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Costa Rica coffee beans

Costa Rica coffee beans, best coffee of both worlds!

Imagine the best coffee you ever had and multiply that, yes that is the taste of Costa Rica Coffee!
If you are a big coffee fan, you would probably hear about Costa Rica coffee beans. In fact, some people say it has the taste of heaven! But if you are a regular coffee consumer, you might like to know a little about it then maybe you will be interested in trying Costa Rican coffee. At first, let’s take a look at Costa Rica and find out why it is the best country in the world for producing coffee beans.

History of coffee in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the name of a country in the center of America with a population of only 5 million. The name of this small country’s capital is San José, which can be considered the capital of the best coffee in the world.
Its specific climate and mountains made this country one of the top coffee producing countries in the world. Coffee is a big part of Costa Rica’s culture and economy so the government encourages people to grow more coffee by giving them free plants or tax breaks.

What is Costa Rica coffee bean?

Costa Rica coffee beans are 100% arabica coffee, renowned for their flavor which can only be matched by no other coffee on the planet. These coffee beans are so popular around the world and it’s the best choice for any coffee consumer.
Costa Rica coffee beans have different tastes in every region because of their diversity of climate and humidity.

Best Costa Rica coffee beans

Even though Costa Rica has 8 different areas that are producing different flavors of coffee, there is always one better coffee bean. Tarrazú is one of the most famous regions that its acidic taste and heavy heavy aromas are obvious for everyone.
But Tarrazú is not the only type of costa Rica coffee bean. Vienna Roast is another one that has dark roasted beans and as the oil is so important in the higher roasted coffees It makes it distinguishable.

single origin coffee beans

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What makes Costa Rica coffee beans so special?

What makes Costa Rica Coffee beans so special is that in addition to the best wheater, farmers obsessively and carefully cultivate coffee beans.
Weather is an important element in growing high-quality coffee beans. Cold weather, high mountains, Mineral-rich volcanic soils and, steady rainfall in Costa Rica made the chance of producing the most fragrant and delicious coffee beans in the world. Costa Rica coffee beans are best for Espresso and any other type of coffee that you like and it will make everyone happy!
It might be interesting for you to know that it is illegal to grow low-quality coffees in Costa Rica and farmers actually handpick the best beans.

Costa Rica coffee plantation

Depending on which area it is, there is a huge variety of types of coffees. The process starts with the seasonal harvest of fresh beans and washing them in water to pulp off the fruit. This is what calls the wet process. But what makes dry-processed coffees different is the flavor that is mild and sweet while wet-processed coffees have a more clear taste.
However, a lot of people are interested in knowing the secret of this amazing taste and the plantation of Costa Rica coffee beans. Some plantation tours can involve seeing the whole process of making coffees and how they handpick and roast Costa Rica coffee beans. Here are some of these tours:

  • Hacienda Espíritu Santo (in San José)
  • Doka Estate (in Poás Volcano)
  • Santa Maria de Dota (in mountains between San José Manuel Antonio National Park)

What does Costa Rican coffee taste like?

In the past, Costa Rica coffee beans were known as having a soft and simple taste But this was before all the laws, and low-quality coffee beans were still being produced. Costa Rica coffee beans changed to be the best coffee beans to buy nowadays. and, every coffee fan should taste it at least once in their life.
This coffee has an attractive taste of citrus and flowers with sweet and also has a light texture and low acidity. One of the characteristics of Costa Rican coffee that makes it everyone’s choice is its versatility in roasting. Costa Rican coffee beans have the potential to be roasted in light, medium, and dark ways. Most of the roasters make light to medium roast for Casta Rica Coffee beans because this type of coffee has more fans than any other. However, there are some options for people who like dark roasted coffee and everyone can have what they want from an ideal coffee.

Why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta?

Costa Rica coffee acidity

Costa Rica coffee beans have a variety of flavors with a different amounts of acidity and sweetness. Lightly roasted coffee beans have a mild acidity while dark roasted coffee beans have much less acidity.
Generally, the color of Costa Rica coffee beans can mostly tell about the amount of acidity that they have. But if we want to compare the acidity between Robusta and Arabica coffee, it is obvious that Arabica coffee contains considerably less acidity.

