Organic coffee

Organic coffee

Coffee is a magical drink that most of us love to start our day with it. We, coffee lovers, enjoy the fragrant, aroma, and rich taste of coffee with every sip. Moreover, it’s a great caffeine source to feel energetic and benefit from all the effects it has on health. Some people love to consume chemical-free, and natural foods to have a healthier lifestyle and help their environment. Because of that, they like to drink their coffee made from organic beans as well. Like other natural products, organic coffee beans are grown naturally without any involvement of pesticides. In this article, you get to know all the facts about organic coffee, and why people prefer it.

What is organic coffee?

Organic coffee refers to the beans which are produced without any artificial chemicals such as synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides, and herbicides. Organic beans are grown only by direct exposure to the sun. And they’re left to be sun dried after being harvested. They naturally detoxify themselves. The only fertilizers used in making organic coffee beans are natural ones such as coffee pulp, compost, or chicken manure. In the end, they’re processed and sent to the roasting process without any chemical involvement.

As a result, there’s no possibility for chemicals to enter your body when drinking organic cup of coffee. However, you should limit organic beans intake just like regular coffee.

chemical-free coffee is getting more and more popular because people pay attention to organic labeled products because of their health effects on both body and the environment.


Even though there’s a very slight difference in the taste of organic coffee beans compared to regular, most coffee drinkers believe that organic beans taste better. Since organic beans are cleaner, they may taste smoother and fresher. So, don’t worry about the taste of organic coffee. And just try this one to find out the difference of it.


Just like other natural products, organic coffee is a healthier alternative. And it’s free from any chemicals and artificial additions. The main pros of organic coffee are:

  • Being chemical-free
  • Being eco-friendly
  • Having more nutrients
  • Being better for farmers
What roast of coffee is less acidic?

Being chemical-free

The main reason that makes organic beans of coffee so unique is that it’s pure and completely natural. You don’t pollute your body with chemicals when drinking organic coffee at all, and it’s so healthier.

Being eco-friendly

Organic coffee is a great start for people who care and are concerned about the planet they live on. For growing regular coffee beans, a lot of trees are cut down, and most of the water and air around is polluted during harvesting. But, organic beans grow in shade, so there’s no need to cut down the trees of the jungle, and no animals lose their natural habitats either.

The Sad news is most of the birds, and other animals around coffee plants die because of toxic chemicals used for growing coffee beans. And, the environment is polluted annually because of coffee processing. Plus, organic coffee farms emit less carbon compared to chemical farms, which means cleaner soil and water.

Having more nutrients

Since organic coffee grows naturally, and without any involvement of man-made chemicals, it retains more minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Therefore, all the nutrients in organic beans are very helpful for strengthening the immune system, boosting mood, and increasing metabolism.

Better for farmers

Besides all the benefits of this coffee for the body and environment, it’s safer for the hard-working farmers of coffee too. When coffee is grown naturally, farmers won’t be in contact with poisonous chemicals, so they won’t suffer from their side effects either.

In addition, the growth of organic beans is more expensive, so the farmers will be paid a better wage too!

Side effects

Organic products grow in the most natural way without any chemicals and pesticides being involved. So, you can’t expect them to have harmful effects! The only effect that organic coffee can have are beneficial health effects. It’s high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. So, don’t worry at all and enjoy your cup of coffee made from eco-friendly and natural coffee beans.

organic coffee beans that grow naturally

How to tell if coffee is organic?

The only way to know if coffee is organic is by checking the label if there’re chemicals used in processing coffee beans or not. And, if it’s certified organic by USDA, then you can make sure it’s natural and chemical-free.

Be careful that not every organic named product is really organic. So, you should only trust the USDA verified coffee beans to be natural. The certification means that the beans have been produced without the use of genetic engineering, radiation, or other harmful chemicals.

coffee seeds

Organic coffee powder

You may also hear of organic coffee in a powder dosage form. It’s similar to instant coffee and very smooth. But it may lose the aroma and flavor faster than organic beans.

Is organic coffee eco friendly?

