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Hawaii coffee beans

Hawaii coffee beans

What does Hawaii remind you of? Beautiful beaches? Hawaiian shirts? Tropical drinks? What about its coffee? Hawaii coffee beans are one of the most expensive coffees in the world but why?

Hawaii coffee is a cup of nature! Yes, Hawaii coffee is growing in special conditions which we’re going to talk about later. Kona coffee is the other name for Hawaii coffee that is cultivated in a special district. It is known as one of the world’s best coffee beans. What are the reasons for that?

Read on to find out all the information!

What is Hawaii coffee?

The type of Arabica coffee which is growing in Hawaii is named Hawaii coffee or Kona coffee. Hawaii coffee is a kind of coffee farmed in a district with the same name in Hawaii. Hawaii coffee beans are one the most expensive coffees in the world.

a cup of coffee made from hawaii coffee beans

The History of Hawaii coffee

The first person who was successful in planting Hawaii coffee beans in Kona was Samuel Ruggles in 1828. The cultivation of Hawaii coffee beans was stopped due to terrible weather and labor conditions. In 1873, Henry N. Greenwell succeeded in planting high-quality Hawaii coffee beans.
In 1899, again the planting of Hawaii coffee beans was stopped due to the fall in the prices of coffee. During the First World War, the demand and consumption of coffee increased, which led to a resurgence of the cultivation of Hawaii coffee.
In 1996, again decreasing in the price of coffee hurt the Hawaii coffee industry.
Since 1960, with the increase in prices of Hawaii coffee beans, its cultivation increase. this success did not take long and the industry was damaged again in 1970 due to the fall in prices of coffee and the decrease of labor. After 1980 Hawaii coffee cultivation increased and today we place this coffee among the most expensive and special types of coffee.
This information about the history of Hawaii coffee beans comes from the book, a cup of aloha.

How do you choose a coffee roast?

What does Hawaii coffee Taste like?

Hawaii coffee taste is a combination of brown sugar, honey, chocolate, and a little bit of fruity flavor. Moreover, You can feel the smell of floral aromas. overall, it has a smooth taste with mild acidity. plus, it has a kind of syrupy form.

Hawaii coffee growing conditions

Ideal environmental conditions including the soil, nice sunshine in the morning, rainy evenings, and ideal temperature at night are essentials for the cultivation of Hawaii coffee beans. The most important factor that turns Hawaii coffee into a unique type of coffee is the soil. Because of the volcano activities, the soil is rich in having essential minerals for growing coffee.
Even those Hawaii coffee beans which are cultivated in higher elevations taste better and are much different than those which you find in lower elevations.
so, do not underestimate the power of nature!

Types of Hawaiian coffee

You may hear of kona coffee beans a lot since it is the most popular type of Hawaiian coffee. But, there are many other types of Hawaiian coffee beans that have a rich and delicious taste. The other kinds are:

  • Ka’u
  • Puna
  • Kauaui
  • Hamakua
  • Moloka’I
  • Maui
  • Waialua

The reason for Hawaii coffee price

There are various reasons that make Hawaii one of the top coffee producing countries in the world and the Hawaiian coffee expensive. The main reason is the cost of labor and limitations about land for cultivating coffee. Because only the red beans are picked. And, also all steps for turning them into the coffee you drink are done without the use of machines it highly affects the price.
Another reason for this high price is the unique taste and flavor of Hawaii coffee beans.
Also, you can only find the original taste of Hawaii coffee between two active volcanoes on the Big Island of Hawaii. Hawaii coffee beans need a specific environmental condition.
The last reason for the high prices is the health benefits of Hawaii coffee beans which we’ll talk about later.
Generally, although Hawaii coffee beans are expensive, you can feel the nature in your tiny cup of coffee.

Why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta?

What is Hawaiian style coffee?

One of the most important touristic spots in Hawaii is the famous coffee stores that make rich Hawaiian style coffees. These coffee beans differ from other coffee beans because of the perfect growing conditions and unique processing methods. If you have the opportunity to try Hawaiian style coffee never miss it!

