How long do coffee beans stay fresh?

How long do coffee beans stay fresh?

When you are buying coffee beans, one of the things that you will wonder about is how long do coffee beans stay fresh. We will show you how long you can keep your coffee beans and how to find out if the coffee beans are spoiled or not.

do coffee beans expire?

Coffee beans like many other farming products have a limited shelf life. Some compounds in coffee beans will expire and a while like carbohydrates, amino acids, and lipids.

When you buy roasted coffee, there is an expiration date on its label. Usually, it’s about 1 year. Packed coffee beans have nitrogen on them to prevent the beans from spoiling. When you open your coffee bean bag, it will be spoiled much sooner due to the presents of oxygen.

how to tell if coffee beans are bad?

Coffee beans’ appearance doesn’t change too much after their expiration date. If you want to find out that, if they’re expired or not, the key is their smell. By the way, if you look closely at expired coffee beans, you can see that the color they have changed a little from dark to light brown.

If coffee beans are smelling a little moldy, they are spoiled really bad. So just throw them out.

coffee bean’s shelf life

Not all coffee beans have the same expiration time. Different type of coffee beans has a different shelf life. Here is the main list of the expiration date for the 3 main types of coffees:

  • Sealed ground coffee: in pantry 3-5 months. In freezer 1-2 years.
  • Sealed whole bean coffee: in pantry 6-9 months. In freezer 2-3 years.
  • Sealed instant coffee: in pantry 2-20 years. In the freezer is indefinite.
  • Opened ground coffee: in pantry 3-5 months. In the freezer for 3-5 months.
  • Opened whole coffee: in pantry 6 months. In freezer 2 years.
  • Opened instant coffee: in pantry 2-20 years. In the freezer is indefinite.
Fresh roasted coffee beans

How long do coffee beans stay fresh if unopened?

As you can understand from the chart above, if you freeze your opened coffee beans, there’s a hope that it can last for about a year or more. And if the coffee beans are kept in a proper environment unopened, they’ll stay fresh for about nine months.

How to extend coffee bean’s shelf life

So, how to store coffee beans if it is this critical? As you saw, if you don’t open the bag of coffee, you can have it for longer. So, one of the things you should do is storing the beans properly. If you have already opened the bag of your coffee, you should keep them in a place that has lesser air in it. One of the other things that you should pay attention, is to keep your beans away from the moist area. Moisture place will speed up the spoiling of your coffee beans and change their flavor.

Some people will tell you that you can keep your coffee beans in your freezer. But, it is not the most ideal thing you can do. As I mentioned before, moisture is the killer of coffee flavor. So, putting your coffee in the freezer will destroy its flavor.

brewing fresh coffee in a table

Can you drink expired coffee?

Until now we talked about how long do coffee beans stay fresh. Let’s check out expired coffee.

Many people are wondering what will happen if you drink expired coffee. First of all, don’t drink any coffee that has mold on it. Drinking normal expired coffee will not harm you but the flavor of it is gone by that time.

Do whole coffee beans last longer than ground coffee beans?

Generally, Coffee beans lose their aroma and flavor over time gradually. And, when you grind whole coffee beans, they start releasing flavor and become exposed to oxygen. So, ground coffee beans go stale and lose their freshness quicker than whole coffee beans.
As a result, if you want to store your coffee for a longer time, it’s better to buy whole coffee beans and grind them whenever you want to brew coffee.

fresh coffee grounds

Ground coffee will expire much sooner than instant and whole coffee. Many people use it for their gardens because it can boost your soil. If you have the device to make ground coffee, the best option for you is to buy whole bean coffee. Because whole bean coffee has a longer shelf life and keeping it is much easier than ground coffee.

Why stale taste when you can have Fresh coffee beans?

Storing coffee beans

Until now you know that how long coffee beans stay fresh. Now we are going to find out how to extend the coffee beans shelf life:

  • Vacuum sealer
  • Coffee vault
  • Coffee roasting

vacuum sealer

As we talked about before, one of the things that will harm your coffee beans is oxygen. So, to prevent that you should keep them in a place without air. By using a vacuum sealer, you can make your coffee bags air-free and extend their shelf life.

coffee vault

To keep your coffee, you need a special container that can hold your coffee. Many types of coffee vaults are specially made for holding coffee. Using a good coffee vault will help you to keep your coffee for a longer time.

coffee roasting

There are too many ways to roast your coffee. But the question is that roasting coffee can do anything to the shelf life of your coffee or not. The fact is that the roasting of your coffee will not change its expiration date but some things in roasting will affect the coffee.

Dark roasted coffee beans have much more oil on the surface of the coffee beans. Light roast has less oil and amino acid. The amount of oil in dark roasted coffee beans will make it go bad sooner.

The device you are using to roast your coffee is important too. If you are roasting your coffee, you should always use a good roaster to make a well-roasted coffee.

fresh coffee maker

If you want to get the best flavor of your coffee, you should use a good coffee maker. A good coffee maker can bring out the essence of your coffee and you can taste pure coffee. We recommend to you the most popular coffee maker on the amazon site.

fresh green coffee vs roasted coffee

If you buy a green coffee it’s roasted just before packing. You can tell that green coffee is fresher than roasted coffee. But in green coffee, there is less caffeine. Roasted coffee has 5 times more caffeine in it than green coffee. So it depends on how you want your coffee to be.

Why stale taste when you can have Fresh coffee beans?

if you want a coffee to wake you up and has more caffeine in it you should go for roasted coffee. And if you want fresh natural tasted coffee, we recommend you to use green coffee.

fresh coffee on Amazon

The Amazon site is the most popular shopping site in the whole world. You can buy anything that you want from this site. One of the good things about it is that because of the high order rate of coffee, all of its products are fresh. So, you can tell that the best place to buy fresh coffee is the amazon site.

for your comfort, we decided that all of the coffees that we are introducing to you have a link of their own to the Amazon site so you can buy whatever you want with all of the information about it easily. Remember that the best coffee is fresh coffee.

fresh coffee near me

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the whole world. So, many places now are selling it anywhere. But you can’t talk about all of them that are selling fresh and good coffee. There is a solution to this problem. We call it online shopping.

When you order online from a well-known site, you can see other people’s opinions about that product and make a good decision. One of the other benefits of online shopping is how easy it is. When you are buying online, you don’t have to go anywhere and search for it. You can get anything and any information just by sitting in your place and clicking on it.

how long do coffee beans stay fresh?

how to buy fresh coffee

If you are looking for fresh coffee check out our products on CoffeeVibes. We will provide any information that you want about coffee and any coffee that you may desire. To make you sure about the quality of our coffee beans, by clicking on them you will order them from The Amazon site. Amazon site is a well-known site with the freshest products in it. Because of the high rate of orders in Amazon, the coffee beans are always fresh.

Last Tips

In this article, we checked out how long do coffee beans stay fresh. you know that the life long of coffee will affect its taste and smell. So, you should always buy the freshest coffee all the time; fresh coffee has the best taste and you can enjoy drinking it. you can also check out our site, CoffeeVibes for more information about any kind of coffee and you can also order your favorite one just by clicking on it. your satisfaction is our goal.

How do you keep your coffee beans? tell us about it in the comments.

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