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Is it better to grind your own coffee beans?

Is it better to grind your own coffee beans?

Do you know why professional coffee drinker grind their own coffee beans before brewing? Do you have any idea about the effect of grinding on the final taste of coffee? Have you ever tried an expensive and high-quality coffee and the taste was just not enough?

Maybe the missing key that you never get the right taste of your favorite coffee is hidden under your coffee ground. If you’re thinking if is it better to grind your own coffee beans or not; we have to say that freshness of coffee grounds affects the taste of coffee.

How does that happen? Read on!

Why is it better to grind your own coffee beans?

The coffee that you grind yourself differs in taste, freshness, and aroma from a pre-ground coffee. Whole coffee beans’ natural coating prevents the infiltration or outflow of moisture, natural aroma of coffee beans, contamination, and oxidation. The reason that coffee loses its aroma quickly after grinding, is increasing its surface with oxygen. grinding can also cause co2 depletion

So if you want a pleasant fresh aroma and taste the ground coffee beans that you have grinded yourself.

How long does ground coffee last?

If you’re a sensitive person and only a fresh coffee can convince you; we should say two days after roasting. But generally ground coffee is fresh one week after roasting.
If you don’t have much time to grind coffee beans every day right before getting to work, you can grind your coffee beans weekly.

is it better to grind your own coffee beans?

How to keep ground coffee fresh longer?

The best way to maintain your ground coffee fresh longer is to keep it in an impermeable container away from light, moisture, and the hit.
Another benefit of grinding coffee beans by yourself is in keeping them.
In an ideal condition, You can maintain whole coffee beans for at least 6-9 months but this duration for pre-ground coffee is about 6 months.
We talked about ideal conditions in keeping coffee, fresh but what are these conditions?

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Tips for keeping your coffee grounds fresh

There are a few factors that you should pay attention to for storing your ground coffee beans fresh for a longer period.

  • Temperature
  • Oxygen and light resistance
  • Freezing


Like most food products, coffee beans will spoil in high temperatures. You should always make sure that your coffee bag is away from sunlight or another source of hitting.

oxygen and light resistance

As we said before, increasing coffee cells’ surface with oxygen speed up the spoiling process.
So keeping whole coffee beans can make a great difference here. Another important condition you should prepare to keep your coffee fresh in an airtight container. If you do not have an airtight container, you can also use its package which may be light resistant too.


Using a freezer to keep coffee is always a risky item. If you ask why we should say freezing coffee beans can be both a good friend or the worst enemy of your coffee beans.
By freezing whole coffee beans you can store them for 2-3 years and this range for pre_ground coffee increases to 1-2 years. But the problem is that coffee absorbs other foods’ aromas. keeping coffee in the freezer may give you a cup of coffee with broccoli and peanut taste which I’m not sure you will like.

Pros and cons of grinding coffee by yourself

Believe it or not, any individual’s expectations of what we call good or bad are different. What makes grinding your own coffee beans at home a desirable way of coffee making can be another person’s nightmare. So we’re going to look at some pros and cons of grinding coffee by yourself.


  • Increasing storage time:

As we said before coffee beans’ natural coating and their lower surface with oxygen increase coffee storage time. You can store your coffee beans for a long time then grind them and enjoy your coffee.

  • Fresh coffee:

grinding coffee right before brewing gives you the freshest flavor and aroma.

  • Different types of coffee, different sizes of ground coffee:

If you’re a coffee lover you must know to get the right taste of each coffee type you need to grind coffee in special sizes. Purchasing whole coffee beans let you reach your perfect ground coffee size


As we said before different lifestyles lead people to have different definitions of good or bad. If you are working for longer hours, saving time is your priority, not drinking a fresh cup of coffee.
And honestly, sometimes sleeping just about 5 minutes gives you more energy than a cup of coffee. We’re going to talk about another side of grinding coffee now.

  • Time-consuming:
8 Reasons you should buy whole bean coffee

Most of the time you don’t have a desirable flexible plan to grind coffee daily.

  • Demand for a gadget:

Grinding coffee demands a grinder or at least another useful gadget.

  • The Need for concentration:

Being careless about coffee grinding can completely change the final coffee taste just by grinding it more or less than what you want. How to grind

coffee beans in a grinder

Is it healthier to grind your own coffee beans?

