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Colombian coffee beans

Colombian coffee beans

Generally speaking, the coffee, made of Colombian coffee beans, is one of the best traditional roasted kinds of coffee. Also, it could be the best choice as you want to be energetic in the morning. There’re few reasons why Colombian coffee beans are so special that are explained in the article below. But, the most important factor that makes a cup of coffee made from Colombian beans are the unique taste and rich aroma. In addition, a mild taste of Colombian coffee beans makes it an appropriate alternative in making espresso. Following Paragraphs inform you more about taste, benefits, the process of production, and any other helpful notes about Colombian coffee beans.

What is Colombian coffee?

Colombian coffee beans are famous around the world because of well-farming. They grow in tropical areas very well. Some famous areas of Colombian coffee production are Medellin, Armenia, Manizales. Yes! You are right. You have heard these names as different kinds of coffee.
The feature of these areas is an appropriate climate for growing these coffee beans and this is the point that makes this coffee special.

Colombian coffee beans cultivation

Colombian coffee beans are grown on small farms and going through the process of the product. the Next processes are washing, milling, getting ready for sale. Also, they are exported around the world. The time of harvest is variable in this area. Colombia is a big country hence the time of harvest is divergent in the different parts. it ranges from September to December.
Colombia produces its famous coffee beans as Arabica beans because it is preferred more by coffee lovers. If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you understand the matter of Arabica beans in the quality of your coffee. That’s the reason why Colombia is one of the top coffee producing countries in the world. These coffee beans are produced in various roasting levels such as dark roasts, medium roasts, and light roasts, but the dark roast is preferred more than the light roasted in making espresso.

Colombian coffee beans taste

The memorable taste and aroma of Colombian coffee make it as special as possible for coffee fans all over the world. Many kinds of coffee beans are culture-specific, as Colombian coffee beans, and this is the reason why this coffee tastes special. As mentioned before, Colombian coffee is almost produced Arabica beans which are lighter and sweeter than Robusta .in addition, Colombian coffee is flavorful without heavy roasting. It tastes fruity, citrusy, lightly nutty. A cup of Colombian coffee taste would be the luxury choice for coffee fans.

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a cup of coffee made from colombian coffee beans

Coffee triangle Colombia

Colombia, one of the world’s best coffee growing regions, has a special rural region known as the Coffee triangle, or also coffee zone. It is not only a beautiful tourist spot but also is the main coffee-producing region of Colombia. This coffee triangle that produces the majority of the world’s coffee consist of regions as Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, and Tolima. If you are lucky enough to have a trip to Colombia, do not forget a visit to this magical place!

Types of Colombian coffee beans

Colombian coffee beans are of two types:

  • Arabica
  • Robusta

Colombian Arabica coffee

Both types are two well-known kinds of coffee. Arabica coffee beans, which are the famous kind of Colombian coffee beans, are lighter and sweeter.

Colombian Robusta coffee

On the other hand, Robusta coffee beans are bolder and denser. Colombia produces Arabica coffee beans, with a memorable and flavored taste for coffee lovers.

Colombian coffee beans caffeine

The caffeine content in Colombian coffee is the same as the other kinds of coffee. The caffeine content in dark roasted and light roasted is negligible and roasting doesn’t make any difference in the content of caffeine. To make you informed about this, dark roasted Colombian coffee is of more rate of caffeine than light roasted.
On a lighter note, the caffeine content of Colombian coffee is not higher than other types. Plus, it highly depends on the number of coffee beans you consume.

Colombian coffee roasts

Just like other types of coffee beans, you can get your coffee from Colombia in any roast. But, since most of the coffee beans grown there are Arabica, a light roast would be an ideal type. on the other hand, for making a rich espresso blend made from Colombian coffee, dark roast. However, the roast level is completely a personal preference and you can get what level of roast you like.

Colombian coffee price

The price of Colombian coffee depends on quality, market, and exportation price. it would be better to buy it wholesale. Colombian coffee is high priced because it is mostly Arabica but it means to taste a special coffee and choose it as your routine. Are you ambivalent about where can you find qualified and fair-price Colombian coffee?
Just search on coffeevibes to be sure about your purchase. It’ll make a good experience for you.

Where can i buy good coffee beans?

