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Is green coffee bean good for weight loss?

Is green coffee bean good for weight loss?

Coffee has become the most popular drink in the world. People choose their coffee type to depend on the various health benefits of different types. The green coffee bean is good for weight loss. Of course green coffee has many other benefits. But for those coffee lovers that have overweight, green coffee is the best choice. Surely it makes a lot of questions for you about how is green coffee bean good for weight loss. Here we are to answer all your questions about this.

So follow us to find answers to all of your questions!

What is green coffee bean?

Green coffee beans are none-roasted coffee beans. They are light-colored and have a mild flavor. They contain a higher amount of chlorogenic acid than other coffee beans. Chlorogenic acid plays the most important role in weight loss. It will be reduced by roasting. The green coffee bean is good for weight loss because of the existence of this substance.

How does green coffee help in weight loss?

Chlorogenic acid acts the main role. It is one of the main contents of green coffee. This acid affects the way of metabolism process in the body. It acts as an antioxidant. It means that it helps in controlling high blood pressure, aids weight loss, and maintains blood sugar levels. Here, the question is: “how does it help to reduce weight?”
The weight loss process by green coffee happens in 5 terms:

  1. Metabolism-boosting
  2. Curbing the appetite
  3. Increasing the blood circulation
  4. Fat burning
  5. Decreasing the sugar absorption

is green coffee good for weight loss?


Chlorogenic acid can increase the BMR (Balsamic Metabolic Rate). The liver releases glucose into the bloodstream. BMR minimizes this release process. By reducing the sugar in the bloodstream, the body gets its required energy by burning the excess fat stored in the fat cells. It results in weight loss with green coffee.

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Curbing the appetite

The chlorogenic acid that green coffee has naturally suppressed the appetite. It prevents overheating by controlling cravings.

Increasing blood circulation

Blood plays a very important role in the body. It carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removes the gasses and toxins from them. Any blockage in the vessels may cause fatigue that affects the body’s metabolism. It leads to slow down the fat-burning process. Green coffee increases the fat-burning process by improving blood circulation. That’s the answer to how is green coffee good for weight loss.

Fat burning

Green coffee improves the capability of fat burning in the body. It helps the liver to release fat-burning enzymes. It detoxifies the liver and removes the bad cholesterol and unnecessary fat that perk up the metabolism. So, green coffee bean helps in weight loss by burning the fat.

Decreasing the sugar absorption

Green coffee decreases the absorption of sugar in our bodies. It means that less sugar will be stored as fat. So, the body should compensate for this lack of fat by burning more calories. Which leads to weight loss.

Different types of green coffee for weight loss

Coffee stores offer green coffee in 2 types:

  • Green coffee bean extract
  • Soluble green coffee

Green coffee bean extract

This type of green coffee contains a high level of nutrients and chlorogenic acid. During the extract process of green coffee beans, most of the chlorogenic acid they have will extract too. That’s why the green coffee bean extract is much effective in weight loss. It is produced in 2 forms: powdered form and in the form of pills.

Soluble green coffee

This type resembles instant coffee. You just need the powder (soluble green coffee) and hot water. Now you can make your cup of green coffee.

How to make a cup of green coffee

All you need is a green coffee powder (it can be a coffee grind or coffee extract in form of powder) and hot water.

  • 10g coffee powder
  • 150g hot water

You should pour the powder into a cup or glass, and then add the hot water to it very slowly. Remember that hot water should be at 90°c. Leave the mixture for 10 minutes to rest and forms its best flavor and aroma. Now you can filter it and enjoy your healthy, delicious green coffee. Some people like to serve it sweet. Do not use sugar because it will disrupt the fat-burning of green coffee we expect. You can add some honey to make it sweet. Some people prefer to add some cinnamon or cardamom to have the best aroma. Adding this substance has no problem.

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When should I drink green coffee for weight loss?

When you eat food, the blood sugar levels spike up to consume carbohydrates and proteins. This released sugar will be stored as fat in the body. Drinking green coffee before the meal will help. The chlorogenic acid it contains will burn the excess generated sugar. So, there won’t be any excess sugar to make fat. And it leads to reduce weight. But don’t forget that only drinking green coffee can’t reduce weight. A healthy diet and exercise are necessary to weight loss besides drinking green coffee.

How much green coffee should I drink for weight loss?

There was a study on 16 people in 2017 to estimate the needed green coffee to lose weight. The result showed that taking 400 mg of green coffee bean extract for 8 weeks is effective. Regularly drinking 2 cups of green coffee daily is good for weight loss. Taking more doses has side effects and it’s harmful to health.

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How much weight can you lose with green coffee?

A study had been done on people for 22 weeks. They had taken the doses of green coffee which was said above. At the end of the term, they had reduced an average of 17 pounds. This result improves the truth that green coffee bean is good for weight loss.

Side effects of green coffee

If you overtake green coffee, it may cause health problems. The high caffeine level it has may bring you anxiety and disturbances. It also can increase blood pressure and blood pressure. That’s why it’s important to buy high-quality green coffee with controlled caffeine contained. Taking more doses than the estimated amount can cause calcium depletion in bones. And it can be harmful to bones. So, make sure about the quality of the green coffee you buy.

What is green coffee for weight loss?

In order to review all the facts and effects and mentioned above, let’s take a quick look at how green coffee can help you lose weight. When coffee beans haven’t been roasted yet, they contain the most chlorogenic acids. These acids can be weight loss friendly when they are combined with a proper diet and exercise and consumed regularly.

Bulletproof coffee

Green coffee capsules for weight loss?

Nowadays, a kind of capsule form of green coffee is a supplement for daily usage. Since green coffee is getting trend every day, people are willing to drink it for its health benefits and fat burn. However, not many of them are like the taste of it. these capsules are made of coffee seeds from cofea plant. They are full of antioxidants and contain less caffeine compared to roasted coffee beans. however, we cannot recommend it 100% sure and it’s best to consult with a doctor before consuming it.

Where to buy the best green coffee?

The brand that we buy green coffee from is so important. Some brands sell low-quality green coffee by the name of high-quality ones. Be careful about the quality of green coffee. Low-quality ones contain more caffeine that is harmful to your health. Coffeevibes offers the best green coffee in high quality. Be sure about the freshness and quality of the green coffee you buy from coffeevibes. We check the caffeine level of beans at every step of production. You can have our recommended best green coffee and enjoy healthy green coffee without any side effects. Your ordered bag of green coffee will be delivered as soon as possible. Coffeevibes brings you healthy and nutritious green coffee.


You have understood that how is green coffee bean good for weight loss. The main ingredient of it is chlorogenic acid. This acid plays the main role in the process of fat burning in the body. It has the same effects as an antioxidant Chlorogenic acid increases the metabolism in our body. Green coffee minimizes the release of sugar from the liver and the body gets its needed energy by burning the excess fat stored in fat cells. It has the same effects as an antioxidant. Also, It suppresses the appetite and prevents overeating. Green coffee detoxifies the liver and removes all the bad cholesterol that perks up the fat-burning process. It also helps the liver to release fat-burning enzymes in the body.

It’s important how much green coffee we drink to lose weight. The does differ from person to person. But drinking 400 mg of coffee green for 8 weeks can be effective. Also, the quality of green coffee is so important. Low-quality green coffees contain a high level of caffeine which can be harmful to your healthy diet. Taking more doses of green coffee can cause side effects. Sleep disturbances, anxiety, high blood pressure, and calcium depletion are the side effects of low-quality green coffee or overtaking sure to buy high-quality green coffee and take safe doses of it to have a healthy and effective diet for weight loss.

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