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Bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee

In general, bulletproof coffee is a complete and energetic coffee. This coffee is a supplement that gives you the necessary and sufficient energy and keeps you focused and fresh. This coffee kills the feeling of tiredness, so by consuming this coffee, you will eliminate the feeling of tiredness and lack of energy. Also, if you are planning a diet, this coffee can be one of your choices. Now just keep reading this passage in coffeevibes to know everything about bulletproof coffee.

What exactly is bulletproof coffee?

This coffee is a high-calorie coffee that can act as a complete meal in the body. So by drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning you can omit breakfast. It is also known as butter coffee because it is made of butter. In detail, it includes a special kind of butter called grass-fed butter and MCT oil. Now you maybe find the reason why it is a tonic coffee.

The origin of this coffee is in bulletproof diet and a person created bulletproof coffee considering bulletproof diet. This coffee gives you enough energy and also burns your fat. It also helps you in this diet by reducing your appetite. Bulletproof coffee helps you more with the ketogenic diet and low carbohydrates food plans.

Bulletproof coffee? energy coffee?

Also, the creator of this coffee has chosen this name for this coffee. It can be understood that because of the nutritional complement and the unique characteristics of this coffee, it is named so.

As you have read in previous paragraphs, it energizes you to start a busy day. As the name suggests, by drinking this coffee you will be resistant to feeling tired. So with drinking this coffee, you will not feel bored and drowsy and you can do your works with high speed and concentration.

Do you want to feel like this? Do you like to be full of energy during a busy day? Just follow us to tell you how you can feel like this. We will tell you more about this amazing coffee in detail in coffeevibes.

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bulletproof coffee with butter

Best time to drink bulletproof coffee

According to research, it is better to drink this coffee in the morning, but not in cockcrow! this coffee provides enough energy for your body to start the day and by drinking it you can have an energetic day.

Many foods used for breakfast due to their high carbohydrate content cause a rapid rise in blood sugar which will have adverse effects on body function. But Bulletproof coffee with low carbohydrates and high energy at the same time helps your body to functions better. You see, it’s a healthy coffee as well as being energetic. Do you drink this coffee early morning? When do you drink this coffee? and do you feel fresh after drinking?

Share your experience or memory about bulletproof coffee with us. We read them in Coffeevibes and will help you if you need help.

Bulletproof coffee taste

If you are in a hurry, it is better not to choose this coffee because the short time it takes to brew it causes a sour taste in this coffee. Coarse grinding of coffee beans can also cause this taste in bulletproof coffee.  As another point, if you want to brew this coffee by the hot coffee brewing process, it would be better not to use too cold water. For cold brewing, you can also use water at normal temperature (room temperature).

Aside from remembering the above points that should be omitted to preserve the original taste of coffee, this coffee has a very special taste. In the cultivation and production of this coffee, as long as it is used for brewing and drinking, proper care is taken. So you have chosen quality coffee to drink.

You can also experience the exact taste of this coffee by using a metal filter and preserving the nutrients and natural oils of this coffee. Using the above tips, you can prevent sourness in bulletproof coffee. so brew this coffee with the correct method by coffeevibes tips and share them with your friends.

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Bulletproof coffee pros

As mentioned above, drinking a cup of bulletproof coffee will help you to feel more energetic. it also helps you to stay focused and alert for hours. It boosts your brain function in recalling, feeling awake, and reacting time.

The ingredients of this coffee help regulate the feeling of hunger in the body and also reduce appetite. But consuming this coffee at the beginning of the day provides the calories your body needs to start your daily activities. So this coffee can be a good choice for ketogenic diets. Because this diet is a kind of high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet.

The ingredients of bulletproof coffee also contain vitamins A, K, and D. therefore by drinking this coffee, you can help your body absorb these substances.

So what do you want from a cup of coffee? more than this? Now you are informed about this coffee and you can share this information with your friends that you always drink coffee with them as well.

Bulletproof coffee cons

It is fair to look at the benefits of bulletproof coffee as well as its disadvantages to help you better to choose the coffee you want. So now we want to read more about the disadvantages in this section. We can mention them as:

  • Low Nutrients
  • High Fat
  • Caffeine

bulletproof coffee blended with a spoon of butter and coffee beans

Low Nutrients

As mentioned before, you can change this coffee for breakfast because it has nutrients. It should be noted here that by drinking this coffee instead of a breakfast meal, the body absorbs only the vitamins in coffee and there are no other vitamins and nutrients to absorb. You substitute coffee for breakfast, which is high in fat and does not contain any other nutrients except for a few specific nutrients.

High Fat [H4]

In another case, we can mention the fat content of this coffee. This coffee contains a lot of fat, most of which is saturated. By consuming a cup of bulletproof coffee, you use more than the required amount of fat for a day (20 grams). The fat in a cup of coffee maybe around 242 to 354 kcal. Of course, this amount depends entirely on the amount of butter used.

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As a real coffee lover, you have some information about caffeine and its effects on your body. You may read about the appropriate caffeine content of a cup of coffee.

Excessive caffeine consumption for a long time will have adverse effects on various parts of the body. Caffeine will affect our adrenal glands, endocrine glands, and hormonal balance. It has also been found to increase stress.

As you see, we provide you with some tips about the benefits and drawbacks of bulletproof coffee in this article in coffeevibes. Now, what’s your idea about this coffee? will you choose it as your routine drink? at home or in coffee shops? we will read your comments here.

Making bulletproof coffee step by step

Making bulletproof coffee is easy for everyone. So you can make it every morning and have a tonic coffee. All you have to do is prepare the ingredients) grass-fed butter, MCT oil-pink salt, and cinnamon are optional) which are needed to make the coffee. now let’s take a look at this easy procedure:

  1. In the first step, as always, brew your coffee in your coffee maker.
  2. After brewing coffee, mix it with butter and MCT oil.
  3. In the third step, start stirring the mixture until it is completely homogeneous.
  4. Finally, you can serve it in your favorite dish and drink it while it is hot.


In short, by trying a different kind of coffee, you can try different tastes. Either at home in the morning or in the coffee shop for the evening meeting. They remind you of different memory with people and also different tastes. So by experiencing a new coffee as bulletproof coffee, make a new memory like an energetic day with your colleagues or friends. We provide you with any essential tip in coffeevibes to make it easy for you to make this coffee. let’s make it and enjoy it and just share your first experience of making bulletproof coffee with us if it’s your first time.


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