The main reason that pro coffee drinkers are suggesting everyone grind their coffee beans before brewing is to get the freshest flavor. However, there are health reasons for grinding coffee beans right before brewing that most people are not aware of.

When coffee beans are being ground, they start oxidation which can be good for brewing coffee. But, if they stay exposed to the air for a long while, their compounds start to change and they start keeping carbon dioxide inside. These changes cannot lead to very healthy effects on you. So, if you are extra careful about your body, it is better to grind your coffee beans right before brewing.

how to grind your coffee without a grinder?

One of the obstacles that make many people prefer pre-ground coffee is the lack of an appropriate grinder. This issue has several simple solutions that we mention below.


Blender can be an alternative for grinder particularly that some blenders have a grinding option. But there are two problems with blenders.

  • Grinding coffee with a blender can weaken your gadget: If you put lots of coffee into your blender, it would harm your device.
  • blenders don’t work the same as grinders do.

You may see inconsistent sizes of coffee grounds which would affect the final taste.

How to use a blender for grinding coffee?

Here is an easy step-by-step guide for grinding coffee with a blender:

  • At first, you should remember that a blender can’t be as strong as a grinder. To use your blender as a safe alternative; you have to put a small amount of coffee into it.
  • Be careful about blender speed. If you use fast mode it may harm your blender.
  • Do not use your blender for a long time and Divide time into smaller sections.

Mortar and pestle

Using mortar and pestle gives you more ability to control the size of coffee grounds. Just pushing coffee beans with a pestle in a mortar that is not full of beans is enough. Take care you are moving your hand in a twisting motion. Although this way takes more time and effort you can achieve your ideal texture.

Ground coffee beans

Rolling pin

Using a rolling pin for grinding gives you medium-sized coffee grounds.
It’s better to know that this way doesn’t work for making all types of coffee.

A hammer

Using a hammer gives you medium-sized coffee grounds. You can use this grind for cold brew.

A food processor

By a food processor, you’ll probably have a medium-fine grind. Don’t use your food processor too much. Always remember that food processor blades are not as good as grinders.

What is the best way to grind coffee beans?

The most ideal tool to grind coffee beans is a burr grinder. It is easier and results in a better grinded and consistent. However, if you don’t have any equipment do not worry at all because you can grind your own coffee with the methods explained above as well.

Why coffee grinding size matter?

Coffee grinding size affects the final taste. Extremely Coarse coffee grind extracts most of the coffee’s flavor because of its tiny particles. And an extremely fine coffee grind doesn’t let coffee’s flavor come out.
Even though you can feel more bitterness in a coarser coffee grind, The taste of the finer coffee grind is somehow sour.

Coffee grind chart

Different kinds of coffee need different grinding sizes. Here we take a look at different coffees to grind charts.
We use an extra-fine grind to make Turkish coffee. The easiest way to distinguish the extra-fine grind is its powdery and light texture.
fine grind coffee is being consumed for preparing the Espresso. fine grind is usually soft and somehow sticking together.
To make Aeropress coffee we need a Medium fine grind that looks like sands and is gritty.
A medium grind is adequate for pour-over. The medium grind is crumbly.
The best choice for homemade coffee is a medium-coarse grind. To identify its texture you should know it looks like rocky sands.
For the French press, you should use coffee grounds in the shape of sea salts or clay particles. To summarise it, you need a fine grind for the purpose.
Cold-brew demands an extra coarse grind that feels like broken shells.

Where to buy the best coffee beans for grinding?

If you’ve decided to drink fresh coffee every day and enjoying the process of making it yourself, you should look for healthy whole coffee beans. sometimes it is difficult to find and recognize the quality of coffee beans. So we’ll turn this problem into an opportunity for you to enjoy your delicious coffee. You can buy high-quality fresh coffee beans in coffeevibes and celebrate the beginning of the day with your fresh cup of coffee.


Generally, we analyzed why grinding coffee, right before the brew is noteworthy. We also talked about coffee storage methods that would help you whether to choose pre-ground coffee or grinding coffee beans at home.
We reviewed some hacks to use another gadget instead of a grinder.
By the way, we are all aware these days our life is full in lack of time. So if still, you prefer to drink a fast made coffee; we understand. Sometimes we need just need an energy booster.

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