Café au Lait Recipe at home (+Tips & Hacks✔)

Café au Lait Recipe

If you have ever been to England, you know that adding milk to tea or coffee is very common there. Also, milk-based coffee drinks are getting more and more popular every day and you can see new innovations in that area almost every day! However, all of these milk-based coffee drinks are usually made with an espresso machine and milk steaming tools. So, they cannot be easily made at home without special equipment and enough practice. But, there is an easy-to-make milk-based coffee with rich notes called “Café au Lait”.

Read on to find out what this coffee is and how to brew a perfect Café au Lait at home…

What is a Café au Lait?

This French coffee is hard to pronounce but very easy to make! Café au Lait means “Coffee with milk” in French. It is the simplest milk-based coffee drink to make at home, however, it is now offered in coffee shops all around the world under various names.

The reason that makes this French coffee different from other milk-based coffee drinks is that it is made from drip coffee. (unlike latte, cappuccino, and many other drinks that are made with espresso)

It is worth mentioning that it is called “Caffè Misto in Starbucks and other popular coffee stores.

How to pronounce Café au Lait?

This milky coffee drink is pronounced as “kafe o lɛ” meaning “Coffee with milk” in English.

Café au lait in a yellow cup

How to make Café au Lait at home?

As mentioned earlier, Café au Lait is loved by many of us because it doesn’t need any coffee machines or milk steam devices and it can be easily made at home. Even though it is called many other names and has been changed over the years, the classic Café au Lait is all about the equal ratio of drip coffee and hot milk.


A cup of Café au Lait contains only two ingredients:

  • Regular coffee (brewed whether with a French press or any other style preferred)
  • Warmed milk

Vegans do not worry because you can use any type of milk such as oat milk or soya milk you prefer.


The classic, French Café au Lait is all about an equal amount of drip coffee and warmed milk in a cup. All you need to do is:

  1. Brew coffee. (use freshly grind coffee beans to have the maximum joy of taste)
  2. Froth steamed milk.
  3. Pour the ingredients into a cup.
  4. Enjoy!

Café au lait coffee with milk


  • The perfect ratio for making Café au Lait is 1:1 milk and coffee.
  • It is suggested to use less acidic coffee beans to combine with milk.


An average cup of Café au Lait  contains:

Calories: 100 | Carbohydrates: 8g | Protein: 5g | Fat: 5g | Saturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 16mg | Sodium: 78mg | Potassium: 215mg | Sugar: 8g | Vitamin A: 264IU | Calcium: 184mg


Café au Lait Vs Latte

What is the difference between a cafe latte and a café au lait? Aren’t they both a cup of coffee with steamed milk?

Yes! They are both Coffee with steamed milk. But, the ratios and type of coffee for making them are totally different.

  • The ratio of milk in a cup of Latte is 3:4 which is more than Café au Lait. Because a cup of Café au Lait contains only a half cup milk.
  • Drip (brewed) coffee is used in making Café au Lait. On the other hand. A shot of strong espresso is used in making Latte.
  • You can brew the coffee of Café au Lait with any equipment you like, but to make a cup of latte you will need an espresso machine.


In most cafes in Europe, you are asked if you want “French” style coffee or Italian” style. the French style means your want to order café au lait, whereas Italian style means Latte.

Which is stronger café au lait or latte?

The answer to this question depends on the type of coffee and the amount you use, and the taste you want.

Generally, Café au Lait usually contains more caffeine compared to a latte. Because Café au Lait is brewed coffee in a larger amount. However, the latte is made with only one shot of espresso and mixed with a lot of milk which overcomes the strong taste of coffee. On a lighter note, a cup of Café au Lait has more caffeine and tastes richer than a cup of latte.

If you wonder which one is better, we should tell you that it completely depends on your taste buds and mood!

Have you ever tried Café au Lait? Which one is your choice, Latte or Café au Lait? Share with us in the comments!


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