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best light roast coffee beans

Best light roast coffee beans

Do you like the fruity notes of lighter roasts of coffee? How can you pick the best ones? What are the best brands producing high-quality light roasted coffee beans? Read on!

We almost always drink coffee! In the morning with breakfast, evenings as a break, or nights for long work duration. It’s important to know about the kinds of coffee beans that make coffee drinks. There are many kinds of coffee beans, most people don’t have enough information about the kind of roasted coffee beans and tend to buy the first coffee type that they come across. Information will help us to choose better things and match them with our conditions. Stay with us to find out what are the Best light roast coffee beans.

Kinds of roasted coffee beans

Coffee beans must be roasted before brewing. Normally there are three ways for roasting coffee beans. each of these methods gives us light, medium, and dark roasted coffee beans. Lightly roasted coffee beans are very different from dark roasted coffee beans in taste, the color of coffee, and some other bases. It’s important to find the best light roasted coffee beans matching your style.
The process of roasting coffee beans makes them sweeter, forces amino acids reactions, and creates smell, flavor, and color of the brown coffee beans we know. Without this process, we have dry coffee beans that don’t give us smell and taste like real coffee. After brewing, we will have some cracked coffee beans that they produced by heat and inter reactions. This made 800 to 1000 different smells that make the coffee smell.

How to pick the best roasted coffee beans

There’re a few factors to pay attention to get the best light roast coffee beans easily:

  • The quality of the coffee beans
  • The company you buy coffee from

The quality of the coffee beans

It’s important to know where are the coffee beans from. and, what their source is. how many pesticides are used, and some other reasons? But fortunately, the quality of coffee beans is always growing up.

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The company you buy coffee from

The company you buy coffee from matters a lot. If the company doesn’t have some manufacturing rolls to set all roasting in the same condition, their product won’t able to have a satisfying taste. You must choose a good company that is a strike to make a good product. The dark coffee beans are browner than light roast coffee beans.

What are the light roast coffee beans?

By those descriptions that we told on top, light coffee beans are the coffee beans that haven’t been roasted for a longer time. With this description, we can recognize that how the other roasting coffee beans are. Generally, we can say the best light roast coffee beans, have less bitterness compared to other types of roasted coffee beans.
If you think light roast coffee beans must have more caffeine, you are wrong! There are more important factors affecting the caffeine level. And, one of them is the genus of them. For example, Arabica beans are so different at the level of caffeine and they are not the same. So, it doesn’t matter how you roast your coffee beans, your caffeine level belongs to your coffee beans genus.

Coffee splashing from a cup

Best light roast coffee beans vs. other kinds of coffee beans

First, we take coffee beans, they are wet and almost unusable. We must dry them by roasting. All coffee beans contain about 9 to 12.5 percent moisture and this water could change the flavor of the coffee. If you want to find out the difference between them, follow us:


Lightly roasted coffee beans are softer and wetter, they are bigger. And, since they have more humidity, they look fresher. They have a lighter color of brown. On the other hand, dark roast coffee beans are rougher and drier. they are almost smaller and look rough. They have more cracks on their body and have powerful brown color that we know as coffee beans.


The light-roasted coffee beans have more delicate and complex flavors. They are much sweeter than the others. Briefly, lightly roasted coffee beans are sweeter, more acidic, and shinier than dark roasted coffee beans.
The dark-roasted coffee beans have less sweet flavor than the lights. They are richer and less acidic and have a bitterer flavor. These have a sharp smell and a chocolatier flavor than the light one.

Caffeine level

There are many rumors about the level of caffeine in each of them. But the important things are what the genus of them is. And, how you brew coffee, and they are not related to how they roasted.

Arabica coffee beans

How are light roast coffee beans made?

For making the light roast coffee beans, you need to roast them for an average level. To know when you must stop the roasting, you can look at beans and when you hear the first crack, your light coffee beans are ready. It’s clear that lightly roasted coffee beans have a light brown color and are so different from dark roasted coffee beans.
This is safe and suitable for housemaids because of the low temperature and fast process. You can handle this process in your home with your family. But always manufactured coffee beans have a better smell and flavor.