How to store Colombian coffee beans

The type of storing of coffee beans depends on how long you are going to store them. It would be better not to freeze coffee beans if you are going to use them in the future weeks because the Taste and aroma of coffee beans (Especially Colombian coffee beans) are changeable in exposure to the environment. But for long time storage, a freezer is preferable to a fridge and it lasts for about one month. Store Colombian coffee beans in an appropriate container and the place where is cool and dark enough.

Colombian coffee beans benefits

No researches have been done on Colombian coffee especially, but in general, drinking coffee is beneficial for our body and our brain and improves body and brain function effectively. Many important benefits of drinking coffee are mentioned below:

  • Longer life: Researches on this subject show that people who have about eight cups of coffee a day have the chance of life more than others. But it is important to mention, Use coffee in moderation to avoid possible damages.
  • Prevents depression: The Caffeine content in a cup of coffee, preserve you from fatigue and depression mood by increasing happiness hormones.
  • Increases energy: Coffee is without any doubt the best supplement for gaining energy for your daily life. So, if you are going to start a busy day in the morning or you want to rest in the evening after stressful hours you can have a cup of Colombian coffee to feel better and set your body function well.
  • Lowers the risks of body diseases: It has been proven that drinking coffee decreases the risk of liver and colorectal cancer. Furthermore, it’ll lower the probability of developing Alzheimer’s.
  • Improves your health: Therefore, choosing Colombian coffee like a person’s favorite coffee would be beneficial and helpful for body improvement and cognitive function.

Is Colombian coffee the best?

Now you have some information about the taste, aroma, and kinds of Colombian coffee. also, you know it is a well-known and popular coffee. the memorable taste and quality of Colombian coffee are the reasons for its popularity. as mentioned before it is 100% Arabica coffee, the cultivation processes are well and are produced in simple procedures. These could be the other reasons for being popular for this coffee. so, both the process of farming and producing coffee, have an important role in making it popular. Now we can conclude that it is one of the best coffee beans to buy because of mentioned reasons.

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Buy Colombian coffee beans online

The origin of Colombian coffee beans is crystal clear Colombia. It exports its coffee beans all around the world. The exportation may cost you much and as we informed you before, the wholesale time is the best way of buying Colombian coffee beans. Try to find fresh roasted Arabica coffee beans to experience the best taste of this coffee. yes, you are right. It’s hard to diagnose fresh and original coffee and, more important, transportation may cause problems. In coffeevibes, we bring solutions to your problems in buying coffee. you can find your intended coffee and buy it online as easily as possible.

Why coffeevibes?

Coffeevibes is a simple way for you to have the easiest shopping and provides you qualified and fresh Colombian coffee with the best taste. Also, it brings you information about different kinds of coffee and you can obtain more information about Colombian coffee or other kinds of coffee, then finish your shopping procedure.
Be sure. It’s a safe way to buy your intended coffee.

colombian coffee beans

Making Colombian coffee

As mentioned earlier, Colombian coffee beans are tasty and aromatic. If you make it well, you will experience the best taste of coffee with the best aroma. We are going to see a method of making Colombian coffee below:

  1. first, before making coffee, heat the French press with hot water.
  2. add 21g of coarse ground of Colombian coffee beans
  3. pour 300 ml water and stir
  4. put the coffee maker’s door
  5. wait a few minutes
  6. After dissolving the coffee beans in water, it’s ready to pour in your desirable cup.

Try it and enjoy!

Colombian Huila Coffee

Colombia consists of different regions producing the world’s best coffee beans. Huila is the best of these Colombian coffee producer regions, located in the Southwest of this country. Huila produces the largest Specialty coffee of them all. This region has the best coffee of the gold standard. It has a strong fruity flavor and a bright acidity. It is one of the most special types of coffee beans in the world and the favorite of many baristas and coffee experts.

Colombian instant coffee

If you don’t have special equipment or you want to get your coffee quickly instant coffee is a good alternative for you. There’re high-quality Colombian instant coffees made from Arabica beans. the most popular Colombian instant coffee brands are:

  • Starbucks VIA Instant Veranda Blend
  • Waka Coffee Medium Roast Colombian
  • Café Altura Instant Organic Medium Roast Coffee
  • 24k Gold coffee


Trying different kinds of coffee and experiencing different tastes and aromas are enjoyable for many people. Every person can try many kinds of coffee to find his/her favorite one and make it a routine habit. As we’ve introduced you to the best taste of coffee, you can choose Colombian coffee as your routine drink. In this passage, we tried to inform you as much as possible about the best kind of coffee and to make it easy to make the best decision.

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