Coffee during pregnancy

coffee during pregnancy

We all know that for a mother, her baby’s health is extremely valuable. and, she does everything to protect her baby, even if it is to quit drinking coffee. But, do not worry, you do not have to do this because we are here to give you some useful information about coffee during pregnancy. We talk about proper coffee intake during pregnancy. also, we take a look at the amount of caffeine in different coffees and how to identify healthy coffee to introduce you to the healthiest ingredients.

Is coffee dangerous during pregnancy?

Caffeine is safe for you and your baby just If it’s consumed in moderation. although certain amounts are recommended for consuming coffee during pregnancy. you should note that caffeine is present in many other foods in addition to Coffee such as Tea, cola, and chocolate.
each woman’s body structure is also different. so, you should pay attention to the amount of your consumption of all these foods. even if, with a small cup of coffee, you feel an increase in heart rate, insomnia. or, because coffee is a diuretic, you are feeling an increase in urination, Avoid caffeine especially coffee during pregnancy.
based on some experiments on animals, we know that caffeine consumption during pregnancy may cause birth defects, preterm delivery, increasing low birth weight, and increasing the risk of miscarriage. In addition, you are well aware that caffeine is a stimulant and in some cases may affect the baby’s insomnia and irritability even after birth.

Coffee during pregnancy and ADHD

Some people are concerned about the association between ADHD and the intake of coffee during pregnancy. but, according to researches on chosen children born in the city of Pelotas, Brazil, in 2004, for a cohort study.
Although the high amount of coffee consumption during pregnancy can make your baby irritable, there is no clear association between these two factors and it seems genes appear to be more effective in causing ADHD or hyperactivity.

coffee intake during pregnancy

Why coffee is healthy (or counted as a healthy beverage) during pregnancy? At first, you need to know that Not just about consuming coffee during pregnancy but also in all aspects Of life. the key to health and happiness is living in balance and moderation. But, the question is, how much coffee should we take to reach a moderate amount during this period?
Experts mention that getting more than 150–200 milligrams (about 1–2 cups of coffee) of caffeine, a day during pregnancy may not be healthy.

Which coffee bean is the healthiest?

Latte coffee

Should I quit drinking coffee during pregnancy?

If you are drinking coffee in moderation, it’s very unlikely that it could cause you any problems. But those people who are more sensitive to their baby’s health want to know whether to stop coffee consumption or not. Because of that, we are going to look at the negative effects of coffee during pregnancy precisely. We’ve already looked at some of the negative effects of high caffeine consumption, especially coffee during pregnancy. but, the bad news is that researches show that wasn’t an end to the negative effects of caffeine.
One of the reasons why you may want to stop drinking coffee during pregnancy is that caffeine crosses the placenta and can affect your baby’s bloodstream.
Another problem that Caffeine could put you into trouble with is the possibility of anemia and decreasing in body iron absorption.
Also, other researches show caffeine causes a thinner layer of tissue separating.
In general, if you already don’t drink much coffee during pregnancy, but you are still worried about any of these negative effects, it is better to stop drinking it.

How does caffeine affect a fetus?

Generally, it is recommended to take a little amount of caffeine. Since too much caffeine increase heart rate, it can be dangerous for both the mother and the infant. Plus, the body gets more sensitive to caffeine during pregnancy. So, you may suffer from caffeine-related problems more. Because of that drinking, too much coffee may lead to preterm birth or miscarriage. So, it’s best to pay attention to the caffeine intake during that time.

Caffeine during breastfeeding

While being pregnant, it’s ok to drink coffee when breastfeeding. A small amount of caffeine gets into the milk and so to the child. So, it’s best to have only one or two cups of coffee maximum. If you drink more than two cups of coffee when breastfeeding, your child may be disturbed and have trouble sleeping.

Coffee types and effects on pregnancy

If you love coffee, then it’s time to know more about it, especially when you are expecting a baby. and, what is better than knowing how much caffeine is in each type of coffee. and how to choose the most suitable type of coffee during pregnancy.
Here you can see different types of coffee from low caffeinated to high caffeinated one:

  • Decaf coffee (instant)
  • Decaf coffee (brewed)
  • Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Biohazard Coffee (highly caffeinated coffee)
is espresso coffee healthy?

