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Kenyan coffee beans

Kenyan Coffee beans

Kenya is known for many things. Its beautiful landscapes and vast wildlife are usually the first things to come to mind. But, to coffee enthusiasts, Kenya is the ground for one of the finest coffees in the world. Kenyan coffee beans are also a common type of coffee bean to hear when you ask someone about their favorite coffee. Of all contemporary coffee origins, Kenya is doubtless the most universally admired. Coffee was introduced in 1900 by the British in Kenya. When Kenya gained independence, it structured its coffee industry with excellent foresight.

Now, Kenya coffee beans are admired whole around the world for their intense flavor and sharp acidity. In this article, you’ll get to know all the facts about Kenyan coffee beans and their characteristics.

Why is Kenyan Coffee Popular?

All types of coffee have distinctive features, and Kenyan coffee is no exception. With its intense taste, rich body, and pleasant smell, it is no wonder why Kenyan coffee is so popular. Kenya has become one of the top coffee producing countries for very important reasons which are explained in detail below.


Kenyan coffee beans are known for their full-body, balanced complexity, and profound dimension. Some Kenyan coffees are dry and berryish, while others have citrus tones. Most coffee drinkers love Kenyan coffee because of its berry tones and the fact that it’s almost always clean in the cup.

So, a combination of wine-like aftertaste, hints of berries, and over-the-top acidity turns Kenyan coffee into a unique experience.

roasted coffee beans in a brown cup

Types of Kenyan Coffee

Kenyan coffee beans are Arabica beans grown on the fertile volcanic soil found in the highlands of the region. But, there’re varieties of Kenyan beans that are categorized by size or oil.

The top 5 varieties of Kenyan coffee are:

  • SL28
  • SL34, K7
  • Ruiru 11
  • Batian

The SL28 coffee

SL28 is the star of Kenyan coffee types and it is grown in Nyeri. It’s considered the number one coffee in Kenya because of its exceptional quality. It is also the most drought-resistant coffee compared to other types due to its deep roots.

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The SL34 coffee

The SL34 coffee is somehow similar to SL28. The cup quality is exceptional, and it’s drought-resistant as well. However, some coffee enthusiasts declare that the SL34’s quality is somewhat lower than SL28.

The K7 coffee

The K7 coffee is another important type of Kenyan coffee beans. The production is high, and the quality is good. Like its predecessors, the K7 key feature is drought resistance.

Ruiru 11 coffee

You may be amazed by the fact that during the 60s, Coffee Berry Disease and Leaf Rust ravaged Kenya. As a result, the country needed a disease-resistant coffee bean. Therefore, they created Ruiru 11!

Ruiru 11 has a significant output volume and farmers can plant almost twice as many trees in the same area. But, on the other hand, the quality is slightly lower than the SL28, SL34, and K7 varieties.

Batian coffee

But what makes the Batian exceptional is the morphological features like the SL28. The Batian matches the quality of SL28 and SL34, and the bean size is bigger than other Kenyan coffee types.


Kenyan coffee tends to be more expensive than other types of coffee beans. The reason is, of course, the quality of the coffee produced in this country. The great thing about the world of coffee is that it is so large. You won’t miss out on experiencing Kenyan coffee because lower prices are available even if they have slightly lower quality. In that case, you can still do so, even if it is just a hint compared to more acceptable Kenyan offerings.

Kenyan Coffee beans grades

Generally, there’re 8 grades of Kenyan coffee: E, PB, AA, AB, C, TT, T, and MH/ML. Coffee Grades are based on the size of the coffee beans before the roasting process. The size of the bean is essential because beans of the same size roast at the same pace.

Why does grade matter? The grade determines the flavor of a cup of Kenyan coffee compared to another. As an example, Kenya AA beans are mainly sweeter than MH/ML beans, which are low-quality and tend to taste sour. The “AA” grade contains the largest beans, including the highest number of oils necessary to the coffee drinking experience. AA is considered the highest grade of Kenyan coffee and considered one of the world’s best Arabica coffees.

Kenyan Coffee brands

Kenyan Coffees are frequently sold by brands like Starbucks or Amazon. The coffee sold by local stores is usually has been roasted weeks or even months ago. This time gap dulls the flavor of the coffee and can leave people wondering why it’s so highly rated. Coffee flavor begins to degrade within weeks of being roasted – days if it is already ground. The best suppliers are the ones who offer freshly roasted coffee. Coffeevibes offers you the freshest types of coffee beans from authentic brands and at reasonable prices. Kenya is quite well-known for its coffee because of its high mountains, which are ideal for growing coffee.

yirgacheffe coffee beans

But all that aside, which one should you buy?

