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Ethiopian coffee beans

Ethiopian coffee beans

You may be amazed by the fact that the country Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. It’s a legend in coffee history because the first-ever tree of Arabica beans was cultivated in Ethiopia in the 9th century. And now, in this century, Ethiopia produces one of the best coffee beans of Arabia in the whole world and it is one of the biggest coffee exporters ever. As a result, Ethiopia matters for us, coffee addicts who can’t spend a day without a rich taste of coffee mostly made from Ethiopian coffee beans. In this article, we’ll analyze all the reasons why Ethiopian is special for coffee drinkers and what makes Ethiopian coffee beans so special.

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Ethiopian coffee characteristics

There’re reasons why the coffee beans grown in Ethiopia are so famous and are imported to many countries from all around the world. They have very unique characteristics.

Ethiopia coffee beans are grown in high elevations in the southern mountains in a very natural condition. Which means that they’re all grown organically and without any extra chemicals. Due to the perfect climatic conditions, there’re diverse types of coffee beans harvested in Ethiopia. On a lighter note, it’s one of the most ideal places for growing organic coffee beans because of the distinct growing conditions; Generally, Ethiopian coffee beans are smaller than other types of coffee beans which makes them harder to roast. Therefore, roasting these coffee beans in order to keep the unique flavor and aroma at a balanced level, extra care, and monitoring are needed. All these factors make Ethiopia one of the world’s top coffee producing countries.


There’s an interesting legend about the discovery of coffee for the first time in history. It’s believed that an Ethiopian goat herder realized the extreme energy and moves of his goats after eating wild coffee beans.

Whether the story is true or not, it’s undeniable that Ethiopia has a pivotal role in the history of coffee.

yirgacheffe coffee beans

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Ethiopian coffee types

There’re many regions in Ethiopia that produce coffee beans and each type of beans has a distinct flavor and aroma. The Ethiopian coffee beans are sorted by the names of their growing regions.

The main types sorted by the regional names are:

  • Harar
  • Yirgacheffe
  • Limu
  • Sidamo
  • Genika
  • Jimma


Harar coffee is a type of wild Arabica beans that are grown naturally in the Oromia regions of eastern Ethiopia. The entire process of making and sun-drying Harrar coffee is done by hand. It has a unique flavor with the hints of wine, blackberries, or blueberries. Hara coffee has an intense taste making it ideal for espresso blends. It has a heavily bold body.


Yirgacheffee coffee is famous for its washed process, medium acidity, complex flavor, floral aroma, and medium body. It’s one of the best Arabica beans in the world. Moreover, yirgacheffe coffee also varies according to the area they’re grown in.


Limu coffee also grows in the southwest of Ethiopia. It’s known for its unique spicy flavor with the hints of floral notes and a mild sweetness. Limu has a lower level of acidity and a balanced body.

The factor that makes this coffee so special is its sharp taste and notes of fruity flavor.


Besides yirgacheffe and Harrar, Sidamo coffee is one of the most important coffees that is grown in Ethiopia and exported to various countries. Sidamo coffee has a full, rich body and crisp acidity. The flavor of it has a creamy sweetness with the notes of lemon that leaves a note of acidity when drinking. These Ethiopian coffee beans take more time to grow properly which means that they’ll have more time absorbing nutrients.


Genika is another type of coffee from Ethiopia made from Arabica beans of a single origin. It has a smaller body, but it has a distinct chocolaty and wine-like flavor and also a special aroma.


Jimma coffee beans are grown in the southwest regions of Ethiopia. The taste of it has notes of tropical fruits such as yellow plum, mango, and orange zest. It has bright acidity and a well-balanced body. Jimma coffee is the best alternative for espresso coffee.

It’s worth mentioning that Ethiopian coffee beans have so many varieties that some of them aren’t classified yet. The main category is explained above and you can make sure that getting any type of this coffee will give you a satisfactory experience. Coffeevibes can help you buy all the types of Ethiopian beans whenever you wish.

single origin coffee beans


You can make sure that the taste of Ethiopian coffee is different from all other types of coffee beans.

This coffee has a tea-like flavor with a floral acidity and a sweetness of vanilla-like flavors. Every type of Ethiopian coffee has unique taste notes, but, generally, you can expect fruity flavor when buying Ethiopian coffee.


Finding the right level of roasting for coffee can be a little tricky and confusing, however, there’re some basics that if you keep in mind when buying coffee beans, you’ll be delighted.

Medium roast is an ideal level for getting a balanced flavor, body, and acidity from your coffee. As said earlier, Roasting Ethiopian coffee beans need extra care which makes it more complicated to choose.

In other words, you should consider acidity, flavor, and aroma when choosing the roast. But, if you aren’t sure about the roasting level, the medium roast can be a great choice and we recommend you buy the medium roast Ethiopian beans.


The cost of Ethiopian coffee beans can vary considering the quantity, roasting level, and the area it’s grown. even though it is a very high-quality bean in the world, the price of this coffee is usually reasonable and not too expensive.

Plus, Ethiopian beans are the best when they have been roasted within two weeks. In this condition, they’ll be at their freshest level.

How to drink Ethiopian coffee?

Generally, the people of Ethiopia serve coffee in special containers named jebena over charcoal. And they usually add a spoon of sugar to their coffee and drink it from a plain cup. However, coffee is a completely individual preference and you can drink it however you like. But, it’s best to drink it in the traditional way to experience the original coffee of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian coffee for espresso

Espresso coffee can be made from various types of coffee beans. However, Ethiopian coffee is one of the best options for getting a shot of espresso coffee. Considering your favorite taste from fruity to bitter, you can choose any roast of Ethiopian coffee for making espresso.

Blue mountain coffee beans

So if you’re a fan of a shot of espresso to gain energy immediately, give the coffee beans of Ethiopia a try!

Ethiopian coffee beans on a map

Coffee ceremony of Ethiopia

One of the most important cultural events of Ethiopia is the coffee ceremony. This event is a sign of friendship and the main purpose of it is getting together. And the Ethiopian people believe that this social event is a great help for spreading good spirits. The ceremony takes place during the day and includes preparing coffee beans, getting together for the ritual, and serving coffee to friends and family.

Buy Ethiopian coffee beans online

Ethiopian coffee beans are offered in various types with different characteristics and flavors. Coffeevibes offers you all the types of Ethiopian coffee beans from popular brands and at reasonable prices. In addition, you can benefit from all the descriptions and reviews available for all kinds.

In other words, there’s no need to worry about your choice of coffee or wasting money and time on a type of coffee. Because we prepare the best kinds of every coffee bean from authentic brands for you, so that you can have a great experience of coffee whenever and wherever you wish.

Final word

The Ethiopian coffee beans have a very long history coming back to the first discovery of coffee. It has varieties since it’s grown in almost all of the regions of Ethiopia with different climatic conditions and growing methods. Each type of these coffee beans has a unique characteristic, a very rich flavor, and a special aroma. So, all the factors mentioned are the reasons why Ethiopian coffee is so popular and special among coffee lovers. If you prefer a cup of coffee with a rich taste and the notes of tropical fruits, Ethiopian coffee is your way to go. In addition, it’s offered in various packages with different features and at reasonable prices. So, just go through the list of Ethiopian coffee beans available on the Coffeevibes and buy your favorite coffee with only a few clicks. Plus, they’re all the basics and reviews of coffee addicts from all around the world about each type of coffee bean on the website.

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