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How do you choose a coffee roast?

How do you choose a coffee roast?

Coffee drinkers are often referred to a certain group of people, who can’t imagine their life without coffee, on top of the spectrum, and the other group who just rather have at least their morning coffee; and it seems the number of them is growing.

several people drink coffee for pleasure, but the caffeine in coffee is another reason to use coffee. Countless people are addicted to coffee because coffee gives them a lot of energy, and of course, because many of us are not morning people, we need something like coffee to keep us refreshed.

But the question is, do you know how to choose a good coffee roast? What are the types of coffee roasts? Where to buy your coffee roast? and so many other questions that coffeevibes is going to answer and help you with them.

coffee roasts

Many people prefer one coffee roast, but to get a great cup of any roast, there is a long preparation of the process known as roasting.

Roasting is a heat process that transforms raw beans into the sweet-smelling and delicious dark brown beans we know and love. Roasting brings out the smell and flavor that is locked inside the green coffee beans. Green coffee beans don’t have any of the features of roasted beans. They are soft, with a fresh grassy smell.

Roasting causes many chemical changes. With the high temperature, the sugar and fat within the beans are emulsified and caramelized. When they get ready, they get quickly cooled to stop the process. Now the beans smell like coffee and they weigh less because of the moisturizing process. The beans are crunchy and they are ready to be ground and brewed.

In general, we can classify roasts into four groups of colors, light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. In the next part of the article, we will explain each of them.

Types of Coffee Roasts

As we said before, there are four/4 different types of coffee roasts, which we will explain briefly about each of them below.

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Medium-dark
  • Dark
Best coffee beans to buy


Light roasted coffees are typically light brown, with no oil on the surface of the beans. These coffees usually have crisp acidity, a mellow body, and bright, fruity, or floral flavors and smell. This roast is generally used for smoother coffee types.


The beans will be a nice brown color. They are mostly dry, more than the lighter roasted beans. You can find more oil on the surface of the beans, and that’s because of the roasting process. So the oil gives a medium bean a little bit of a shiny look. The medium roast has the quality of both light and dark roast. It is balanced. The beans will have a sweetness at a light-medium roast that moves to bittersweetness towards the medium-dark.


Medium-dark roasts are roasted more than medium roast. In a medium-dark roast, the coffee beans become a little shiny as oil begins to rise to the surface of the coffee beans. A medium-dark roast usually has a heavy body, and the flavor may be spicy with a bittersweet taste.


The beans will be dark brown with an oily surface and feel. As the roast continues, the beans will turn nearly black. People consider dark roast coffee as a strong coffee flavor because this coffee tastes extremely bitter. Dark roasted coffees are commonly referred to as Full-City, Vienna, French Roast, or Italian Roast.

how do you choose a coffee roast?

How do I choose the best coffee roast?

If you don’t know what kind of coffee roast is good or you should choose, coffeevibes will help you with this. We should say the kind of coffee roast you choose is going to depend on the taste you prefer when you drink your coffee. For example, Europeans typically prefer a dark roast. This gives you a stronger flavor. On the other hand, North Americans generally prefer a medium roast. Therefore, people from different regions around the world will choose the kind of coffee roast that suits their appetites.

Coffeevibes advice is to start with a medium roast. Try coffees from different parts of the world, all of them are medium roasted. Then you will find out where your personal preference lies.

Can you roast your own coffee beans at home?

What roast level is best for espresso?

This is a tricky question. As we said above, there are four roast levels usually for espresso, all falling under medium-to-dark:  Full City Roast, Vienna Roast, French Roast, and Italian Roast. In fact, the pressure of espresso extraction should work well. Anyway, if you are a beginner, you could choose your own favorite coffee roast level with your favorite flavor.

coffee buying tips

A part of coffee drinking is the joy it gives you. However, the golden rules of buying coffee are important. The first one you probably know is, buy fresh. Coffee lasts a really long time, but it’s not at its best. Coffee usually dates in one of two different ways. Specialty coffee normally offers you a roast date, the day on which it was roasted. That’s pretty useful because you know how old the coffee is, exactly. But most coffees you can find in the supermarkets, don’t tell you the exact date of the roast.

But if you want to have a nice espresso, fresher isn’t always the better. Because there is a lot of CO2 in very fresh coffee beans, when you try to brew them as espresso, a lot of gas comes out of this pressurized environment making disrupted the brewing process. It’s harder to brew really fresh coffee, and many people rest the coffee for seven to ten days, sometimes two weeks to make it a little easier to brew for espresso. With filter coffee, it’s less of a concern. A day or two is enough.

Where to buy your coffee roast?

Talking about where to buy coffee, we should say there are three kinds of places to buy coffee. Supermarket, café or coffee shop, and online. Each of these places impacts the offering and your options and the way you should approach buying in those places.

Supermarkets are really convenient for people and things there are generally cheaper. But the bad part is, supermarkets do not treat coffee like fresh food. They don’t think about when the coffee was roasted because you might pick up a bag and think “oh! This is two months old.”

At coffee shops, you can go and talk about the thing you want and get fresher coffee roast there, not as fresher as online, but if you need coffee to use right now coffee shops are perfect. Coffee roast is usually 5 or 6 days old, it’s beautifully fresh and perfectly ready to brew. Also, you have the chance to try before you buy your coffee roast.

Kona coffee beans

Now online gives you probably the most variety. It’s often competitive in price. You’re buying directly from a roster. And that means they roast your coffee when they receive your order and they ship it often the same day. So it comes to you after one or 2 days of being roasted.

Be with coffeevibes to know your coffee roast!

Although coffeevibes has just started its website, we have a lot of experience with coffee that we can easily guide you. In this article, coffeevibes wants to give you information about the types of coffee roast, how to choose the best coffee roast, which coffee roast is suitable for espresso, and where to buy a coffee roast.

In fact, by reading this article, you can greatly increase your knowledge about choosing a good coffee roast and from now on make better purchases to enjoy more because this is your right. Therefore, let’s briefly learn about coffee roasts.

Coffeevibes suggestions

If you are a fan of dark rich coffee that is full body and bold, then go for just some dark roasted coffee. But as long as a balanced coffee is your favorite, try medium roast coffees. And if you are looking for a wildly different coffee taste, try light roast. But definitely read the descriptions on the coffee bags and boxes.

roasted coffee beans in containers

Why coffeevibes?

According to all explanations above about buying the best fresh coffee, coffeevibes can simply help you how to choose a coffee roast and get it fresh. We want you to have the best joy of drinking coffee. You can also read the other articles on our website to get more information.


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks all over the world, which has its fans. We explained the variety of coffee roasts, light, medium, medium-dark and dark. The issue of choosing which of them is a personal choice, but if you are a beginner it is good to start with a medium.

The freshness of a coffee roast is an important factor but it all depends on how you want to make the coffee. However, we suggest you buy coffee online. Because this way you can buy the best and freshest coffee.


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If you're a coffee fanatic who enjoys the first sip of coffee every day, you understand the magical power of good coffee beans. I've been crazy about coffee for a quite long time, and I truly enjoy learning about different types of coffee and all the facts about caffeine. So, I decided to share my experience with you to help you choose coffee beans like a pro and find your favorite type of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

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