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espresso coffee beans

espresso coffee beans

Espresso coffee beans are like any other kind of coffee but espresso is different in process of brewing and milling. It is Arabica beans mixing with some Robusta beans because Robusta beans contain more amount of caffeine and this makes more especial coffee with better crema. Typically, espresso coffee beans are dark roast but it doesn’t mean that the light one is not acceptable, it is used in making espresso too. In this article on coffeevibes, we enjoy informing you about espresso coffee beans and everything you need to know to choose your appropriate coffee routine.

What are espresso coffee beans?

If you want to know the origin of this coffee, as a small tip, it is originally from Italy. Contrary to popular belief, espresso is a kind of beverage, not a kind of coffee and this belief has been wrongly popular.
Espresso is a concentrated coffee that is strong and served in small deals. The beans are the same as coffee but espresso coffee beans are stronger, thicker, and higher in caffeine contains 29-100 mg caffeine per shot. As mentioned above, espresso is the same as any other kind of coffee but in the brewing and milling process. Making espresso is not as regular as the other kinds of coffee. it is exactly the same planet as coffee and it grows, processes, and roasts as coffee. espresso tastes bitter, lightly sweet, and acidic, the tastes that we can experience when we drink coffee.

How to pick the best coffee beans for espresso?

If you haven’t find the best beans yet to make espresso, follow this paper in coffeevibes to help you to find your espresso coffee beans.
It’s good to know it depends on every person’s taste, so it’s personal. You can make it as a blend or single origin but Making espresso is hard known for people because of the brewing method.
To make a great shot of espresso, your coffee should have a great crema on the top of itself that is brown foam and is the most important part of making espresso because it increases espresso taste.
Generally, you can use any kind of coffee for espresso as long as you enjoy it but here are some tips to guide you better.
As a great choice, light roast beans are the best for espresso and it gives a special taste to your shot. But dark roast beans are the other option that is a usual choice for people as a routine coffee. dark and medium-dark taste the same and they would be good choices for everyone because they don’t have anything special.
As mentioned above, we bring you some useful tips about espresso coffee beans to make it easy for you to help your favorite coffee taste.

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How one describes espresso coffee beans?

In coffeevibes you can search about every aspect of your intended coffee. as you see This paragraph gives you some information about the appearance of espresso coffee beans.
Espresso beans have a longer procedure of roasting and are dark. depends on this procedure, they may seem means the longer you roast them, they will look shinier. So They are brown beans which are darker than chocolate brown in espresso because of the process of roasting.

making of a shot of espresso

Espresso coffee beans taste

Now we are going to make an approximation for you to guess the taste and odor of espresso coffee based on your experience. follow us in this part of coffevibes. Espresso coffee is a strong coffee that is different in grinding and brewing procedure and this point makes it special in taste, compared to other kinds of coffee.
it is advisable that choose fresh beans for your espresso and make a good experience of tasting espresso. The best beans are those which is roasted for 7-21 days. The aged beans lose CO2 and won’t make a great crema, which is the main part of making a shot of espresso coffee.

Pros and cons of Espresso coffee beans

Contrary to common belief, like any other kind of coffee, espresso coffee beans have some benefits and disadvantages.


It is a small shot that is full of energy and helps you to continue your day energetic. espresso coffee beans enhance retention and help memory, and boost concentration. These beans are the source of antioxidants and cause an increase in physical activity.
There’s good news for everyone who is going to lose weight. because these beans have low calories. And, drinking this coffee before your routine workout could be a big help when one is going to losing weight. This can help your health with a low risk of stroke and type 2 diabetes. It protects you against leaver diseases too.
Also, espresso energizes you and helps you to change your mood when you feel depressed, so it would be a good choice for people who suffer from depression. Also, researches show that people who consume coffee usually, live longer.

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We are not going to be aware of only the benefits of coffeevibes, we bring you drawbacks too. Now we are going to be aware of some drawbacks to protect you against any potential risks.
If you are drinking coffee too much, take care of your health. when drinking coffee, you may feel anxious and rise in your heartbeat because it increases blood pressure. It also damages your sleeping time and may disrupt your sleep.
It contains addictive substances and it’s a terrible point. After a short time, your body needs more caffeine which is an inseparable part of any kind of coffee, and you drink more cups of coffee and it would be hard to control your usage.

Storing espresso coffee beans

This information will help you to preserve espresso beans best and prepare your favorite espresso coffee at home. Place the coffee beans in a cool, dark, and dry place to prevent them from changing their taste and color. Also, try to preserve beans in an airtight container for storage.
The most important point about storing espresso coffee beans is that you should not store them in the freezer. The other point about storing beans is grinding them just before you want to brew your coffee.

How to make espresso coffee?

Making espresso is not easy and it takes time to be professional. At first, you need to buy an espresso machine (you can brew it with a mocha pot as well). The process of making a shot of espresso is as follow:

  1. First you should grind espresso beans well.
  2. Secondly, determine the dose of coffee that you need. According to standard, you need 7_9 gr of coffee for a cup of espresso.
  3. Then compress the coffee ground into the filter of the espresso machine and make sure that water flows into the cup.
  4. Finally, you can see the result of your experience and see the extraction of coffee from the espresso machine.
  5. Drink and enjoy it.
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espresso pouring from a coffee machine

Espresso beans vs coffee beans

When we talk about coffee beans, we mean any kinds of coffee which each kind belongs to a special area with a simpler brewing method. But espresso coffee beans refer to special kind of coffee which are dark roast and with a different method of brewing.
In the production of various coffees, the process of “roasting” is important and determines the taste, flavor, and selection of the brewing method.
Every coffee lover knows that there is a general rule that says that light roasts are the best choice for the slower method of making coffee. otherwise, dark roasts are the best one for a quick method of preparing coffee as espresso. So coffee beans are of three types of roasting: light, medium and dark, but espresso beans are dark roasted.
A variety of brewing methods work best for coffee beans but the high-pressure method is the best process of brewing espresso.
Now, you can make a clear distinction between regular coffee beans and espresso coffee beans by coffeevibes and you can choose your favorite coffee considering the differences which are mentioned above.

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As mentioned above, espresso coffee beans aren’t an special kind of beans. The process of making a coffee with an espresso machine makes your cup of coffee espresso coffee. in this article, coffeevibes informs you enough to choose your appropriate coffee depends on your health (as the most important factor), your taste, and any essential factor.
In addition, you can easily buy your favorite coffee and prepare your favorite coffee according to the available tips for making an espresso coffee. we bring you great and fresh coffee here. Hope you enjoy it.


To experience the real pleasure of drinking espresso coffee, prepare your espresso with your favorite coffee beans and enjoy it. If you want to be full of energy during the day and get a lot of energy by drinking a small shot of coffee, espresso coffee is the best choice for you. coffeevibes informed you enough about espresso coffee beans and helps you to make a good decision based on some important tips.


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