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Bucaramanga Coffee beans

Bucaramanga coffee beans

Do you know the best coffee grown in the country Colombia? Have you heard of Bucaramanga coffee? What is so special about it?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. Different types and tastes of it and the fact that it is rapidly becoming more popular day by day proves its popularity. Now, if you are a coffee drinker, you have to ask yourself the following question:
Are you a casual coffee drinker or a curious person who looks for variety when comes to the coffee you drink?
If your answer is the latter, you most certainly need to educate yourself about different types of coffee that are available in the market in order to know what makes each type of coffee more special. It is time to be properly educated, so you can stop being hesitant. In this article, we intend to inform you about one of the most delicious types of coffee know as Bucaramanga coffee beans.
Before we start talking about the coffee of this region, let’s share some background information about Bucaramanga.

Where is Bucaramanga?

Bucaramanga, also known as “the pretty city of Colombia”, is the capital city of Colombia’s Santander department. Bucaramanga has the fifth-largest economy in the country of Colombia. This city has pleasant weather and a large number of plantations. Bucaramanga has more than 160 parks scattered in the city. Due to this amazing attribute, Bucaramanga has earned the nickname “The City of Parks”.
As you already know Colombia, as the world’s 2nd largest producer of Arabica coffee beans, is known as one of the top coffee producing countries around the world. Colombia produces an absurdly high amount of coffee yearly and exports a lot of its best beans abroad.
Because of Colombia’s high altitude, plantations in Bucaramanga have maintained their original “Typica” trees. These trees produce superior coffee beans which is the source of most Colombian beans. These plantations also provide the circumstances for banana trees. Coffee trees can thrive under the shade of banana trees in the tropical climate.

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What makes Bucaramanga coffee so special?

There is actually a simple answer to that. Their coffee beans. There are two main types of coffee in the world, Arabica, and Robusta. There is a little debate over which one is better, but everyone knows Arabica has a better flavor and Robusta is cheaper and it contains more caffeine and has a bigger yield.
Almost 100% of Colombian coffee is Arabica.

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What does Bucaramanga coffee taste like?

Colombia’s coffee is world-famous for its flavor. Because Colombia grows mostly Arabica beans. Therefore, Bucaramanga coffee beans are light and have a flowery and fruity taste. Being mostly Arabica, causes Bucaramanga coffee beans to make delightful light roast coffee beans. As a result, Bucaramanga coffee beans don’t need a heavy roasting process to bring out the taste.
Bucaramanga coffee has a rich aroma and it is usually reviewed as medium-bodied with a rich taste and little acidity.
Here you can see some general information about Bucaramanga coffee below:

  • Aroma: Sweet (caramel), Cocoa
  • Flavor: Sweet (fruity), Citrusy, Nutty (slight)
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Bright, Citric

Bucaramanga coffee taste reviews

Here you can find some descriptions from coffee professionals who describe the taste of Bucaramanga coffee below (these coffees were from the Colombia coffee-growing system):

  • Acidic, having a high acidity that can leave an aftertaste
  • Citrusy, with tasting notes of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit
  • Deep, filling the entire mouth with a warm sensation and flavor
  • Rich, with a taste that travels to the back of the mouth
  • Striking, meaning surprising or sudden
  • Medium-bodied, meaning tasting strong without being very strong
  • Mild, which can translate to being easy to drink

Did you know that our website brings fresh coffee beans from Colombia including Bucaramanga?
So if you have read the description about the Bucaramanga coffee and you like to try it, you just need to visit our website and order some Bucaramanga coffee.

Are Bucaramanga coffee beans dark roast or light?

As mentioned earlier, Bucaramanga coffee beans taste rich, flowery, and fruity and they don’t need to see much heat or a heavy roasting process. That’s why light roast makes Bucaramanga coffee beans one of the best coffee beans to buy.
On the other hand, Bucaramanga coffee beans are very forgiving and generous in almost any roast. That is the reason that they are ideal for espressos because they can be roasted dark without turning too much bitter. This quality lets Baristas and roasters make rich espresso blends using dark roast Bucaramanga coffee beans.
It is worthy to mention that the available Colombian coffee is aggressively priced in the market. So, it is recommended to use blended coffee in order to reduce the costs and soften the intense flavor.

Where can i buy good coffee beans?

Are Bucaramanga coffee beans high in caffeine?

Let’s have a quick review. Colombia is famous for its Arabica beans and produces Arabica beans almost exclusively. As you already know, Arabica beans almost have half as much caffeine as Robusta beans do.
High-quality Colombian or Bucaramanga Arabica coffee contains 30-50 milligrams for each espresso shot and up to 200 milligrams in an 8-ounce cup.
The bottom line is, If you are looking for a nice cup of Arabica coffee, you should choose Bucaramanga coffee. However, if you want to try a high caffeine coffee like Death Wish coffee, avoid Bucaramanga or Colombian coffee beans.

