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Fresh roasted coffee beans

Fresh roasted coffee beans

Nowadays, there is an amazing, bitter-flavored drink with a warm, sweet aroma that has a special place in our daily lives. Yes, it’s coffee; fantastic beans that besides their pleasant taste, have many health benefits. It’s important to us to brew high-quality and fresh roasted coffee beans; but what are the differences between fresh roasted coffee beans and stale ones? What happens to coffee beans after roasting? How can we recognize the fresh coffee beans from the sale ones? If you are a coffee lover and if you want to know more about this satisfying drink, read the passage below.

What are fresh roasted coffee beans?

Coffee beans are the seeds of its fruit named coffee cherry. We harvest them, do the coffee process, and dry the seeds. Now we have green coffee beans. They have the roasted coffee bean’s appearance except they are slight, green, and smaller. Green coffee beans have the best quality within the first year of harvest. Green coffee beans have longer shelf life than freshly roasted coffee beans. While roasting green beans, the sugar and amino acids they contain break down and increases the amount of co2. This chemical reaction gives coffee beans their familiar taste and strong aroma and produces oils.

What do freshly roasted coffee beans look like?

Fresh roasted coffee beans have a naturally bright and glossy brown color and concentrated aroma. They are coated with oil. As time passes, this oil will be dried and freshly roasted coffee beans lose their brightness. If you want to keep them fresh as on the first day, use the methods below and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee.

How to keep roasted coffee beans fresh?

Now, we tell you some techniques that help you keep your roasted coffee beans as fresh as possible. such as:

  • Quick cooling
  • Nitrogen flushing
  • One-way valves bags

Quick cooling

The technology of quick cooling can help us to have fresh coffee beans. After the coffee beans came out of the roaster, it cools them fast for a few minutes. It helps fresh roasted coffee beans save their shiny color, taste, and aroma.

How long do coffee beans stay fresh?

Nitrogen flushing

Before sealing the bags of coffee, it’s better to flush the bags with nitrogen. Nitrogen is none reactive, odorless, and food-safe gas that has no flavor and smell. Oxygen causes stale coffee beans but nitrogen as an opposite makes beans save their freshness. In other words, nitrogen gives more shelf life to our fresh roasted coffee beans.

One-way valves bags

After roasting, coffee beans keep carbon dioxide and other elements that are harmful to the bean’s quality and freshness. What happens then? Here degassing process starts; in which fresh coffee beans expand the carbon dioxide they’re retained. Accumulation of carbon dioxide released by the beans becomes bigger over time and it increases the risk of explosion. Using one-way valve bags can solve this problem. These valves on the coffee bags allow carbon dioxide to vent out from the bag and resist the entrance of the oxygen and other molecules of the air. Another reason for using these valves is to avoid explosions caused by the accumulation of carbon dioxide the beans expel.

Benefits of fresh roasted coffee beans

Freshly roasted coffee beans have several benefits for our health and body function. Fresh roasted coffee beans can be used as medicine. First of all, the caffeine that it contains improves energy, memory, happiness, and it makes people more vigilant. Coffee also increases a metabolic function in our body that helps the brain to perform better and to deal with neurodegenerative diseases. It reduces the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Drinking 4-5 cups of coffee a day will increase your body protection against cancer and liver damage. It reduces the risk of arterial diseases and type-2 diabetes. Freshly coffee improves your digestion and weight loss. We can say that people who drink fresh coffee will live longer and healthier, with a low risk of certain diseases.

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How long do fresh roasted coffee beans last?

Coffee beans don’t have an expiration date, but there is a period of time that roasted coffee beans have great taste and aroma. We have confirmed that freshly roasted coffee beans form the greatest taste one week after roasting. Fresh roasted coffee beans will keep their fantastic taste and other qualities up to 3 months after the roasting process. Some coffee producers believe that freshly roasted coffee beans have their best flavor and aroma in 1 week to 2 months past the roast. So, we can have fresh roasted coffee beans of their best quality within that window.

How do you choose a coffee roast?

How to recognize fresh roasted coffee beans?

There are some simple, visual, and technical ways to recognize which coffee beans are fresh and recently roasted.

  • visual and simple ways
  • technical ways

Visual and simple ways

Fresh roasted coffee beans have bright brown color in case, stale beans lose the brightness and shadow of that beautiful brown color. Staled coffee beans’ smell is not as strong and concentrated as fresh beans.

