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is there a sweet coffee bean?

is there a sweet coffee bean?

Coffee is known as a dark, bitter, acidic, beverage in the world. There are different scales to measure a coffee’s quality such as acidity, aroma, and of course, its sweetness. Coffee beans are naturally green. But when they get roasted (for better solvability and removing a number of compounds), they will get more bitter and they will lose some percentage of the sugar they have. Is there a sweet coffee bean? YEAH, coffee’s got sugar! But why it’s not sweet?

Coffee bean content

As you know, the coffee that we use comes from a fruit which grows on the Coffea tree and it looks like green beans; those little fruits are the green coffee beans which will be used up for making different coffees. All fruits and plants have a form of sugar in them, it may be glucose, sucrose, maltose and etc. one of the most common sugars in plants is sucrose and it is used for different functions in plant cells.
The percentage of sugar in different plants is different. That’s why they have different tastes of sweetness. A sugary fruit like grape has about 15% sugar. But green coffee beans have 6.25 to 8.45 percent of sugar. Also, 90 percent of the sugar in coffee beans is sucrose; which has a less sweet taste than fructose (the main sugar in fruits). That will lead to less sweetness.

Why do we roast coffee beans?

In order to have a pack of black beans of coffee in your kitchen’s wardrobe, a special process should be done in the coffee factories. The main process is roasting. There are a couple of reasons to roast the green coffee beans, for instance: to get the factors such as strong aroma, better flavor, more solubility in water, etc. heating coffee in order to roast them will change some chemical compounds and some physical qualities in the beans. As it was mentioned, there is sugar in coffee such as sucrose. By taking a look at the sugar chemical formula (C6H12O6) you’ll see the elements which make sugar. Heating sugar will make the elements combine with the oxygen in the air and make new compounds in form of liquid or gas, which means less sugar! That is the main reason why coffee is bitter than green coffee beans.

Bitter brewing

To summarize, brewing coffee is the process of extracting the soluble material in roasted and ground coffee. After the roasting process, brewing is going to bring out that sweetness even more. But it depends on how you brew your coffee. It all depends on the amount of time and heat. Make sure, if you like bitter coffee, you can brew it for a longer period of time.

filter coffee brewing

Coffee beans sugar content

There are 30 different types of coffees in the world which all come from green beans of coffee. The most famous beans are Robusta and Arabica. The difference between coffees is mainly due to different ways of roasting, adding some other stuff during the process, the period of each process, and things like that. This will make different coffees and different ratios of them in coffee-based beverages to have various amounts of sweetness. lightly roasted Arabica Bourbon coffee beans are found to have a slightly more sweet taste. Also, Panama Volcan Baru Coffee is known for having a bit fruitier sweet taste.

Arabica Vs Robusta

As it was mentioned, the two most famous beans are Arabica and Robusta. What’s the difference between them?


Arabica is tended to have more use in the coffee industry than Robusta, about 60 percent of coffee in the market contains Arabica. Although it’s got less caffeine rather than Robusta, it has got a stronger taste. If you are the kind of person who is looking for a less bitter coffee, Arabica is a better choice. It’s got a sweeter and smoother, chocolaty and berry liked to taste.


Despite having a bitter and harsh taste, it’s used in espresso mixes more than arabica (because it makes a thicker layer of creamy caramel on the beverage). If you are looking for a drink to keep you energetic on a Monday morning or to keep you awake on exam nights, Robusta is the best option. It has a higher rate of caffeine than arabica.

effects on the sweetness of coffee

Extra tastes can affect different tastes in any kind of beverage or meal. Imagine having sweet chocolate with sour berries in the middle of it, it may seem less sweet than the chocolate without berries. That’s because of the fact that your brain will combine the tastes that the tongue nerves have received and it would be hard for us to separate them from each other. But having chocolate itself will make the nerves (which make electric signals in the brain due to attaching to molecules that make the chocolate sweet) analyze the sweet taste more than other tastes.

  • Acidity
  • Temperature
  • Genetics

is there a sweet coffee bean


As we all know, coffee is an acidic beverage. The acidity is because of some kind of acid compounds called chlorogenic acids (naturally occurring antioxidants) .it is a result of the plant’s self-protection mechanism in warding off pests and disease (it’s got a role like our immune system). The more a coffee bean contains these chemicals, the more sweetness will be combined with its taste and it would make us realize it is even more bitter!
Robusta contains more of this acid than Arabica. In spite of having fewer sugar molecules, the more acidic compounds will make it taste even less sweet!


The sweetness of sucrose depends on the temperature as well as the concentration of a solution. The main effect is that relatively low concentrations gain sweetness as temperature increases. A recent study showed that cooling a sucrose-based solution from 37 to 21 °C reduces the initial sweetness of sucrose but increases sweet taste adaptation. That may explain the answer to why iced coffees are less bitter!
As it was mentioned before, very high temperatures may have a destructive effect on the chemical order of a compound and we may have unwanted chemical reactions and unwanted products.


That’s right! The human body is a very complicated system. Thanks to our genes, we are special because of them. Everything that we are is because of our genetics, they are like codes that make everything that we are. Some people may have fewer nerves in their body that make signals and send them to the brain due to receiving sweet molecules. Some people may have more of them, so they will taste sweetness more!

So, what about the “natural” sweet coffee?

Is there a sweet coffee bean? Long story short, expecting a cup of coffee without added sugar to taste exactly like a cup of coffee with 2,3 Tbsps. of sugar is sort of impossible. Even the green coffee bean itself doesn’t have that kind of sweetness. It’s better to expect less bitterness in different coffees rather than looking for more sweetness! But you know, you can always reach out to your cupboard in your kitchen and add some sugar to your coffee and enjoy your moment.


Not everyone is able to enjoy the sharp bitterness of a cup of coffee to have an energetic day. Because of that, many people may not experience a joyful cup of tasty coffee without being aware that there can be an alternative for them too.
So, is there a sweet coffee bean? The answer is definitely yes! Not only you can find coffee beans with a fruity and sweeter taste, but also there are many simple tips you can learn to make your coffee tastier than ever.
If you haven’t found out your preferred taste of coffee, do not worry! Coffeevibes is here to help you find your special coffee easily.


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If you're a coffee fanatic who enjoys the first sip of coffee every day, you understand the magical power of good coffee beans. I've been crazy about coffee for a quite long time, and I truly enjoy learning about different types of coffee and all the facts about caffeine. So, I decided to share my experience with you to help you choose coffee beans like a pro and find your favorite type of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I LOVE coffee but sometimes I look for a slight sweetness in it. I take care of my health and my diet a lot so I don’t want to add sweeteners to it and I had never heard of sweet coffee beans that are flavored naturally! thanks a million!

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