Is Hawaii coffee good for your health?

If you are one of those people who always take care of your health, then do not worry, Hawaii coffee is an adequate choice for you.
Hawaiian coffee not only does not pose a health risk but can also have many benefits for you:

  • Hawaii coffee beans help your body in preventing cancer.
  • increasing energy
  • Hawaii coffee boosts your body metabolism and helps you in daily works by increasing your energy.
  • weight loss as it boosts the metabolic you can add weight loss to the list
  • Think better with Hawaii coffee! Hawaii coffee beans can improve your brain function
  • No Alzheimer’s with Hawaii coffee. Due to better brain function, you can expect a decrease in the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes. In case you don’t add sugar to your coffee, consuming more than 4 cups (0.95 l) of Hawaii coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • lessening the risk of dementia or even help you to cure it
  • do you have blood pressure? If your answer is yes, Hawaii coffee beans can be your friend and help you in moderating your blood pressure.
  • Healthier skin. Hawaii coffee can be used as a beauty treatment. these coffee beans have antiseptic elements that can treat your dry skin or scars.
  • coffee from Hawaii is a stress reliever. You can feel relaxed by smelling the nice aroma of Hawaii coffee beans.

How to brew Hawaii coffee

To make a cold brew, at first you must combine 16 tablespoons of ground Hawaii coffee beans (preferably coarsely chopped) with 4 cups of water (0.95 litters). Let it rest for 24 hours in the refrigerator then you can wipe the grounds out and enjoy your cold brew.

Is your Hawaii coffee fake?

To identify if the Hawaii coffee is fake or not There is no better way than reading the labels carefully. If you are looking for original Hawaii coffee beans, make sure that “100% Hawaii coffee” is written on the label. Also, pay attention to similar names. As we said before, Hawaii coffee is only grown in a specific area of Hawaii. If your coffee is cultivated somewhere else, it is fake and does not have the same Hawaii coffee flavor.

What is the difference between espresso and regular coffee?

holding a handful of Hawaii coffee beans

maintaining the Hawaii coffee

Since Hawaii coffee is very expensive, you must store it properly. So always keep your coffee beans in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and other foods with strong aromas that can affect the original Hawaii coffee aroma.

Maui coffee

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii. This island is also very famous for having high quality coffee beans. Maui coffee is mostly light roasted coffee beans and have a mild taste and aroma. If you are fortunate enough to visit the island, do not forget to give this coffee a try!

Best coffee in Maui

As always, Coffeevibes has prepared a list of best coffee beans from Maui to make your finding the right coffee process easier.
Here is the list:

  • Ugandan Coffee: creamy and fruity coffee with notes of orange, milk chocolate and forest fruits.
  • CENTRAL AMERICAN COFFEE BEANS El Salvador: an organic coffee, mostly preferred for espresso.
  • Cafédirect Mayan Gold Mexico: another organic option with dark taste and the notes of caramel.
  • Union Hand Roasted Coffee: a dark roast coffee that is mostly preferred for espresso.

Where can I buy Hawaii coffee beans online?

Anyone who likes it can drink it. for those who are tired of the taste of ordinary coffees and looking for a new experience, Hawaii coffee is the most suitable choice. You should know that buying Hawaii coffee beans help native framers and Hawaiian culture which is another good reason to drink Hawaii coffee. You can buy 100% pure Hawaii coffee from Coffeevibes with only a few clicks whenever and wherever you wish. Then you can travel to the depth of nature just by drinking a cup of coffee. enjoy!


Finally, we all know that choosing any type of coffee, regardless of its price or popularity, depends on your taste. Many people can’t start a day without drinking their favorite coffee. On the other hand, for some people, just drinking an ordinary coffee after a long workday is even more enjoyable. However you like your coffee, Hawaiian coffee will be your favorite. So, give it a try and experience the ultimate joy.

Have you tasted Hawaiian coffee before? How was your experience?

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