Which foods contain caffeine?

Are you ready for a little surprise?
Maybe you completely avoid all sorts of coffee but that doesn’t mean that you and your baby are safe from caffeine negative effects. You ask why?
So, we should tell you that there is a common misconception that people think they can only find caffeine in tea, chocolates, and coffee. now you can see there’s caffeine in all of the food products below. which means you should be careful in your daily intake of them.

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Energy drinks
  • Soda
  • Black tea
  • Matcha
  • Green tea
  • All food products containing chocolate
  • Cereal
  • Ice cream
  • Ice tea
  • Kashi granola bars
  • Non-cola soft drinks
  • Pain relievers

coffee alternatives during pregnancy

The best option for coffee during pregnancy is water, which not only does not hurt you but also benefits you by hydrating your body. for example, it makes your skin soft and glowing, prevents you from both infections and hemorrhoids, reduces swelling, decreases stress level. and, in the end, it helps you to escape from pregnancy high body temperature.

other healthy alternatives to coffee

If you are looking for a tasty and healthy alternative to coffee during pregnancy, there are options that both taste good and have lots of nutrients.

  • healthy herbal tea
  • warm milk and honey
  • Mint and lemon tea
  • Herbal tea
  • Hot Milk and honey
  • caffeine-free rooibos tea
  • Apple juice
  • Healthy smoothies
  • Coconut milk
  • Almond milk

herbal teas for pregnancy

Here there is another common misconception about drinking herbal teas during pregnancy; some people think that they can drink what kind of herbal drink they like because they are safe. but, honestly, not all of them are safe you should be aware of which herbal tea you are choosing.
Some herbal teas can be a real danger for pregnancy although many can help you even with morning sickness. so, you have to consult with an aware person before you decide to drink one. Nettle leaf is one of the most recommended teas by herbalists. Although it contains minerals and vitamins don’t drink too much and it’s better not to use it in the first trimester.
Another recommended herbal tea is Rooibos tea because it’s caffeine-free and helps you with morning sickness. Despite that, Aloe Vera tea is very popular but it’s one of those herbal teas you should avoid during pregnancy.
As you see there are lots of healthy or poisonous herbals for pregnancy. we hope after this you choose your beverages precisely.

Organic coffee

Organic coffee for pregnancy

Organic coffee doesn’t contain pesticides. it’s also high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. all these factors make this coffee suitable for your consumption during pregnancy. In addition, if you are an environmentalist, you must know that the use of organic food products helps a lot to protect our planet.

Buy healthy coffee beans online

Since the quality of the coffee you drink, like other food products, is directly related to your health; we recommend that you buy high-quality coffee during pregnancy. To buy coffee online, you can refer to Coffeevibes. Now you can easily find and buy coffees that are various in their caffeine contents.

Coffee during pregnancy

Healthy coffee recipes

You should know that just buying and using good coffee is not enough to maintain your health. If you want to drink coffee during pregnancy, try to prepare it in such a way that in addition to enjoying its taste, it provides your nutrients too.

For this purpose, avoid adding artificial sweeteners that are not healthy for your pregnancy in the first stage. You can use healthy additives in your coffee. like vanilla extract, honey, cinnamon, Almond milk, and coconut milk instead of dairy milk.


In conclusion, your intake of coffee during pregnancy should not be more than 1_2 cups per day and if your body is sensitive to it. it’s better to decrease your coffee to less than that. You know that coffee is not the only source of caffeine. therefore, you should also be careful in using other food products which contain caffeine to preserve your baby’s health.
The best alternative to coffee during pregnancy is water that makes your body in a good condition by hydrating it. but, you can consume healthy beverages like herbal tea as a good alternative too. We recommend that if you have decided to drink coffee during pregnancy, organic coffee is the best option for you in case you do not add artificial sweeteners to it.

In the end, some people ask if drinking coffee during pregnancy has any beneficial effect or not, honestly, there is no evidence for that but if drinking coffee makes you happy, it can be proven that coffee is beneficial for your soul and you can enjoy your cup of coffee in moderation.

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