Besides being healthy, organic coffee is environmentally sustainable. Because a smaller amount of carbon is emitted, and none of the pesticides and chemicals used in the growing of regular coffee are used. So you can make sure that pesticide-free coffee is better for the environment too, and it doesn’t pollute the air and water as when growing regular coffee beans.

Is organic coffee chemical free?

As you can understand from all the facts mentioned the organic coffee. No man-made chemical is used in the process of making organic beans, including planting, harvesting, and roasting.

Is organic coffee worth the price?

Organic labeled products are making their way into the markets today. So, these coffee beans are getting popular as well. The growing and harvesting of coffee beans naturally are not easy, and it’s harder for manufacturers to switch to organic planting. As a result, the price of organic coffee is a little higher than regular coffee beans that are harvested conventionally. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that organic beans are healthier and very good for both the body and the environment. So if you care enough for your body, and health, and you’re also worried about the planet you live on, then organic coffee is your way to go.

Organic coffee vs regular coffee

You may still be doubtful about whether to buy traditional coffee beans or organic coffee beans because of all the debates among coffee drinkers; to put all the facts mentioned in a nutshell, here’s a brief summary of the differences of coffee beans, so you can make a decision easily.

Organic farming focuses on supporting the environment, so it’s harder for both farmers and manufacturers to deal with plant problems naturally. As a result, organic coffee can be a little expensive than regular coffee.

Although regular coffee has many health benefits, chemical-free coffee beans has more antioxidant effects and minerals. But, you shouldn’t think that regular coffee doesn’t have any advantages at all.

Tired of bitter taste of coffee?

The main difference between organic and regular coffee, besides chemicals, is the variety of options. Organic beans are getting very popular everyday, however, they don’t have as many options as conventional beans do. Since the farming of organic coffee is very limited, the quantity of organic beans produced is little. All these factors make this coffee more expensive and harder to find.

100 percent organic coffee beans

Vegan, natural, and organic products are getting more and more popular these days. This has given some producers a chance to sell fake products as organic and healthy. So, it’s so important to make sure the coffee you buy is verified by USDA. We, as the team of Coffeevibes, want to introduce you to some of the world’s most authentic brands that produce organic coffee. So, you won’t waste your money on harmful products. Here are the best brands:

  • Life boost
  • Volcania coffee
  • Death wish coffee
  • Kicking Horse

Buy 100% organic coffee beans online

There’s a various range of coffee beans from different brands, and regions. But, organic beans of coffee aren’t available in all of the stores and online shops because of the quality and price. You may also be worried about the authenticity and the quality of organic beans, or you may even not be sure that the coffee you want to buy is 100% organic and has been grown naturally. Coffeevibes, not only informs you about all the facts and truths about organic coffee, but also offers you a wide range of chemical-free beans from high quality brands.

When you buy your favorite coffee beans online, you have more control over the beans because of all the data available for each coffee type. Plus, there’s no need to communicate and visit your local coffee store regularly. You can get your organic or regular coffee whenever you want, and at any price. Moreover, when buying beans online, you help the environment with less communication!

organic beans are sent to roasting process without the involvement of chemicals

Final word

There’re millions of coffee drinkers from all around the world, and each one of them prefers a different aroma, flavor, and origin. Besides that, there’s a huge debate between organic coffee lovers and regular lovers. There’re main reasons that organic bean is a better option. The reasons include health benefits for the body, being eco friendly, and having more quality. There’re no chemicals or pesticides used in growing organic beans, so you don’t let chemicals enter your body. In addition, natural coffee beans grow naturally with the shadow, and they don’t pollute the environment and poison the animals around at all. Therefore, if you’re looking for a caffeine beverage that’s better for your body, and also healthier for the environment, then organic beans are the best option for you.

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If you're a coffee fanatic who enjoys the first sip of coffee every day, you understand the magical power of good coffee beans. I've been crazy about coffee for a quite long time, and I truly enjoy learning about different types of coffee and all the facts about caffeine. So, I decided to share my experience with you to help you choose coffee beans like a pro and find your favorite type of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

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