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best coffee beans in Victoria (Australia)

best coffee beans in Victoria

Why do Australians like coffee so much? Are Australians so picky about coffee? Which city has the best coffee in Australia?

When it comes to professional coffee drinkers, Australian people are the first ones to come to mind. When a company wants to start running a coffee business, Australia is the first place to target. What about Victoria state in Australia? What are the best coffee beans in Victoria?

CoffeeVibes has prepared this article for you to help you find out everything about the coffee culture of the Australian people and also be able to pick the best coffee beans in Victoria (Australia).

So, read on!

A culture dedicated to coffee

Australia, the largest city in Oceania and the world’s sixth-largest city, is the center of coffee experts around the globe. This country is not also famous for its marvelous natural wonders, beaches, deserts, and islands, but also it has a great coffee culture with amazing facts to find out. Unlike many people these days that prefer to have their coffee with extra sugar, cream, and artificial additives, Australian people are the pickiest ones when it comes to coffee. They just do not regard coffee as a caffeinated beverage to the hype through the day. In fact, they respect coffee a lot and see it as a way of life.

decaf coffee beans in victoria

Coffee in Australian life

As mentioned above, Australian people just do not accept popular coffee drinks that are stuffed with cream and sugar and they tend to pick coffee as a coffee expert.

Another amazing fact about the coffee culture in this country is almost all of the cafes and coffee shops in Australia are owned by independent individuals. In other words, every coffee shop in this country is unique and serves the richest and most special coffee.  This country is filled with cozy and cute cafes with the best coffee and the most convenient atmosphere to sit and enjoy.

Most cities of Australia, especially Victoria state, have many investments in coffee. Plus, another famous coffee drink called “flat white coffee”, made from a double shot of espresso and micro-foamed milk was first invented by Australian people. So, when we call it “a nation, dedicated to coffee” it is not a lie!

best coffee beans in victoria

Where is Victoria in Australia?

Victoria is the most populated and also the second smallest state in southeastern Australia. It is a lively state in Australia with affordable housing and perfect job opportunities, and also it is free of traffic! Whether for a living or for a holiday trip, it is a great place with beautiful landscapes, marvelous beaches, and amazing parks and forests.

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria state and it is Australia’s best and most popular city. With lively streets full of festivals and unique cafes.

Does Victoria in Australia has the best coffee in the world?

As it was explained earlier, coffee plays a pivotal role in Australian people’s lives. You can hear sentences like “wanna grab a coffee?” in the streets of Australian cities almost all the time. Therefore, with all the attention people pay in this country pay to coffee, it is almost impossible to come across bad coffee in any city of Australia.

Best espresso beans

Best coffee beans in Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of the most popular state of Australia called Victoria, is also the capital of coffee too. In fact, Melbourne has been voted as the “city with the world’s best coffee”. Just imagine, with all these countries producing high quality coffee beans, and also with millions of coffee shops around the world, Melbourne has beaten all of them. On a lighter note, you can find the world’s best coffee beans in Victoria State.

What are the best coffee beans in Australia?

Australia is filled with professional specialty coffee roasters and also cute cafes with the richest coffee drinks. So, if you are lucky enough to have a trip to Australia, you deserve to give yourself a treat with the greatest taste of coffee. Therefore, as a team of coffee lovers, Coffeevibes has prepared a list of both the best coffee beans in Victoria and the best coffee roasters in this state as well. Follow the article to find out!

Best coffee brands in Victoria State

Here is the list of best coffee brands in Australia, rated by professional Australian coffee drinkers:

  • Lazzio: 100% Arabica, organic, with an affordable price
  • Harris: a single-origin, specialty coffee from Australia
  • Grinders: a rich and smooth coffee with so many varieties
  • Coles Urban Coffee Culture: one of the best coffee beans in Victoria sourced from Rainforest Alliance farms.
  • Lavazza: the best option for a low budget and liking of a little acidity.
  • Woolworths: also offers the best instant coffees and coffee machines.
  • Caffe Aurora: an Italian style, Australian coffee!
  • Vittoria: number one Australian coffee brand.
  • Bean Ground & Drunk Organic: 100% Arabica, organic coffee offered in many varieties.
  • Gloria Jeans: one of the best coffee brands famous for its flavored coffee beans.
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a coffee shop near the sea and bridge of australia

Buy the best coffee beans of Victoria online

Not everyone can afford a trip to Australia to get into the famous coffee roasters of Melbourne and have a joyful experience of coffee. In fact, even if you are lucky enough to take a trip to Australia, you don’t always get to have the freshest coffee beans of this country. So, What can we do? Coffeevibes is here for it!

We also understand the matter of good coffee, therefore, we are here to help you get your favorite coffee beans from Australia with only a few clicks.


When it comes to coffee, Australian people are the experts. Coffee plays a vital role in their lives and they have an amazing coffee culture. And, independent coffee business owners cover most of the Australian industry. Victoria, the most popular state of Australia, has many cities with the most special coffee supplies, providing the best specialty coffee with the richest and taste in the aroma. So, if you are a coffee lover, it is highly recommended that you try the best coffee beans in Victoria.

Have you ever been to Australia? Share your Australian coffee experience with us in the comments.


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