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Ground coffee beans

Ground coffee beans

There has been a huge debate for years among coffee drinkers about whether to buy ground coffee beans or whole bean coffee. We all are coffee lovers who like to start their day with their favorite coffee. Some of us like to buy whole beans and grind them on our own and some others prefer to buy ground coffee to get a cup of coffee more quickly. As mentioned, some coffee addicts defend buying grounded beans and others declare that whole beans are better. However, it completely depends on your daily routine and your own preferences. Because both types have their own advantages and disadvantages and they both end up as a tasteful cup of coffee. In this article, we simply explain everything you need to know about the beans that have been grinded.

Grinded coffee beans

Generally, ground coffee beans are made from whole beans. When the beans are roasted, grinded, and packed, it’s called ground coffee. In order to make any type of coffee you like, the beans need to be ground, so they’ll be able to absorb the water and result in a brewed coffee. So, it’s actually the difference of the time in the grinding process.

Ground coffee beans are mostly preferred because of their convenience. It’s quicker to make coffee, so most coffee drinkers who have busy lifestyles prefer to buy ground coffee beans to reach the aromatic sip of coffee faster.

It’s very important to mention that you shouldn’t consider ground coffee the same as instant coffee. They both are totally different and clearly, ground beans have a higher quality compared to instant.

You may also hear of pre-ground coffee and wonder what it is. Well, it’s the same as ground coffee beans and it means that the whole beans have already been grinded during the production. Therefore, it’s ready to be brewed without any need to use a grinder.

ground beans for espresso

Ground coffee roast

The roasting levels of ground coffee are the same as the roasts of whole beans. The beans go under the roasting process after being harvested and the grinding is the final stage. Therefore, considering the flavor, acidity, and aroma, you should choose the roasting preference of your ground coffee beans.

8 Reasons you should buy whole bean coffee

Caffeine content

Grinding coffee beans doesn’t change the caffeine level of coffee. In fact, the caffeine content of pre-ground coffee depends on the type of beans, grind size, and the number of beans you use to make a cup of coffee.

Shelf life

When the coffee beans are ground, they start releasing a unique aroma and flavor. Sadly, they start losing most of their freshness and flavor after being exposed to oxygen.

As a result, ground coffee has a shorter shelf life and expires sooner compared to whole beans. But, don’t worry because you can lengthen the shelf life by keeping it in a proper air-tight container. Plus, we’ll teach you others methods to keep your ground coffee beans fresher below.

Pros and cons

Buying ground coffee beans means that you save a lot of time making a coffee. On the other hand, it’s not as fresh as grinding your own beans. Therefore, it has both some advantages and disadvantages. We’ll explain all the basics about ground beans below so that you can make a decision easier.

The advantages of buying grounded coffee beans are:

  • More Convenience
  • No need to worry about the grind size
  • Saving money
  • No need for special equipment

On the contrary, the disadvantages of pre-ground coffee are:

  • Less freshness
  • Less aroma
  • Limited to the one brewing method

As you can understand, you should consider factors such as time, money, freshness, and equipment to make a decision whether you should buy ground coffee or whole beans.

How to store ground coffee beans

As you can understand from the explanations above, pre-ground coffee beans go stale sooner than whole beans. However, there’re multiple ways of storing your ground coffee properly, so that you shouldn’t worry about the flavor of your coffee.

  • The best method is to buy ground coffee in little amounts regularly. This way, you get to have coffee quickly and freshly.
  • Keep them in an air-tight container and in a dry and dark place.
  • Another useful way is to keep your grinded coffee in the freezer. Keeping them in the freezer protects them from contamination and going stale.

You can get fresh ground coffee beans in any amount you want from coffeevibes with only a few clicks from any brand you prefer.

ground coffee beans vs whole beans

Ground coffee size

There’re several types of coffees that are made with a particular brewing method. And each brewing method requires a specific size of ground coffee beans. Therefore, you should pay attention to the ground size of the beans considering your brewing preference when you want to buy pre-ground coffee.

Is it better to grind your own coffee beans?

