Christmas Coffee Recipes

7 Christmas Coffee Recipes You Need to Try This Winter

As soon as the weather gets a bit cold, the Christmas spirit warms us. Even if Christmas is not so close, we start playing Christmas songs and getting Christmas trees. And, the shops give a Christmas vibe to their decoration as well. So, why not give a Christmas vibe to our coffee on cold winter days?

As a team of coffee lovers, we decided to prepare 7 delicious Christmas coffee recipes to warm you inside and out. Follow the article for the perfect holiday coffee recipes to try at home!

Winter coffee

When it is a little sunny outside, we rush to our favorite coffee shop and grab an iced coffee. Sometimes, it becomes even impossible to drink hot coffee. But, how about an extra warmth to your coffee for cold winter days?

A freshly brewed coffee is a great drink for a cold day, but there are other alternatives to add to your coffee to make it spicier and richer. In other words, Christmas is a cup of brewed coffee with various alternatives such as different spices that is more delicious and warm your heart.

Christmas coffee names

Christmas coffee is the best companion to make your holiday even better. These winter coffee drinks are a great choice for cold winter mornings to make you alert and warm you inside. So, let’s check out the various Christmas coffee recipes that you can make at home with basic ingredients in a few minutes.

Here are 7 best Christmas coffee recipe ideas:

  • Christmas Cinnamon coffee
  • Christmas Peppermint coffee
  • Caramel espresso with milk
  • Gingerbread latte
  • Orange spiced coffee
  • Christmas apple coffee
  • Christmas coffee with Marshmallow

christmas coffee recipe

Christmas Cinnamon coffee

Cinnamon has always been the number one additive for coffee. It not only bolds the taste of coffee but also is increases the health benefits of coffee. Adding cinnamon to coffee is very healthy because it makes the taste of coffee smoother without having any need for sugar and boosts your metabolism.

The best way to add the cinnamon taste to your coffee is to add it to your coffee ground right before brewing. However, you can add a cinnamon stick to your cup of coffee as well.

Christmas Peppermint coffee

Peppermint always reminds us of the Christmas holidays because of the candy canes. Therefore, in order to add this vibe to your holiday coffee, peppermint is one of the best options. Christmas peppermint coffee leaves a fresh taste after every sip.

To make this perfect combination, you only have to stir 2 or 3 tablespoons of peppermint with your coffee.

Caramel espresso with milk

Have you ever heard of flavored coffee beans?  They are the healthiest options for getting a sweet coffee taste without using artificial sweeteners. There are flavored coffee beans in various flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, or caramel. Making a shot of espresso from caramel flavored coffee beans and adding a dash of preferred milk (almond milk is recommended) would result in a whole another level of joy.

Gingerbread latte

Gingerbread is the actual symbol and representative of Christmas. It has a better flavor than most popular cookies. If you like the taste of gingerbread, imagine getting the taste of it along with every sip of your coffee. Too delicious to be true right?

Brew a cup of your favorite coffee, add about 2 tablespoons of gingerbread syrup to it. Enjoy the most special Christmas coffee of all!

hand holding a christmas coffee

Orange spiced coffee

This one is different from all other Christmas coffee recipes mentioned. It doesn’t contain extra syrup or spice. In fact, it is a small portion of the natural flavor that will make your coffee so special.

Add orange zest and coffee grounds to an Aeropress and add hot water. Let the ingredients steep for a few minutes. Enjoy your Christmas treat!

Adding cinnamon to your orange spice Christmas coffee will make it healthier and more delicious.

Christmas apple coffee

This festive drink is also a great option for the fall and winter seasons. Mixing different flavors and resulting in a rich taste with fruity notes. The ingredients (beside preferred coffee) you need to make this coffee are:

  • Apple puree or paste
  • Whipped cream
  • One teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Caramel sauce (optional)

Mix the apple puree, cinnamon, and caramel sauce in a glass. Then, add the brewed coffee to the mixture and stir. Top the drink with cream and a dash of cinnamon. Bon appetite!

Christmas coffee with Marshmallow

This one is the best drink for curling up under a blanket, playing your favorite movie, and enjoying. Marshmallow is fluffy and deliciously sweet, and when it is combined with coffee, it tastes like heaven!

There are various ways to make Christmas coffee with marshmallows. The most simple way is to brew your preferred coffee and add 3-4 marshmallows to your coffee and stir. The other way is to get a marshmallow syrup.

marshmallow and cinnamon on coffee

Have you tried any of the Christmas coffee recipes mentioned above? Share your Christmas coffee recipe with us in the comments!

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