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Christmas Coffee Beans

Christmas Blend coffee beans 2021🎅

Snowy weather, decorated trees, Santa in the street, red and green ribbons everywhere, warm drinks, and sweets are all signs of our favorite holiday, Christmas.

We can feel that Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” song is already being played in your mind! All people celebrating Christmas from around the world are now doing their new year shopping, getting gifts for their loved ones, and also getting marvelous sweets and cookies for the holidays. But, what about a delicious cup of Christmas Coffee beans to warm you from inside and out?

Coffeevibes has prepared a perfect list of Christmas blend coffee beans to enjoy the snowy mornings and Christmas cookies more. So, read on!

What are Christmas Blend coffee beans?

Over the years, since everything gets Christmas special at the end of the year, coffee couldn’t be neglected. So, a special blend is getting popular called “Christmas coffee beans”. It is specially made to bring joy and warmth to your Christmas holidays. Let’s check out what this coffee blend is made of and what the best Christmas coffee beans to get are.

Each brand has its own Christmas coffee style. Therefore, you can get any roasted coffee from various regions called “Christmas Blend”. But in general, the main purpose of Christmas coffee beans is to offer a smooth flavor with notes of sweet and spicy flavors.

red glove hand holding a cup of Christmas coffee

What does Christmas Blend coffee taste like?

Christmas coffee grounds are blended with spices like cinnamon to have a stronger aftertaste. The flavor of spices is subtle and it mainly gives you a rich and aromatic warmth. On a clear note, do not expect a harsh spicy taste as Mexican coffee.

Cinnamon is the main spice. But, black peppercorns, berries, and cloves are used in making Christmas blend coffee beans as well.

You can also make your own Christmas blend coffee by mixing ground coffee beans with preferred spices in a jar and keeping them in an airtight container.

Buy the best Christmas coffee beans

When it is that time of the year, you may come across various bags of Christmas blend coffee beans everywhere. So, which one is the best? What Christmas coffee has the highest quality?

christmas coffee beans in a red cup

First of all, it is worth mentioning that reliable coffee roasters use specialty coffee beans for making Christmas blend coffee. Plus, in order to make this coffee joyful, there are special types of flavored coffee beans made for Christmas. As an example, there are Christmas coffee beans with flavors such as white chocolate, fruits, mulled wine, and other spices. Here are some of the authentic brands providing the best Christmas blend coffee beans:

  • Caravan
  • Perky blenders
  • Ozone
  • Neighborhood
  • Gold box
  • Old spike
  • Hardlines

Starbucks Christmas blend coffee beans

How could the world’s most popular chained coffee shop neglect the special Christmas blend coffee beans?

It has become a tradition in Starbucks to provide a cheerful, and tasty coffee experience to your New Year holidays. Starbucks Christmas blend is the favorite of most coffee lovers from all around the world. The most popular one is a perfect blend of Latin American and rare aged Sumatra coffee beans. The other Christmas blends at Starbucks are:

  • Famous Christmas blend: aged Sumatra coffee blended with dark roasted beans from Papua New Guinea, Guatemala, and Colombia.
  • Holiday Blend: a rich blend of Sumatran coffee beans with Latin American.
  • Decaf Christmas blend: a perfect alternative for those who want to limit their caffeine intake but can’t get through the day without coffee.

starbucks christmas coffee on grass

Is Starbucks holiday blend the same as Christmas Blend?

As you can understand from the explanations above, Christmas Blend coffee beans have become a common tradition at Starbucks. And, there are varieties of Christmas coffee beans there. So, on a clear note, they are different from each other and each has its own unique taste notes.

Santa’s white Christmas coffee beans

One of the oldest Christmas blend coffee beans first introduced in 1995 is Santa’s White Christmas coffee. It is one of the top selling Christmas coffee beans since. It is famous because it is a tasty combination of caramel, vanilla, nuts, and coconut flavors.


When it is our favorite time of the year, we get surrounded by delicious cookies, cute Christmas designs, festive meals, and of course warm coffee. Over the years, there has been a special type of coffee called “Christmas Blend coffee beans” made especially for the Christmas holidays. Generally, it is a mixture of high quality coffee grounds with spices such as cinnamon. However, there are many types of Christmas blends that best match your taste preferences. The best Christmas coffee beans are made from specialty coffee beans and combined with the freshest spices. It is a wonderful cup of joy to warm your snowy days.

Have you ever tasted Christmas blend coffee beans? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

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