The ground size varies from coarse to powder, depending on the type of coffee. Here’s the category:

  • Extra Coarse: It’s the best for longer brewing times such as making a cold brew or French press. Extra coarse is the largest size of ground coffee.
  • Coarse: it’s also ideal for the French press and it’s the size of coarse sea salt.
  • Medium: it’s the best grind size for pour-over coffee, Chemex, or drip.
  • Medium-fine: it’s smaller than medium and the same as the size of sugar. Medium-fine is ideal for Moka pot, Aeropress, siphon brewer, or filter coffee.
  • Fine: if you want to make espresso with ground coffee, a fine size is the best.
  • Superfine: It’s almost powdery and if you’re a fan of Turkish coffee, superfine is your ideal grind size.

If you wonder why the size of the grind matters, well, the answer is related to the combination of water and coffee. The more coffee is grinded, the more it gets exposed to water and gets extraction faster. So, there’s a relation between grind size and the amount of time needed for coffee to be brewed.

Best espresso grind

As you can understand from the varieties above, each coffee drink has its own brewing method and special grinding size. And, since espresso is brewed under high pressure of water, a fine grind would be the best for espresso. However, this grind size can vary slightly according to the coffee machine you use.

Best decaf grounds

If you are sensitive about caffeine, and you prefer decaffeinated coffee, do not worry about finding decaf ground coffee. Because you can find any decaf ground coffee at any size or you can buy whole decaf coffee beans and grind them whatever size you like.

Ground vs instant coffee

We’d like to stress that the ground coffee isn’t the same as instant even if they smell or look the same. Instant coffee has already been brewed and processed. But, ground coffee is the whole bean that only has been grinded.

Overall, pre-ground coffee has a higher quality compared to instant and it needs to be brewed with a special method. You get to have a coffee more quickly with ground coffee, but you shouldn’t confuse it with instant coffee.

Is it better to grind your own coffee beans?

How to make coffee without a coffee maker

If you don’t have any special coffee-making equipment or you don’t want to spend too much money on the coffee maker, ground coffee is your way to go. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the golden ratio of making coffee. Which is one to two tablespoons of coffee grounds for six ounces of water. Just soak the coffee in the boiling water and wait for 4 minutes, your coffee is ready!

Coffee grounds leftover

You may be amazed by the fact that coffee has so many usages that you have never heard of for your body and environment. Here’re some tips to use your old coffee grounds:

  • Natural scrub for skin
  • Reducing cellulite
  • Tenderizing meat
  • Fertilizer for plants
  • Removing fleas from pets
  • Extra flavor for cookies and cakes
  • Face mask

If you have other unique ideas we’d be really happy if you share them with us in the comments!

Coffee ground for plants

Coffee beans not only give you a great experience of rich taste and amazing aroma but have benefits for the plants as well! The grounds of coffee can be used as a fertilizer for most plants. They have nutrients that are useful for plants. So, the only thing you need to do is to add them to the soil. However, it’s better to know what your plant is sensitive to for extra caution.

Buy ground coffee beans online

Ground beans require special size and quality for each type of brewing. Therefore, in order to get ground coffee, you need a reliable source that offers you a wide range of high-quality ground beans from famous brands and at a reasonable price. Coffeevibes can be your companion by guiding you to buy the best pre-ground coffee beans online with a few clicks. All the information and reviews you need to know about the coffee you want to buy is available on Coffeevibes, so that you can get your favorite coffee whenever and wherever you love easily.

Final word

Ground coffee is the whole bean that has been ground after roasting. It’s widely preferred by coffee drinkers for its convenience. You can get any coffee you want with pre-grounds without any need to use a grinder and spend extra time and money. As a result, if the freshness of your coffee isn’t the main factor for you and you don’t want to invest extra time and money in your coffee, ground beans are the best option for you. It’s worth mentioning that you shouldn’t mix pre-grounds with instant coffee because they’re totally different. So, make sure about the quality of ground coffees.

Which one is your preference ground or whole bean coffee? And why?

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