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Light Roast vs Dark Roast

Coffee Roast Levels | Differences between them | Best roasted coffee beans to buy

Easy guide on which to pick: light roast vs. dark roast

Why do we roast coffee at all? what are the differences between light, medium, and dark roast coffee? What are your preferences (light roast vs dark roast)?

There are lots of types of roasting methods and the degree of roasting although nowadays, the most controversial topic about coffee is light roast vs. dark roast. It’s always about the confusion of deciding between light roast coffee and dark roast coffee. because each level of roasting takes a unique taste and aroma and aftertaste out of coffee beans. therefore, it is not a topic to simply overlook. Here is an easy guide for helping you to choose which one is more suitable for you. In the beginning, we should learn every detail of light roast and dark roast, so let’s dive into it.

What is a light roast coffee?

So, we know that coffee roasting is the process of changing green coffee beans into shiny and brown coffee beans, so what is a light roast? It’s a style of the roasting process which produces light brown beans with the matte outside. This special style of roasting will keep the unique features of the coffee bean. Also, it will make a distinctive flavor similar to a toasted grain.
Light roast allows coffee to gently blossom its natural flavors in the cup, so this brand-new method of roasting with the help of high-tech technology has discovered a new world of flavor.

light roast coffee beans

Health benefits of light roast coffee

The following are the benefits of the light roast vs. dark roast which maybe they are your priority for buying coffee:

  • Awareness and Memory: As you know, caffeine increases alertness and memory. Light roast coffee not only helps the brain’s ability to remember but also improves brain reaction.
  • Hair loss prevention: Caffeine for vitalizing hair growth is crucial. We should mention that light roast vs. dark roast is more effective in maintaining a natural hairline.
  • Useful against Parkinson and Alzheimer: Light roast is crucial in helping against some diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer due to its high amounts of caffeine. The high level of antioxidants, which is necessary for the brain to remain sharp, exists in coffee helps the body not to dwindle in leaving the body vulnerable to ailments, at old age.
  • Helps weight loss and healthy heart: Light roast vs. dark roast not only can help in losing weight by increasing the rate of metabolism of the body, but also it can help reduce the temptation for sugar. Other than that, the high level of caffeine in light roast vs. dark roast improves strengthening the muscles of the resuscitative heart.
  • Assists men’s generative health: Light roast vs. dark roast is richer in caffeine level, so that’s why it can help increase the amount of semen in men, and also lower the risk of dysfunction in an erection.
Why Should We Roast Coffee Beans?

To judge fairly enough between light roast vs. dark roast to choose your side, you should get to know what dark roast is…

What is a dark roast?

Exactly like light roast, dark roast is a process of turning green coffee beans into brown coffee beans, but with a deeper brown color and shinier and oily surface results. This type of roasting will make a coffee with low acid and heavy body, and with deep sweat flavor notes. Remember that the darker the roast is, the easier it is to hide unappetizing flavors.

dark roast coffee beans

The famous old flavor of dark roast coffee

For most people that tried classic dark coffee, they always said that: “It just tastes like burnt”, and to be honest they are right! because not every roaster is professional enough to get a dark roasted coffee bean properly. The origin of super dark roast, which at least everyone tried once, is classic dark coffee or as you might have heard before “French roast or Italian roast” and that is the reason for the bitter, burnt, ashy reputation of coffee.

Flavors of dark roast coffee

We should mention that there are different roasting levels which leads to a vast range of coffee, so coffee has different types from very light brown to deep dark brown. Today, through the generosity of high-tech technology it’s so much easier to create coffee with delicious and natural flavor, and also discover new and better ways of roasting to achieve new flavors.
With the help of coffee farmers who go after the higher level of quality, we are able to collect delicious, fresh coffee with the classic flavor aspect of a dark roast. Here are some flavors of dark roast with a strong smell, smooth, chocolatey flavor with the right amount of bitterness to start your chilly winter morning:


  • Creamy caramel
  • Maple syrup
  • Fresh cola
  • Dark chocolate

  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Anise

  • Peanut butter
  • Praline
  • Hazelnut

Health benefits of dark roast coffee

Now, we will check the health benefits of dark roast vs. light roast. As you know coffee itself brings many health benefits, but we will focus on the health benefits of dark roast:

  • Weight loss: Studies have shown that dark roast coffee helps and promotes significant weight loss. The N-methyl pyridinium ions will form when the coffee beans are roasting compare to light roast coffee which has less because the longer time coffee beans roast, the more trigonelline reduces and the more N-methyl will produce.
  • Stomach friendly: A lot of coffee lovers give up drinking coffee because of its production of gastric acid; however, this issue will not occur with dark roast coffee, and that’s because of its N-methyl pyridinium which has been developed in coffee by roasting with longer time.
  • Restores Blood Cells, Vitamin E, and Glutathione: Dark roast coffee can restore vitamin E, red blood cells, and glutathione. Vitamin E and glutathione are both antioxidants. According to researches, despite the light roast coffee has antioxidants, dark roast coffee is more effective with a higher density of these antioxidants.
which is healthier dark or light roast coffee?