Technical ways

We can understand the freshness of our coffee beans while brewing them. Blooming is the name of this method; which means bubbling up carbon dioxide very quickly. As we know, freshly roasted coffee beans degas carbon dioxide after roasting. When we ground the beans, they’ll release the carbon dioxide much faster than before. Actually, because of that, it’s better to grind coffee beans shortly before brewing them. On the other hand, water is a substance that accelerates the expulsion of carbon dioxide from fresh roasted coffee beans.

How to tell if ground coffee is fresh?

So, by keeping the facts mentioned above in mind, we can pour a little water on coffee grounds and wait about half of a minute. If blooming occurred to your coffee, it means that coffee grounds are fresh. Remember that blooming occurs during the initial stages of the brewing process. The fresher your coffee is, the more degassing happens.

Are fresh roasted coffee beans better?

There is not a certain answer for this question and depends on different people’s taste, but you’d better know some tips before making a decision of which one you prefer. First of all, oxidation of coffee beans; the more time pasts roasting, the more oxygen combines with beans and make them staled. After that, fresh roasted coffee beans have a more concentrated aroma than stale ones. Because the whole co2 hasn’t exited completely. Co2 carries the volatile aromatic compounds in freshly roasted coffee beans. Some scientists have found out that coffee beans or ground coffee produce free radicals as time passing. Besides these points, some baristas and coffee lovers believe that the blooming of freshly roasted coffee beans is bad because this uneven extraction of carbon dioxide, has bad effects on the coffee bean’s flavor. Some people’s opinion is that coffee performs better flavor and aroma as time passing. To summarize, the benefits of freshly roasted coffee beans are more than staled beans, but it depends on your taste to prefer the old or fresh flavor of them.

Fresh roasted coffee beans vs old

Most of us have had the challenge of buying roasted coffee beans or pre-ground coffee. Here we are to guide you to make the right decision. Although there are both bags of fresh, recently ground coffee and bags of old, staled coffee beans on the shelves of stores; but it’s better to buy fresh roasted coffee beans because of “Oxidation”. When coffee is being ground, it breaks into thousands of tiny pieces which increases the surface area for combining with oxygen so quickly. By this time, oxidation happens that makes the coffee ground staled. In addition, by buying fresh roasted coffee beans, you can grind them whenever you want.

Can you roast your own coffee beans at home?

How to make fresh roasted coffee beans

Do you know that coffee beans are not beans at all?
They are seeds that grow within the fruit of coffee. The seeds are wrapped in surrounding mucilage that we remove during coffee processing. Coffee processing as it is named is the process of making coffee fruit suitable for the brew. In this process, we strip away the outer fruit and remove mucilage that surrounds the seeds. Once the seeds are separated, they’ll be poured into roasters. On the other hand, we can buy green, none roasted coffee beans and roast them in our house whenever we want. We can use a popcorn popper or iron skillet for roasting beans.

fresh roasted coffee beans

Can you drink coffee right after roasting?

It is ok to brew coffee beans and enjoy a cup of coffee, whether you roast your own coffee beans or not. In fact, if you have the chance to make it right after the roasting process, you get to have the freshest and richest taste of coffee.

Buy fresh roasted coffee beans online

As we understand the benefits of freshly roasted coffee beans, it’s important to buy only fresh coffee beans. But how to ensure that the coffee we buy be fresh? Coffeevibes offers you freshly roasted coffee beans of the best quality. So, you get to have the freshest coffee beans any time you order with only a few clicks. Be sure you’ll receive your ordered pack as soon as possible.

Best place to buy freshly roasted coffee beans online

As a team of coffee addicts who understand the matter of high quality coffee, we can’t be suggesting you stale coffee beans! We only provide the best coffee beans freshly harvested and processed from farms and only from authentic brands. So, just relax and choose your coffee and get it immediately.


Freshly roasted coffee beans have a stronger, sweeter, and warmer aroma and have a more concentrated taste than staled ones. We can keep them fresh by some methods like fast cooling, nitrogen flushing, and using one-way valves. Buying fresh roasted coffee beans is much better than buying pre-ground coffee because grinding coffee increases its surface and potential of being oxidation. Stale coffee produces free radicals that are harmful to our body; so it’s better to use freshly roasted beans. Drinking 4-5 cups of fresh coffee has several benefits for our health like reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and type-2 diabetes. It also improves digestion and body protection against cancer and liver diseases. In sum, our body needs to drink coffee only when we are sure about its freshness.

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