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Raw coffee beans

Is it better to buy raw coffee beans?

Coffee has been an important part of our daily lives that brings joy and energy to our spirits. It’s our companion when getting together with our friends, taking a break in a busy workday, and in our relaxing times at home. There’re thousands of coffee beans from different origins, and with unique brewing methods. Each person prefers a different flavor, and aroma of coffee. So, roasting raw coffee beans plays an essential role in making tasteful flavors out of beans. But, do you know the usages of raw beans of coffee plant? Do you know eating them also has benefits? Why some people prefer to buy raw coffee beans?
We’ll answer all the questions and more in this article. So follow us!

Can you buy raw coffee beans?

There’re various factors in evaluating the quality of coffee beans, including shape, color, and size. When coffee berries are harvested and processed, we get raw coffee beans that are green and moisturized. Then, they’re dried and sent to roasting level to become the coffee beans that we brew every day.

However, raw coffee beans can also be consumed as green coffee. Which is very healthy and effective for losing weight. Many coffee connoisseurs prefer to buy unroasted coffee beans so that they can roast their beans freshly at any level they want. In other words, you can customize your coffee by roasting it on your own. As a result, don’t imagine that coffee beans can only be consumed after roasting, and just know that raw beans have their own usages as well.

Eating raw coffee beans

If you get the answer to the question “can you buy raw coffee beans?” you may also wonder about eating green beans too. In fact, eating unroasted beans is completely safe. But, on the contrary, the beans are hard to bite and they taste grassy and acidic.

Some people snack on coffee beans because when you eat the beans, you get extra flavor. Moreover, you get the antioxidant and caffeine effects of coffee more quickly. So, the actual way to find out about the pros is to give it a try and discover the taste.

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raw coffee beans that have been roasted

Coffee nutrition

Coffee doesn’t contain any macronutrients, fat, carbohydrate, and protein. So, it has only about 2 calories per cup. The main nutrients of coffee are potassium, niacin, and magnesium.


Besides being very popular, raw coffee beans contain many advantages including:

  • Improving mood
  • Stronger focus
  • Antioxidant content
  • Controlling blood sugar

Improving mood

Coffee is a great mood booster. Its caffeine content helps with retaining energy, and improving performance because it increases your dopamine level, which is responsible for your good mood.

Stronger focus

As explained earlier, the caffeine level of raw coffee helps you lower stress and depression level. Which motivates you to have a stronger focus.

Antioxidant content

The main reason that coffee is known as a magical beverage is that it has chlorogenic acids. These acids have antioxidant effects which can regulate your glucose and lipid. Plus, they have other health benefits too.

Controlling blood sugar

Coffee is beneficial for keeping blood pressure and sugar level in a healthy range. These factors may be also effective for type 2 diabetes, and other heart problems.

As a result, raw coffee beans includes many benefits for both physical and mental health. So, you may give unroasted beans a try!

Side effects

The side effects of the coffee seeds are the same as the effects of roasted coffee beans. In fact, coffee doesn’t have harmful effects unless it’s consumed too much. It may cause caffeine-related problems for people sensitive to caffeine when used too much. And, it’s better not to drink it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can you roast raw coffee beans at home?

Some coffee lovers invest a recognizable time and effort to roast their coffee beans on their own in order to get the flavor and aroma they like. You may think that it’s an extra job when you can simply buy roasted coffee beans from the stores. But, it’s simple to roast raw coffee beans and it’s significantly beneficial.

How to roast coffee beans

Here’s the simple guide to roast your own coffee easily at home:

  • Buy raw coffee beans
  • Provide the equipment
  • Start roasting
  • Cool down the beans

Buy raw coffee beans

To begin with, you should buy a few pounds of fresh green beans. Which are the seeds of cofea plants harvested from coffee farms.

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Provide the equipment

When coffee is roasted by manufacturers, special industrial roasters are used. But you can roast your own beans at home in your own, or iron skillet, or even with the help of a popcorn popper. Don’t forget to use a fan or do the roasting outdoors to avoid the smoke. You may also use a thermometer for extra caution.