Light roast vs. Dark roast

Now that we learned much more about both light roast and dark roast, let’s get into this comparison deeper, and compare these two based on key elements. Before we begin, we will review some basic points:

For light roast, beans are normally roasted for about 10 minutes or less at around 350F_410F until it reaches their first popping sound or known as the first crack, and it means that beans have reached at a light roast.

For dark roast, beans are heated until they get hotter than 400F (at around 440F) and reach the second crack for closer to 15 minutes.

Which has more caffeine: light roast vs. dark roast

The first thing when we wake up in the morning to quickly boost our energy is a nice and hot cup of coffee, and because the caffeine energizes our brain activity and makes us feel awake and more conscious, or as Katy perry once said: “I’m wide-awake”.
Some people assume that because of the darker color which dark roast has, the more caffeine it has too, However, light roast vs. dark roast has much more caffeine in it, and that’s because of the roasting process, the longer it roasts, the more caffeine cooks out of the bean.
The studies proved that for example a sample of light roast coffee, which is brewed, contained about 60 mg of caffeine while the exact amount of dark roast coffee included 51 mg of caffeine.
keep in mind that, the type of roast, the type of beans, and the way that coffee is brewed could change that amount of caffeine, although the difference is negligible. generally, if you get a large cup of light roast coffee, be sure that you get enough caffeine intake!

The flavors: light roast vs. dark roast

Of course, the next reason which people are drawn to one of the two sides of light roast vs. dark roast is mostly the flavor and the taste. Let’s start with our first competitor, light roast, then continue with the second one, dark roast.
So, light roast tends to have more delicate, although complex flavor profiles, and that’s because some of the initial flavors of the coffee beans are altered, or lost during the roasting process. Besides that, light roast coffee also has a thinner mouthfeel than dark roast.
The followings are some of the descriptions of light roast coffee:

  • Crisp
  • Bright
  • Fruity
  • Herbal
  • Floral
  • Acidic
  • Tea-like body

So, dark roast tends to have deep, but simple flavors. The natural oils, which are present in dark roast coffee, increase the viscidity of the final result, and also make the dark roast coffee feel thicker in your mouth. The followings are some of the descriptions of dark roast coffee:

  • Bold
  • Robust
  • Toasty
  • Smokey
  • Nutty
  • Chocolatey

Overall, some people may describe that dark roast as more bitter than light roast, but this factor depends on so many essential parts like the coffee-to-water ratio, the temperature, grind size, and brewing time.
And so many other things as well, even where coffee beans are grown. Remember that using different roasting methods will end up with different coffee flavors, so try new flavors and discover your new favorites.

light roast vs dark roast

Which is healthiest: light roast vs. dark roast

At first, we should mention that many of these researches were based on observational results therefore, the health benefits of coffee are not determined.
Nevertheless, it is mostly accepted that coffee contains nutrients, such as chlorogenic acid polyphenols, which help with weight loss, and also older studies showed that both light roast coffee and dark roast coffee contain melanoidins, which helps reduce inflammation and includes antioxidant properties.
In the end, we should add that both light roast and dark roast are enriched with nutrients, and both have enough caffeine to promote brain activity, and they have just a slight negligible difference in some of the elements, but the main difference that you will certainly notice as soon as you drink it, is the taste and flavor.

Pros and cons: light roast vs. dark roast

Light roast vs. dark roast coffee each have their pros and cons, so for a quick rundown, here are the pros and cons of each:

Fresh roasted coffee beans

Pros of light roast coffee

  • Has the most caffeine.
  • Contains nearly all the flavor of the original bean.
  • Flavors tend to be bright and fruity.
  • Brews the mildest coffee.

Cons of light roast coffee

  • Too acidic for some stomachs.
  • Lighter body.
  • May be too mild to use for certain desserts.
  • The sugars in the coffee beans have no time to caramelize.

Pros of dark roast coffee

  • Has a complex, bittersweet flavor.
  • Contains a small amount of caffeine.
  • The bold flavor can pair well with rich desserts.
  • Low in acidity, so less likely to upset your stomach.

Cons of dark roast coffee

  • Very little caffeine.
  • May sometimes taste burnt and bitter.
  • May be too full-bodied and oily for some.

The bottom line

Whether you are a fan of light roast or a fan of dark roast, and whatever your preferences are, we, Coffeevibes respect you and your desires and tendencies, so we provide you the best quality of all types of coffees, so then you can easily enjoy your many options, and choose sincerely what your heart wants.

to take all the factors mentioned into consideration, which is your preference? Darker roasts or Lighter roasts of coffee?


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