Are Bucaramanga coffee beans stronger than regular coffee?

Generally speaking, Bucaramanga or Colombian coffee is typically weaker than regular coffee. You can use a variety of different types of light and dark roast coffee using your specific coffee maker in order to run some tests. As a result, you can find a strength that is suitable for you.
Bucaramanga coffee tends to keep its integrity of flavor via different brewing methods. However, for having stronger coffee you need to use high-quality Bucaramanga coffee beans. and, for turning into a bitter brew you need to use low-quality Bucaramanga coffee beans at higher concentrations.
If you want to make a cup of Bucaramanga coffee which is stronger than regular coffee, you need to apply more coffee and less water. although using a more sophisticated brewing method, such as a French press or slow pour-over can increase your chances for a more complex and strong flavor.

Bucaramanga coffee vs Brazilian Coffee

Brazil is considered to be another major producer and a huge rival to Colombia when it comes to coffee. In this part we want to compare Colombian and Brazilian coffee in three steps:

  • Overall production of coffee
  • Types of coffee
  • Processing

bucaramanga coffee in a red cup near pc

Overall production of coffee

Statistics show that Brazil produced 62.9 million bags of coffee making it the biggest producer in the world in 2018 (each bag holds 60 kilograms of green coffee). 41.4 million Bags of Brazilian coffee were exported that year which means less than 35% of Brazilian coffee stays in Brazil.
In the same year, Colombia produced only 13.9 bags of coffee. 13.7 million bags of Colombian coffee were exported that year which means less than 2% of Colombian coffee is kept in the country.

Types of coffee

Overall, Colombia produces more Arabica coffee. Almost 100% of its production is Arabica. In comparison, Brazil produces about 70-80% Arabica coffee and 20-30% of Robusta.
This difference is because of Brazil’s lower altitude and better soil( Colombia has volcanic soil) Colombia. Since it is easier to grow Arabica coffee in Colombia, This country has more varieties of Arabica, such as Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Gesha, Colombia, and Castillo.

Blue mountain coffee beans


Broadly speaking, Colombian coffee has the reputation for being more acidic, while Brazilian coffee is more famous for being sweeter (like having notes of chocolate). Part of this difference is due to the fact that washed process is much more common in Colombia, while Brazilian farmers use more natural-processed coffees. As a general principle, the washed process makes coffee more acidic, while naturals tend to be sweeter.

Making Bucaramanga coffee

Bucaramanga coffee beans are the best option for making some specified brews. The beans that have lighter and brighter flavors can be used to make both a cup of light roast and a rich cappuccino. Arabica beans are ideal for sweeter, lighter coffees.
Many coffee purists especially Colombians believe that Arabica coffee is the best when you drink it without any additives. Colombian coffee is loved worldwide and real coffee lovers rarely mix such high-quality beans with milk.
However, coffee with milk or a latte is a standard drink. So mixing Bucaramanga coffee with milk is not recommended, but it would not be considered a sin.

So, which one to try? Read the reviews above to make the final decision. Where to buy these coffee beans from? All are available on Coffeevibes!

Best Bucaramanga coffee beans

Colombia produces one of the richest coffee types in the whole world. And Bucaramanga is one of the best regions of it. if you’ve come all the way here reading the article, you may be willing to taste this coffee. But, which brands or types are the best? We are here to introduce the best Bucaramanga coffee beans available:

  • Lavazza Espresso Barista Gran Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast
  • AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee
  • Eight O’Clock Coffee The Original, Medium Roast, Whole Bean Coffee
  • Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend, Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  • AmazonFresh Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Hair Bender Whole Bean Coffee
  • 2LB Don Pablo Signature Blend – Medium-Dark Roast – Whole Bean Coffee

Where can I buy Bucaramanga coffee?

Bucaramanga coffee beans are available in coffee retail stores around the world. If you want to buy your bag of freshly-brewed Bucaramanga coffee with ease, all you need to do is to take a look at Coffeevibes and choose your favorite type from a proper variety of different types. We offer you a collection of Arabica and blend coffee beans that are shipped directly from Colombia. All are fresh and available whenever you wish with only a few clicks.

Final thoughts

Bucaramanga which is located in Colombia has a reputation for making high-quality Arabica coffee beans that most certainly live up to the hype. It has a light body with the notes of fruit and flower.
Have you ever tried Bucaramanga coffee? Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

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