As with all coffees, it primarily comes down to taste. If you want that more pungent taste of coffee, then you’ll have to buy a darker roast, which has much lower acidity and eliminates most of the fruitiness along with spices. Of course, a darker bean is oilier than most, leading to a cup that doesn’t feel clean. If you chose a lighter roast, the taste becomes more vivid and complicated.

How to make Kenyan coffee

Surprisingly, there’re many ways you can brew Kenyan coffee including Aeropress or cold brew method. But, it also has its own special brewing method called “Kahawa Chunghu” which is the best method for getting the richest taste. In this method, coffee is brewed in a tall kettle on the coal stove and served in special cups along with sweets. (If you had the chance to drink coffee made with Kahawa Chunghu Method, tell us about your experience in the comments)

Best Kenyan coffee beans

If the characteristics mentioned above match your coffee preferences and you want to give this type of coffee a try, Here’s the top Kenyan coffee beans that we’ve prepared for you:

  • Volcanica Kenya Whole Coffee Beans
  • Cooper’s Cask Kenyan Coffee Beans
  • Henry’s House of Coffee: Kenya Beans (light)
  • Java House Kenya Coffee-Beans
  • Gevalia Special Reserve Kenya Ground Coffee

Volcanica Kenya Whole Coffee Beans

Volcanica is an excellent bean by a roaster with an excellent reputation in the industry. This coffee has notes of redwood with a tartness that you’ll find surprising because, on the back end, a savory also sneaks up.


  • Fruity
  • Complex
  • Offered in decaf


  • Not always aromatic
  • Somewhat expensive

Cooper’s Cask Kenyan Coffee Beans

Cooper’s Cask is roasted a bit darker to highlight cherry and chocolate notes. The flavor of these Kenyan Coffee Beans offers fruitiness and sweetness.


  • Excellent cherry/chocolate taste
  • Great for cold brew
  • Versatile
  • Less expensive


  • May arrive stale

Henry’s House of Coffee: Kenya Beans (Light)

This bean is a certified Kenya AA. It dictates a higher quality of the coffee bean. This brand of coffee does not fail in the category of having fruity and earthly tones. Flavors of vanilla, berries, and lemon are noticeable in this brand.

what is the best decaf espresso


  • A great representative of Kenyan coffee
  • Pairs well with milk


  • Not Fair Trade or Organic

Java House Kenya Coffee-Beans

This brand puts forth a solid effort with a blend of several Kenyan coffee beans. These beans are roasted a little lighter than the first two on this list. It comes with more apparent fruity and spicy notes. There are still many chocolate notes, but this cup will be a bit more acidic.


  • Medium roast
  • Very fruity


  • For the more adventurous drinker

Gevalia Special Reserve Kenya Ground Coffee

This brand uses the cherry flavor. It is less chocolaty, but it is still one of the most flavorful coffees on this list. Because it comes pre-ground, this coffee isn’t as aromatic and doesn’t produce an intense bloom.


  • A good all-around cup


  • Goes bad quickly
  • Less pronounced flavor
  • Not versatile

Kenyan coffee beans in a wooden spoon

Buying Kenyan coffee Guide

Kenyan coffee is named as an Elite coffee by coffee lovers because of its quality. So, buying it from an authentic coffee store to get the best type of Kenyan coffee is very important. However, there’re a few other factors that you should also pay attention to when buying one. Choosing a lighter roast of this coffee is a better option to get its richest and mouthful taste. Plus, another important thing is to buy a Kenyan coffee that has been dried slowly. It’s a key factor for getting the most taste out of this coffee from Kenyan. Coffeevibes can direct you directly to the right type of coffee that includes all of the factors mentioned above.

Buy the Best Kenyan Coffee beans online

Are you looking for the best of the best? Kenya may have one of the best coffees globally, but not all Kenyan coffees are the same. Like any product, coffee from all places worldwide has different varieties, attributes. It is graded by various standards such as quality, taste, size, production rate, and many other criteria.

The best Kenyan coffee has to be vibrant but clean. It is well-balanced with hints of pepper and blackberry.

Coffeevibes prepares you the best types of Kenyan Coffee beans that are roasted by local roasters who work directly with farmers and brokers of coffee in Kenya. You can get your favorite type of coffee bean with only a few clicks whenever and wherever you wish.


Kenya has the perfect conditions when it comes to growing coffee beans. The rich volcanic soil, high altitude, suitable weather, and advanced technology contribute to Kenya being one of the best coffee producers worldwide. There are many different types of coffee around the world, and each one has its enthusiasts. Kenyan coffee tends to be everyone’s favorite, and now you know why.

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