Benefits of light roast coffee beans

According to reputable scientific researches, lightly roasted coffee beans have more antioxidants than other roasted versions. These beans also contain higher concentrations of chlorogenic acid. consuming lighter coffee beans causes more brain material to reach the body than the darker coffee beans.
In other aspects, the properties and benefits of coffee beans are the same. In this way, they all contain caffeine, which makes the body and brain lively and fresh. The most positive effects of coffee beans are due to the presence of caffeine in them. Thus, all types of coffee beans sold in the market have almost the same properties. except that less roasted items lose fewer nutrients due to less heat and faster roasting.

The best light roast coffee beans

Using light roast coffee beans tips

Lightly roasted coffee beans have a different method of usage than roasted coffee beans. If you brew and consume light coffee beans using the roasted beans method, you will certainly not experience good taste. Most people make the same mistake because the general method of roasting coffee is the same, but the end product is different.
Coffee beans find cracks when roasted, which helps them to act faster when the taste is released. The taste of coffee comes out of these cracks. Roasted coffee beans take less time to roast and have fewer cracks due to the lower temperature they tolerate. Thus, when there are fewer cracks, less flavor is released in the same amount of time.

To solve this problem, a few things should be changed:

  • The container should be smaller
  • The water temperature should be higher
  • Wait a little longer to brew coffee

The container should be smaller

The container you use to brew the coffee beans should be smaller. As your container gets smaller, more coffee beans are exposed to heat. In this way, they spread their taste faster. If your container is large, there will not be enough space for the coffee beans to spread the flavor.

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The water temperature should be higher

When it comes to brewing less roasted coffee beans, special attention should be paid to the temperature of the water. Of course, the lower the temperature of the water, the much slower the reaction of the flavors from the coffee beans. Even at normal temperatures, no flavoring reaction occurs. To extract more flavor of coffee beans, the water temperature should be increased and this temperature should be higher than the brewing state of roasted coffee beans.

Wait a little longer to brew coffee

To get the right taste of less roasted coffee beans, in addition to shrinking the container and increasing the water temperature, you need to increase your patience and endurance. Less roasted coffee beans need to be exposed to hot water for a longer period to develop their innate taste talents.

Best light roast coffee beans to buy

If your taste buds prefer light roast coffee beans, or you have read the article above and are eager to try light roast coffee beans, there you go! But, you deserve the richest coffee beans that are produced by high-quality brands. Here is the list of our favorite picks for you:

  • Coffee Bros Light Roast Whole Bean (highly recommended)
  • Kicking Horse Coffee, Hola, Light Roast (from Canadian rocky mountains)
  • Don Tomas Nicaraguan Coffee Beans – Light Roast (grown under tree shades at higher altitudes)
  • Starbucks Veranda Blend Light Blonde Roast (offered in various flavors and origins)
  • Peet’s Coffee, Colombia Luminosa, Light Roast (highly recommended, mainly from Ethiopia, Colombia, or Huila)
  • Cameron’s Coffee Breakfast Blend (unique blends with bright flavor)

Buy the Best light roast coffee beans online

There are several choices for brands of lightly roasted coffee beans. But you should pay attention to a series of points in choosing a brand:
The company that produces natural and quality coffee beans

  • The company that doesn’t harm the environment during the production and sale process
  • The taste, smell, and taste of coffee beans are standard
  • The cost is appropriate for the customer

If the company has all these things together, no doubt the customer can safely order their coffee beans. Coffeevibes strive to provide quality products in the best conditions and deliver them to you. You can buy the best light roasted coffee beans from Amazon from the link below.


Coffee is one of the most important drinks that many people drink. Lightly roasted coffee beans are one of the models of roasting coffee beans that have more properties than other roasted coffee beans. These coffee beans have a different brewing method than others. Coffeevibes can help you have the best light roast coffee beans with only a few clicks. And, at reasonable prices.

Do you prefer light roasts of coffee too? Tell us about your roasting preferences in the comments.

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If you're a coffee fanatic who enjoys the first sip of coffee every day, you understand the magical power of good coffee beans. I've been crazy about coffee for a quite long time, and I truly enjoy learning about different types of coffee and all the facts about caffeine. So, I decided to share my experience with you to help you choose coffee beans like a pro and find your favorite type of coffee. Hope you enjoy!

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