If you get used to roasting your own coffee at home in larger quantities, you should buy a home coffee roaster to make it easier.

Start roasting

If you’re a beginner, pre-sets of equipment can be a better option. Once you get familiar with the roasting process, you can customize the temperature.

Air roasters such as popcorn poppers take about 8 to 12 minutes. If you want to roast the beans in the oven, you must lay the beans in a streamer on a container, then place them in the oven. It’s very important to open the door every minute to move the beans for a better roast. After about a five minutes, you’ll hear a crack. Then, depending on the roasting level you want, you should turn down the oven.

Cool down the beans

When the coffee beans reach your ideal roasting level, you must let the beans cool down and reach room temperature. After that, you can store them in an airtight container, and brew them whenever you wish.

brewing coffee at home after roasting the beans

Is roasting raw coffee beans worth it?

If you’re willing to roast raw coffee beans at home, but you’re doubtful if it’s worth it, here’re the reasons to roast your coffee at home:

  • Freshness
  • Economical
  • Late expiration
  • More aroma


Coffee beans start losing their flavor and oils after roasting. So, if you roast your coffee beans as much as needed, then you always get the freshest coffee to brew.


Raw coffee beans are usually a cheaper option because they haven’t been through the roasting process. Therefore, you do a great saving in the long term.

Late expiration

If you keep the unroasted beans in a proper container, the flavor and aroma of beans will be locked in the beans for a very long period. To sum up, green beans have a longer shelf life and they stay fresh until they’re roasted.

More aroma

Investing time and effort in roasting your own coffee gives you the ultimate aromatherapy. When the coffee beans are fresh, you get the most aroma and fragrance out of your coffee.

Tired of bitter taste of coffee?

Is there caffeine in raw coffee beans?

The caffeine content of coffee depends on the type of coffee beans. but, generally, unroasted coffee beans contain about 20mg of caffeine. However, roasted coffee beans’ caffeine content is about 100mg. so, raw coffee beans still have caffeine but at a very low level.

Growing coffee beans

You may be amazed by the fact that coffee plants can be grown at home under artificial lighting. To grow a coffee plant, you should soak coffee seeds in water for a day. Then, you should place the seeds in the proper soil carefully. They should be watered daily in a proper amount. If you take care of the plant enough, you can expect berries to grow after two or three hours. Make sure to place the plant near a window, but not exposed to direct sunlight.

Best raw coffee beans

Buying raw beans of coffee and roasting them on your own has many pros for both your pocket and taste buds. Plus, you get to use them as green coffee, which has antioxidants and is very effective for weight loss. Therefore, if you read all the explanations above, and decided that roasting your coffee on your own isn’t as hard as it sounds then you need to buy high-quality raw beans as well.

Coffeevibes offers you a wide range of different coffee beans, whether raw or roasted at different levels so that you have many alternatives to get a good coffee. In addition, when you buy coffee beans online from coffeevibes, you save a lot of time and energy, and you have the opportunity to have the freshest beans whenever and wherever you want.

Where to buy green coffee beans for roasting?

If you want to buy raw coffee beans to roast at home, or you even want to sell the coffee beans that you’ve roasted, then you should get the freshest beans at a reasonable price. Coffeevibes can help you find the best coffee beans for roasting from any origin and at any price you like. You can also benefit from all the details and reviews from coffee enthusiasts available for each coffee.


There’s nothing like drinking the coffee that you’ve roasted. It’s exactly the flavor and aroma you love because you’ve roasted them at your own preferred level, and brew them properly.

You may have wondered can you buy raw coffee beans or not. But, if you follow the article, you realize that buying unroasted beans and roasting them by your own method is surprisingly advantageous. And, you get to have control over your coffee completely. It’s obvious that it’ll take a few experiences to roast the coffee beans like a pro, but once you get to know the way, you won’t stop roasting your coffee.

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