How to make v60 coffee?

how do you make the perfect v60 coffee?

Generally, a v60 coffee dripper is a kind of coffee maker. It is a v-shaped coffee maker with 60-degree angles. This coffee maker is made by Hario. Making coffee this way is not a difficult task. But reasons such as price, an exact measurement of coffee, and its small size may not make this method one of the first choices for brewing coffee. in this text in coffeevibes, we are going to share any useful information about this method with you.

what? V60?

yes, exactly. As you read in the previous paragraphs about the appearance of the v60, this coffee maker has a v-shaped appearance. As we can guess from Figure v, the chamber of this coffee maker creates an angle of 60 degrees. There are also bumps inside that allow air to pass through and make the coffee brew better. Therefore, the name of this coffee maker is derived from its appearance. This is the reason why it is called v60.

In this section of coffeevibes, we examined the reason for naming this coffee maker together and described its appearance to provide more accurate information to you, dear readers.

Best coffee for v60 coffee maker

Now we are going to introduce some types of coffee that are good choices for v60. to find the best coffees for v60 drip, we have tried different coffees and examined them carefully. After that, we have selected the coffees that we have included in the list below. These two coffees without any special order are among the best choices for making coffee this way. We mentioned the origin of these coffees as well as the other information.

  • Kenya coffee beans – peaberry
  • Colombian la Finca coffee beans

Why are the mentioned coffees the best choices for v60 drip?

The question is very important. As a big fan of coffee, if you want to have a better and more accurate choice, we suggest you follow this article to the end.  In this part, we want to share some information with you about the reasons why the above coffees are the best choices for v60 drip.

V60 coffee

Why is Kenya coffee beans – peaberry better with v60 drip?

the reason is rooted in the region where this coffee is produced. Factors such as rich soils, consistent temperature, and enough rainfalls, make this coffee a good choice for a v60 coffee maker. Also, this coffee is processed wet so you can be sure about the quality of Kenya coffee beans – peaberry.

Using your v60 coffee maker, you can buy this coffee in coffeevibes and make a special morning coffee. by this method of brewing, enjoy an acidic coffee that arouses your taste buds.

brewing coffee with a dripper and a v60

Why are Colombian la Finca coffee beans better with v60 drip?

By choosing this coffee for your v60 coffee, you can taste dark chocolate strongly. It tastes smooth because of the reduced amount of acidity. You can try a clear taste of Colombian la Finca coffee with your v60 coffee maker.

We provide you with this one in coffeevibes as well to make it easy for you to find it. Reading these passages, now you can make a v60 coffee with your favorite type of coffee.

Which one do you prefer? Kenya coffee beans – peaberry OR Colombian la Finca coffee beans?  Let’s share with us your favorite one!

There may be a question about using beans or ground for a v60 coffee maker. follow us in the preceding paragraph to read about it. We will tell you how to make the best v60 coffee that you can.

Beans OR Grind?

You may ask which type of coffee is better for my v60 coffee maker? Can I use whole coffee beans? Your answer is here. Just keep reading.

It is better to choose BEANS to maintain the taste and quality of coffee. Try to buy fresh coffee beans and grind them yourself to taste the real flavor of your favorite coffee. also, coffee beans stay a long time and you can taste a fresh coffee whenever you want.

V60 coffee

If you don’t have your grinder, don’t worry. There is a really simple solution for you as well. Just try to buy a small bag of coffee and make sure you can finish it before it gets bitter. So you can experience the special and real taste too.

Which grind size can I use for v60?

This point depends on your dripper. If it takes a longer time, grind the beans coarser. But it is better to choose a consistent method for grinding. So try to find fresh beans and grind them well to taste a good v60 coffee.

To coffee lovers, it may be an important question about how to use a v60 coffee maker? If so, just follow us to take a look at the steps of using this coffee maker in the right order.

How to use v60 dripper?

In this section, coffeevibes team has prepared the steps of making coffee with v60 for you. We hope you use this coffee brewing method and enjoy it. Before starting you need to provide needed items such as enough amount of coffee and boiled water, a digital scale to exact measuring, and filter paper. preparing these items, you can follow the below instruction.

  1. First Boil the water well above 90 degrees.
  2. Set the scale and add the grounded coffee (15g for one cup) in the second step.
  3. Then Tare the scale and add 60 ml water.
  4. As the fourth step, Stir gently without touching the filter paper.
  5. Now Gradually add the remaining amount of water at different intervals.
  6. In this step Rotate the v60 in a circular motion to completely brew all the coffee in the container.
  7. Finally, Waite for dripping completely.
  8. After 3 minutes, your coffee is ready.
  9. Serve and enjoy it.

We shared this method of brewing with you for the v60 coffee maker. What about you? Do you have a special method of brewing with this coffee maker? If so share it with coffeevibes.

how to make v60 coffee

V60 coffee taste

One other significant point is about taste. Brewing your coffee with v60 correctly, you can enjoy the real taste of coffee like the taste of strawberries, mangoes, and lemons. So you can experience the real taste of these fruits by brewing your coffee with a v60 coffee maker well.

V60 coffee

why does my v60 coffee tastes bad?

The longer it takes for the coffee to brew (more than 3 minutes), the more the taste of the coffee will change. The amount of coffee that is poured into the container at the end has a more bitter taste. therefore, you will not experience the real taste of your intended coffee.

So what is the solution? What can we do to solve these problems with the taste of our coffee?

let’s read some tips about how to prevent these problems. To solve the problem of late brewing of coffee, it is better to grind the coffee coarser. This will make your coffee ready in a maximum of 3 minutes. But there may be another problem that makes your coffee bitter. If the water temperature you use is too high, this will also make the coffee bitter. So you can wait a few minutes after you boil the water and then add it to your coffee. using this method, you can prevent your coffee from some problems as bitterness.

As you can see, in this section we have discussed the possible problems in brewing coffee with v60 and suggested the solution to them. It also explained how these problems could be prevented. We hope that by applying these tips, you can answer the question of how to make v60 coffee?


Trying coffee in different brewing methods makes changes in its taste. By choosing the most suitable coffees for each method, you can have a truer real experience of the taste of each coffee. In this article from coffeevibes, we have introduced a popular method to you. Also, we provide you with the answers to the question of how to make v60 coffee. By choosing the v60 method and going through the steps of brewing coffee properly, you can experience the coffee tastes clear. If you have any special tricks of the trade in the v60 method, we will be thankful to share them with us. so let us know how do you make the perfect v60 coffee?


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