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Kona coffee beans

Kona coffee beans

Kona coffee beans are a type of Arabica coffee that is farmed and cultivated in the Kona belt in Hawaii. The special volcanic soils and the overall climate in this particular area give these coffee beans a sweet and fruity taste. In this article, we provide the greatest tips out there for you to buy the best Kona coffee bean that suits your taste and your budget.

What is Kona coffee

Kona coffee is a type of Arabica coffee that is thoughtfully farmed in Hawaiian volcanic fields. These farms are filled with mineral-rich soils in an area named the Kona belt. The tropical weather, warm nights, and early morning rain followed with sufficient amounts of sunshine, make the best environment for cultivating coffee.
The real Kona coffee beans are big before being ground and have a distinctive taste once they are roasted and brewed properly. When this coffee is brewed properly, has a clean and sweet flavor with a fruity twist and is soft and light tasting.

Kona coffee cultivation

What makes this coffee rare and hard to find is the fact that they grow in one small land. The special soils of Hualalai and Mauna Loa mountains where these coffee trees are grown are filled with minerals and nutrition which makes this coffee so special.

Kona coffee beans are known to be pricy and the reason for that is the labor cost of farming and cultivating the coffee trees. The rocky and steep grounds where coffee farms are located make it almost impossible to use any type of Agricultural machinery and each coffee crop has to be individually handpicked.


The general taste profile of Kona coffee is close to wine: sweet and fruity. However, properly roasting these beans releases a nutty after taste which makes the taste of this coffee immaculate.
Another factor that plays a big role in the flavor of a coffee is acidity. Acidity gives coffee a harsh and almost sour taste. Kona coffee beans are low in acid, making them smooth and buttery and a lot easier on the stomach.


roasting of the beans affects the taste and drinking experience. There are three ways to roast Kona coffee beans and each one twists Kona coffee’s taste.

  • Dark roast
  • Medium roast
  • Light roast
Mexican coffee beans

Dark roast

it has a bold taste and is often described to have a hint of popcorn or herbal honey. Dark Kona coffee roast is best served with chocolate desserts.

Medium roast

it tastes perfectly balanced low in acidity and bright like almonds or peaches. Despite their sweetness, Medium roast Kona beans are best paired with pork and beef dishes.

Light roast

It is like berries and hazelnut and leaves an earthy taste in your mouth. Light Kona beans roast is most enjoyed with fruits and pastries.
No Coffee available on our website has a misleading title like the ones mentioned above. You can purchase real and authentic Kona coffee beans with no worries.

is Kona coffee strong?

Despite the bright and sweet taste of Kona coffee beans, they are surprisingly high in caffeine. These beans are stronger in comparison to your normal everyday coffee.
In addition, coffee roast plays a significant role in how caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee is. Roasting brings out the caffeine in a coffee and darker roasts are stronger than the lighter ones.

kona coffee bean grinding machine

How to buy the real Kona coffee

Kona coffee beans are expensive and sometimes sellers mix other coffees to decrease Kona beans concentration and produce a coffee blend with an overall cheaper cost. Here is a guide for purchasing the most authentic Kona coffee beans:

  • keep away from Kona roast
  • avoid Kona style
  • stay away from Kona blend
  • buy the one that says 100% Kona
  • don’t buy Kona beans that are not farmed in Hawaii

keep away from Kona roast

this is a deceptive label to attract customers. It is used when coffee beans are roasted in the Kona area and is very unlikely for those to have any actual Kona coffee beans in it. If you intend to buy and experience the real Kona coffee don’t buy Kona roast.

avoid Kona style

same as the Kona roast, this is another false and misleading title for the sale and most definitely does not have any, or less than 10% Kona coffee beans. Buying Kona style is a total waste of money.

Stay away from Kona blend

unlike the other two, this one has some Kona coffee, however, this coffee legally has to contain at least 10% Kona beans in order to be called Kona blend. Although this one has some real Kona coffee beans, tastes nothing like pure Kona coffee.

