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Can you eat raw coffee beans?

Can you eat raw coffee beans?

We, coffee lovers, regard coffee beans as magical beans that have many kinds and various flavors. We all know that coffee beans are a fruit of coffee plants that are processed and roasted. and finally, ended up as a delicious caffeine beverage that boosts our energy and makes our day better than ever.

However, not everyone really knows that coffee beans were first used to being eaten for almost a hundred years! It’s so shocking because we all imagined that coffee was discovered and then brewed from the very first moment. But, the history is completely different. People used to combine coffee beans with animal fat and eat them as an energy-boosting food. So, if you have the question “Can you eat raw coffee beans?” you can make sure that solid coffee beans are edible, even though most people prefer to brew coffee beans and drink them. In addition, there’re important factors that you should pay attention to before trying to eat raw coffee beans. Follow the article below to find out everything you should know about eating raw coffee beans.

Eating coffee beans

To drink coffee, you should brew the coffee beans with water and filter them. You may also like to add extra milk and sweeteners. Eating raw coffee beans means that your body receives the same nutrients as drinking coffee but in a different, and concentrated way.
In other words, when you eat raw coffee beans, you get caffeine and other nutrients rapidly and in a concentrated way. Therefore, you should pay extra attention when eating coffee beans since it may lead to some harmful side effects. So, if you ask can you eat raw coffee beans? The answer is yes. Then, if you ask Can I eat coffee beans as much as I want? The answer is definitely no!handful of coffee beans

How many coffee beans can you eat?

As you should avoid drinking too much coffee because of the caffeine content and all the side effects, eating coffee beans should be limited as well. You can eat raw coffee beans because it’s one of the best ways to meet your caffeine needs safely. But, you should be aware of the amount you consume.
Approximately, a raw coffee bean consists of 12 mg of caffeine. The limit you should have to eat raw coffee beans is 30 beans maximum. It should be even less if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

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Benefits of eating coffee beans

Even though a cup of brewed coffee is made from raw coffee beans, eating coffee beans has extra advantages. Nowadays, people prefer to consume coffee beans by making a delicious drink. But, it’s worth analyzing the benefits of eating coffee beans so that you may give it a try. The main advantages of it are:

  • Quicker caffeine absorption
  • Antioxidant effects
  • Source of fiber
  • A great training supplement
  • Healing muscle pain
  • Detoxing effects
  • Regulating blood pressure and sugar
  • Appetite control

Quicker caffeine absorption

Many foods and drinks contain caffeine which is a great supplement for boosting mood and increasing energy. Drinking coffee or tea is the most common way to receive daily caffeine content. However, according to the researches, eating a little number of coffee beans is more effective than actually drinking a cup of coffee. Because the body digests the caffeine faster, so you can see the results quicker. As you may know, caffeine helps us have more focus, energy and burn fat.

Antioxidant effects

One of the most important effects coffee has on our health is the antioxidant effects because of the chlorogenic acids in the coffee beans. So, if you’re wondering whether you can eat raw coffee beans or not, our answer is please do that! Because the antioxidant effects of coffee help with reducing the risk of many diseases including diabetes.

Source of fiber

Generally, foods that are high in fiber help with regulating your digestive system. Plus, fiber has many detoxing effects and also can help you control your appetite. Eating raw coffee beans can meet your body’s daily fiber needs.

A great training supplement

Unfortunately, some people tend to use chemical supplements before training to get a good workout done. However, they overlook a very natural supplement for both before and after the workout, Coffee. Eating coffee beans about half an hour before doing a workout can improve your training by about 60 percent!
In other words, eating coffee beans or drinking coffee before a workout will work as fuel for your body. Plus, you’ll feel much better after a good workout too.

Healing muscle pain

In addition, according to the nutrient facts of coffee and the studies done on eating raw coffee beans, coffee is a great help for healing muscle pain after doing exercises.

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Detoxing effects

Because of the all antioxidant effects and other substances, consuming coffee regularly helps cleaning our body from toxins and harmful chemicals.

