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Blue mountain coffee beans

Blue mountain coffee beans

Jamaica is one of the top coffee producing countries in the world. Although Jamaica does not produce a large portion of the world’s coffee supply, its highly qualified coffee beans are costly. Almost all of the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans are from the Arabica species of coffee. Jamaican coffee beans grow on the top of Jamaica mountains.
its mild flavor has made it one of the most desirable coffee beans of all time. In this article, we will give you more information about this well-known coffee.

What is Blue Mountain coffee?

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is an expensive precious coffee bean that is produced in Jamaica’s high mountains. With having all these remarkable features together, Blue Mountain coffee beans can be one the most demanding and expensive coffee beans in the world.


Jamaica provides multiple types of coffee beans; thus, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is obviously different from Jamaica Low Mountain or Jamaica Supreme coffee. At the height of the Jamaica Mountain, we can find more rigid, and denser beans with a mild flavor, gentle acidity, and no bitterness; besides, its aroma consists of sweet herbs and florals in the height of Jamaica mountain altitudes.

Where is Blue Mountain coffee grown?

This Jamaican coffee is grown at higher levels of the Blue Mountains. Suppose we want to name the places producing and cultivating Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica. In that case, we should refer to Saint Andrew, Saint Mary, Saint Thomas, and Portland parish. Only the coffee beans growing at these heights are considered authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans. The other kinds of coffee beans growing at the lower altitudes are not that special and don’t have a higher quality.

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Anyone can order and buy Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee online or individually, but ordering from the internet can be more convenient and safe for you. On Coffeevibes, you can find various brands and their ratings. Based on the quality of the brand, its price can vary per ounce; There are several reasons for Blue Mountain coffee’s higher price, which will be described more in the following. Besides arduous quality control, harsh weather condition, and its internationally protected brand are some of these reasons.

Why is Arabica more expensive than Robusta?


On the label of Blue Mountain coffees, we can see its particular certification marker, so if we do not see its original JBM marker, we cannot be sure that the coffee is real. this certification mark tells us that the coffee is approved to be JBM coffee and has passed rigorous quality control processes.

Quality Control

the quality control for Blue Mountain Coffee beans also contains sorting or grading and then cupping or tasting. In the first step, coffee beans are sorted or ranked based on their quality, and in the second step, the produced coffee is tasted. The coffee of Blue Mountain quality control is one of the most challenging quality control processes between various coffees. After removing the cherries and drying them out, the grading and cupping steps are after roasting the beans.


The grading step can be done by special automized sorter machines, which rank beans according to their color or are carried out manually. In grading Blue Mountain coffee beans, local women examine each bean for probable defects and sort beans by their sizes. In this process, workers omit coffee beans with various defects, like excessively large or small sizes, from other ones and use them domestically. Quality controlled beans are approved to be exported to all continents.


In this part, experts taste different coffee beans without knowing which estate or brand has produced them. This blind process helps testers to evaluate multiple kinds of coffee beans to understand whether each one meets the standards of best coffee beans or not. if they know which brand or estate is providing the coffee beans, their reputation can deviate tasters from evaluating them based on reality. After this step, which name is cupping, the coffee beans are exported to their destinations.


Different from other coffees, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees mature two times more than the average. Besides, biologically, each tree grows at different times than the others. so. harvesters must visit the same section of the farm over and over to find trees with mature coffees. This repeated checking takes a lot of time from harvesters and requires more labor than the average. If they do not visit the left sections, some trees may mature and lose their quality.

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The terrain of the Blue Mountains

In addition to the previously mentioned reason, another reason for labor-intensive harvesting is the dangerous steep and slippery terrain of the Blue Mountains. Although the heavy afternoon rain in these mountains is crucial for growing coffee trees, it can make many more challenges for harvesters. These challenges happen because the slippery steep ground can be dangerous.


About three hundred years ago, about the year 1700, King Louis XV of France sent three various plants to Jamaica as a gift. Among these three plants, only the coffee survived this long journey. Since this plant was not native to the area, they did not know its value at that time. But after cultivating a coffee plant in the area, coffee bean harvesters understood its bound to the unique weather of Jamaica. Because of the daily rain and humid place, this micro-environment of Jamaica’s hills and nutritious soil rich in Potassium, Nitrogen, and Phosphorous, the introduced new plant grown well. However, it is essential to mention that just the ground and height are not enough for its uniqueness; the process of harvesting and roasting is another crucial factor for Jamaica Blue Mountain quality.


Over ten thousand farms in Jamaica provides Blue Mountain and High Mountain Coffee. After harvesting, the beans are then cleaned and processed. Here are some estates harvesting Blue Mountain coffee beans:

  • Clifton Mountain
  •  Clydesdale
  •  Craighton
  •  Flamstead
  •  Greenwich
  •  Wallenford

Blue mountain coffee Japan

You may hear of Japanese blue mountain coffee and think that it another type of coffee. But, it’s the same coffee and since it is very popular and preferred by Japanese people, it is mostly used there. Japanese people prefer it because of its distinct flavor and easy brewing. That’s why you may come across with the name of Japan beside blue mountain coffee beans.

Best coffee beans

Why Blue Mountain coffee beans?

Besides being unique in the quality control process, another critical factor affecting the high price of Blue mountain coffee is its small supply. Jamaica produces just one percent of the world’s coffee beans supply, which is about 4 to 5 million pounds a year. According to the several billion-pound productions of other world’s coffee bean producers, this amount is not high. There is no doubt that Blue Mountain coffee is exceptional in taste and quality, so we can conclude that its demand is high. When we put its small supply besides its significant demand, we can understand why its price is enormously high. Moreover, over 80 percent of provided this coffee is immediately exported to Japan, making the left quantity much lower.

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Is Blue Mountain coffee better?

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has a special flavor and unique aroma, so you should try it once. Not only Its flawless rounded beans have very little bitterness, but also Its scent reminds you of sweet herbs. Since its taste is vibrant, floral, with notes of chocolate and hazelnuts, anyone should taste it to make an exceptional memory.

Is blue mountain coffee overrated?

The coffee from the mountains of Jamaica is known as one of the world’s most special coffee beans. however, some coffee experts believe it’s not a very high-quality coffee. Overall, coffee is a completely individual preference and there’s no way that you can rate a coffee without really tasting it.

The best Blue Mountain coffee

If you’re wondering about which brand to choose for getting this coffee, here’s the list of best brands that offer coffee from blue mountains.

  •  Volcano Wallenford estate
  • Island Blue Coffee
  •  Lina Epicure

Coffeevibes can provide you with various kinds of coffee beans of high quality.


According to the article, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee beans are one the most distinguished class of coffees. Although Jamaica is not a native land for coffee, its climate is appropriate for cultivating coffee beans, so it produces varied sets of coffee. At the height of Jamaica Mountain, Blue Mountain coffee beans grow with the help of daily afternoon rain and nutritious soil. After getting mature, local women manually rank the harvested beans to remove ones with defects. In the last step of quality control, tasters blindly try three different Jamaica estate coffee in order to qualify the provided coffee. Because of the problematic quality control and tedious cultivating, Jamaican coffee is so expensive. Not feeling a tense bitterness, tasting this kind of coffee is memorable and highly recommended.

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