoy learning about different types of coffee and all the facts about caffeine. So, I decided to share my experience with you to help you choose coffee beans like a pro and find your favorite type of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

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