Regulating blood pressure and sugar

To eat raw coffee beans, you do a very big favor for your body. Because coffee helps with regulating blood pressure and sugar level in our blood. Moreover, it’s a great help for heart health if it’s consumed in a proper amount regularly.
It’s worth mentioning that, if you take all the benefits mentioned above into consideration, you’ll get to the result that coffee will expand your lifespan as well.

Appetite control

Coffee is a great help for people who are trying to burn fat more and control their binge eating. Due to the studies, consuming coffee daily has a great impact on controlling appetite between the main meals.
Are you still dealing with the question “Can you eat raw coffee beans”?!
We think not, but let’s continue analyzing eating coffee beans more. So that you can make sure.

Eating raw coffee beans for weight loss

Is there any relation between consuming coffee beans and losing weight? Yes, by keeping the explanations above in mind, raw coffee beans stimulate the body to burn fat. Plus, boosts your energy for doing exercises. So, it’s a helpful supplement for burning more calories.

It’s worth mentioning that you should make sure that there’s no extra sugar or sweetener added to your coffee.

Is it safe to eat raw coffee beans?

As it was mentioned above, both raw coffee beans and roasted beans are not only edible but also are great supplements. You can eat coffee beans whenever you want except if you deal with acid reflux or other caffeine-related diseases. Plus, if you’re pregnant, we recommend you consult with a doctor before consuming coffee. Because consuming coffee during pregnancy requires a lot of control and care.
In addition, you can eat either raw beans of coffee or roasted coffee beans at any level. Generally, it’s recommended to eat roasted beans because they’re easier to chew and have a better taste.

Are raw coffee beans poisonous?

As you can understand from the explanations above, you can eat coffee beans. But, in moderation and with extra care. Coffee has many beneficial effects on both physical and mental health. When you eat either raw or roasted coffee beans, you receive all the benefits and effects in a more concentrated and quick way.
However, just like any other nutrition, eating excessive coffee beans can have some side effects naturally. When you eat coffee beans, you ingest extra caffeine. Therefore, it’s best to pay attention to the limit of caffeine intake.

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can you eat raw coffee beans?

What happens when you eat raw coffee beans?

If you’re a coffee addict, then you understand the unique joy of every sip of coffee. Most coffee lovers trying to eat coffee beans also declare it’s good and has a rich taste. However, it completely depends on your taste buds and your taste preferences. Each type of roast will leave a special taste on the mouth. Therefore, you’ll never be able to decide whether it’s tasty or not until you taste it yourself!
Luckily, if you’re too worried about the taste of raw or roasted coffee beans, there’re many types of flavored coffee beans that are offered in delicious tastes. So, it’s worth giving flavored beans a try as a new snack.

Can you eat coffee grounds?

The short answer is yes. Just like whole coffee beans, coffee grounds contain caffeine, fiber, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients. So, you can eat coffee grounds if they haven’t been brewed. And, you should pay attention to the amount as well.
Plus, if you want to be extra cautious about your caffeine intake, you should check out the caffeine content of your coffee too.

Can dogs and cats eat coffee beans?

Can you feed your pets with raw coffee beans? If you think that coffee beans can be as beneficial for your pets as your body, you are totally wrong! In fact, caffeine can be fatal for cats and dogs or any other pets. So, you better keep your coffee beans away from your pets and do not risk their lives at all!


Even though it’s not a very common way to use coffee beans as a healthy snack and mood booster compared to brewing coffee, it’s a very beneficial method for receiving the effects faster.
In other words, eating coffee beans can be a safe and healthy way to get your daily dose of caffeine in moderation. You can eat both unroasted and roasted coffee beans of any type. However, according to the reviews of people who have experienced eating coffee beans, it’s recommended to eat roasted coffee beans. Green coffee beans are tough and harder to chew and swallow. And, when coffee beans are roasted, they release a better taste, so eating freshly roasted coffee beans might be the best alternative. Coffeevibes can help you find the freshest coffee beans from popular brands and at reasonable prices with only a few clicks.

Have you ever eaten raw coffee beans? If yes, how was your experience? If not, do you want to try it?

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