Costa Rica coffee caffeine content

From all kinds of coffee, Arabica contains less caffeine and since Costa Rica coffee beans are 100% Arabica, they are no exception. Tarrazu, the most popular of them all, contains 1.35% caffeine and Vienna roast has a little less and about 1.27% and of course decafs have the least with 0.02% of caffeine.

Price of Costa Rica coffee beans

Well let me tell you something, it’s an old saying that You get what you pay for. If you don’t pay much money for something, that probably won’t have a good quality that you were expecting. Coffee is a fruit that needs a lot of special conditions to grow. It needs a higher attitude, enough humidity, special care, and most importantly, it takes some time to grow. So all of these things led to making the price of Costa Rica coffee a bit expensive.
Costa Rica coffee is one of the best so you might need to pay a little more than usual for a coffee. but, you are going to love it and after the first try, you will be a Costa Rica coffee fan!
However, Coffeevibes can help you find the best Costa Rica coffee beans from authentic brands and at reasonable prices. On a lighter note, you don’t need to worry about the price of this unique coffee. Because you can find the best types of coffee beans at any price you wish with only a few clicks wherever and whenever you want.

Interesting facts about Costa Rican coffee

This country not only has one of the richest coffee beans available in the world but also there’re amazing facts about it:

  • Costa Rica is the first country in Central America to have a coffee-producing industry.
  • This country pays extra attention to plant taller trees in coffee farms to provide a bird-friendly environment.
  • There are more than 50,000 people in this country that are involved in the coffee industry. And, surprisingly, most of them are small producers that work individually.
  • Growing Arabica coffee beans is so important in Costa Rica that in the year 1989, growing Robusta coffee beans was stated illegal in the country.
Blue tokai coffee beans

How to make Costa Rica coffee

Even though Every coffee has the same process for brewing. there are always some special ways that are traditional and depending on every culture or country. Of course, Costa Rica with its rich culture and heritage has these kinds of ways and we are going to introduce you to one of the traditional ways. So take your cup out of the Kitchen cabinet and stay tuned.

  1. To brew Costa Rican coffee the traditional way, you need a medium-thick cloth bag, sew a small bag like a sock. Remember that one side of the bag should be open.
  2. Prepare your desired cup and place it on the table.
  3. Pour a few tablespoons of Costa Rican coffee (as needed) into the cloth bag that you already made.
  4. place the bag on the cup in any way that you can or get help from someone to hold the bag on top of your cup so that the top is open.
  5. Pour the boiling water gently on the bag and let it pass through the coffee into the cup. Your traditional Costa Rican coffee is ready. Enjoy!

Costa rica coffee beans in a blue cup

Where is the best coffee grown in Costa Rica?

As it was mentioned earlier, the coffee from Tarrazu is one of the best coffee-growing regions in Costa rica country. It has a unique coffee with a complex aroma making it worth tasting. However, there’re other regions with special climate conditions that produce coffee as well. Other famous coffee regions in Costa Rica are:

  • West valley
  • Central valley
  • Tres rios
  • Turrialba
  • Brunca
  • Guanacaste
  • Orosi

Buy Costa Rica Coffee beans online

Now that you have some information about Costa Rica coffee beans, you might wonder how you can find a good place for buying costa Rican coffee online?
For those who drink a lot of coffee during the day or even for those who are so picky when it comes to coffee, having the chance to see all types of coffees and different features of every type can be so fun and useful. online shops are the perfect way to see all types of coffees and how they differ from one another. We are glad to say that here in coffee vibes, we have some of these coffees for you so take a look and order your coffee.


Costa Rica coffee beans are so special and every person should try them at least once in their life. It’s a good opportunity for coffee lovers to enjoy and taste the best coffee they can ever have and you don’t need to fly away all this distance to make your wish come true.
Coffeevibes brought a lot of souvenirs from Costa Rica and give you the chance to pick your own. It’s your time to choose your favorite!
have you ever tried Costa Rica coffee? Do you think all these complements are true or not? Write your experience for us in the comment below.

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