Bucaramanga Coffee beans

buy the one that says 100% Kona

this coffee is made of authentic Kona coffee beans. yet look closely at the packaging for the ingredient list to make sure there is nothing else mixed in it.

don’t buy Kona coffee beans that are not farmed in Hawaii

The environmental characteristics of the Kona belt are what make this coffee so special. Other coffee beans that claim to be Kona or Kona style and not cultivated in Hawaiian big island are not the real Kona beans and they are most likely a scam. This is why Hawaii is one of the top coffee producing countries that has the original and rich Kona coffee.

Kona coffee beans types

Kona coffee beans have different gradings yet not all are premium. Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDOA) tests each coffee and based on the quality of the beans are given a different grade. Big beans are usually the ones with the best tastes. Kona coffee is classified by coffee beans types:

type I

the normal coffee beans which have two beans per cherry. Type I Kona coffee beans have their own grading which is classified by different criteria such as taste, moisture, bean deficiency ad such qualities. Type I Kona coffee grades are:

  • Extra Fancy (has the best quality and the highest price)
  • Fancy
  • Number 1
  • Kona Select
  • Prime
Type II

Although this coffee has one bean per cherry and has a round shape, it`s still classified as a Kona coffee bean. Type II koa coffee beans, mostly known as peaberry, taste different from type I Kona coffee beans while being a very high-quality bean. Types II is smoother and sweeter than type I. The Peaberry grades consist of:

  • Peaberry number 1
  • The Peaberry prime
Number 3 or triplex

Number 3, has the lowest grade of all Kona beans and is sold as Hawaiian coffee. If you’re looking for authentic Kona coffee beans, this number three grade is not the best choice.

Kona coffee beans

How to prepare Kona coffee

Kona coffee can be enjoyed in all brewing styles: cappuccino/espresso, French press, Turkish brew, etc. however here are some recommendations in order to find the best way to brew your Kona coffee bean:
water to coffee ratio plays a significant role in how a cup of coffee could be enjoyed. This ratio should be 1:18 meaning for 10gr of coffee, you should add 180gr of water.
Coffee grind is also important when it comes to brewing. as the general rule of thumb, coarse-grind coffee beans should be in direct contact with water for a longer time in comparison with the finer grinds.

Blue mountain coffee beans

Kona coffee price

Kona coffee beans are extraordinarily expensive due to the fact that these beans are exclusively grown in only one specific area in big island Hawaii. particular tropical and volcanic climate conditions in Hualalai and Mauna Loa slopes are what makes this coffee so special. The main reason for the high price of this coffee is known to be labor costs. These beans are cultivated in the united states of America which have higher employment wage in comparison with other places that coffee beans are grown, namely Africa.

However, there are different grades of Kona coffee beans and their prices differ. The higher and better the beans are the more expensive it gets and the most authentic and purest ones have the highest price.

Why is it expensive?

Despite the expensiveness, the special flavor of this coffee makes the price worth it. However, as stated above, scams could be found everywhere and there are so many brands that sell non-Kona coffees or low-grade ones as the premium. You can buy the best Kona coffee on our website, Coffeevibes, and save money with our special offers.

What is Kona Peaberry coffee?

There is a huge misunderstanding between Kona coffee, Tanzania peaberry coffee, and peaberry coffee. And, you may hear of peaberry coffee a lot. Peaberry is a kind of coffee bean and when it is offered as peaberry Kona coffee it has a sweeter and lighter taste than Kona coffee beans. it is one of the best types of coffee beans and we highly recommend trying them.

Buy Kona coffee beans online

As you can understand from the explanations above, there are many types of Kona coffee beans that each offer a completely unique taste. So, which one is the best for you? Coffeevibes is here to help you find your right coffee and get it with only a few clicks from authentic brands.


Kona coffee beans have a distinctive taste profile that is unlike any other coffee. If you`re looking for a sweet and smooth coffee, you will not regret trying the Kona coffee bean. However, there are so many confusing labels when it comes to buying these beans. Coffeevibes helps you buy the real and authentic Kona coffee and avoid scams and will provide some tips to find the Kona coffee bean that matches your preferences.

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