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Arabica coffee beans

Arabica beans

Whether you’re a pro coffee drinker or not, you may have probably heard of Arabica coffee beans since it’s the most popular coffee bean in the whole world. Arabica coffee beans have gained a good reputation over the years among coffee drinkers and baristas. It has a long history and a unique taste. If you’re looking for a type of coffee bean that mostly matching your taste or want to know more about Arabica beans, this article is provided for you. We’ve all the characteristics of these beans and explained all the reasons why this coffee is mostly consumed over the globe.

Arabian coffee

Coffea Arabica, or Arabica coffee, also known as “mountain coffee” is the most popular coffee making up almost 70 percent of the world’s coffee consumption. It has a smooth unique aroma and taste, attracting most people at the first try and making them prefer Arabica beans afterward. Arabica coffee beans come from the coffea Arabica plants which were first grown in Ethiopia then, in lower Arabia.

Let’s see why Arabica coffee is the star among other coffee beans.

Whole Arabica beans

Arabica beans types

There’re numerous types of coffee beans made from Arabica plants. In fact, they’re about a hundred species of Arabica coffee! The most popular varieties of Arabica bean are:

  • Typica
  • Caturra
  • Bourbon
  • Catimor
  • Kona
  • Gesha
  • Jackson
  • Pacamara
  • Villalobos
  • Catuai


One of the most important species of Arabica coffee is Typica. It’s the first type of arabica beans discovered. It has a mild taste and is mostly combined with other types.


Caturra coffee is known for its acidic and critical flavor and lighter body.


It’s best known for its chocolaty and fruity taste with a complex body.


Even though it’s a type of Arabica beans, it gives hints of the harsh taste of Robusta beans when drinking.


It’s one of the world’s most expensive Arabica beans because it’s grown on the slopes of two volcanos on the big island. It has a light body and a fruity taste.


Gesha coffee is getting more popular everyday and costs more than other types. The flavor gives hints of tropical fruits and it has a unique aroma.


Pacamara coffee has a balanced flavor of acidity and floral tastes.

Which coffee bean is the healthiest?


It’s acidic but has a sweeter flavor that tastes like sweet coffee beans.

Arabica coffee beans taste

The flavor of Arabica coffee can change according to the type, from smooth and sweet to sharp and spicy. But, In general, it has a smooth and milder flavor and gives notes of caramel and chocolate with every sip. Arabica beans are mostly liked for their milder and less bitter taste. Interestingly, the raw beans of Arabica also taste like Blueberries and sugar.


If you want to identify Arabica coffee beans by their looks, you should know they have a larger shape compared to Robusta beans. They have an oval shape with a light brown color.

Considering their look when growing, beans of the Arabica plant are more fragile and they take at least about six years to grow completely. Plus, they’re more sensitive to climatic conditions.

Caffeine content

Compared to Robusta coffee beans, Arabica beans contain less caffeine. An average cup of Arabica coffee has about 200 milligrams of caffeine content.


Although the acidity content of beans is highly affected by their roasting level, overall, Arabica beans are more acidic. It’s the acidity that gives the beans a fruity taste, however, if you suffer from acid reflux, you should consume Arabica coffee less.


Not only drinking a cup of good Arabica coffee gives you an amazing experience of joy, but also affects your physical and mental health dramatically. In general, we all know the fact that coffee has many health benefits for everyone. So, besides the general advantages, the benefits of Arabica coffee beans are:

  • Boosting metabolism
  • Helping burning fat and losing weight
  • Protecting cells with the help of antioxidants
  • Fighting against the bacteria in the mouth and protecting teeth
  • Including Minerals and vitamins
  • Prevents you from binge eating
  • Decreasing glucose and regulating Sugar level
  • Increasing Energy and

As a result, Arabica coffee is a great healthy beverage that has an amazing aroma and a unique flavor.


Arabica beans were first planted and harvested in Ethiopia. Then, they traveled across lower Arabica in the 12th Century, taking the name from there. Interestingly, it’s recorded as the first coffee-making process ever. The Arabian workers in Yemen found out that this coffee boosted their energy and improved their working hours. So, they started drinking it. Since then, Arabica coffee beans are widely used in the whole world from Africa to Asian countries.


Arabica beans are only grown in tropical areas and are very sensitive to harsh climatic conditions. The plant is grown only in climates with high humidity and in the shade. The berries of the Arabica plant contain two seeds which become the beans to be roasted.

best coffee beans in Victoria (Australia)

The berries of the Arabica plant should be collected by hand because they take more time to be ripe. That’s one of the main reasons why Arabica beans are more expensive than other types.


The Arabica beans were born in the tropical areas of lower Arabia. However, Nowadays, Arabica coffee is grown in other tropical regions too. The most famous Arabica coffee producing countries, besides Arabia and Ethiopia, are:

  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Guatemala

It’s worth mentioning that, these days Brazil is the biggest Arabica coffee beans producer in the whole world.


Generally, Arabica beans are more expensive than other beans such as Robusta. The main reason why Arabica coffee costs more than other coffees is that it’s more difficult to plant and grow. Moreover, the plants are more fragile to pesticides, disease, and climatic changes. Due to that, most coffee stores blend Arabica with Robusta to make it cheaper.

Arabica coffee beans roast

Roasting coffee beans is a process that gives the beans a unique and distinct flavor. each level of roasting has unique characteristics such as flavor, color, shape, and aroma. Arabica coffee beans are also offered in different toasting levels. the main roast categories for arabica coffee are:

  • dark roast
  • medium roast
  • light roast

Arabica vs. Robusta

Arabica and Robusta coffee have completely different characteristics. They can be preferred according to one’s taste buds and acidity preferences. Robusta beans have a bitter taste and more caffeine. However, Arabica coffee beans have a fruity, and chocolate-like taste and less caffeine.

Arabica coffee is more expensive than Robusta and it’s because of the higher quality of Arabica coffee. Therefore, it’s totally worth the price. Of course, you should choose the beans considering the factors mentioned above, but if you don’t mind the little price gap, buying Arabica beans can be the best option for you.

Is Arabica coffee the best?

It’s somehow impossible to go to a coffee store, or visit a coffee online store without hearing the recommendation for Arabica! Is it overrated? The answer is absolutely not! The Arabica type is worth all the positive reviews. It gives you a rich, mouth-watering experience and a treat for your taste buds every time.

How to make Arabica coffee

Firstly, you can either buy whole beans and roast them in your own style to get the richest taste, or you can buy roasted coffee beans from Arabica to start making coffee. Coffeevibes can help you get both types according to your preference.

Kenyan coffee beans

After the beans are ground, you should get a coffee-making pot (called Dallah in Arabia). Boil the proper amount of water in the container, then add the ground Arabica beans.

In this stage, you can add sugar or other sweeteners you like. But, Arabica coffee beans are sweet enough and have a mild taste. So, it isn’t necessary.

Finally, put the coffee on low heat. After a few minutes, the coffee will start to rise. You should turn off the heat. Pour the coffee gently into your cup. It’s best to let the coffee steep for a few minutes.

Now your coffee made from Arabica beans are ready to drink!

Dallah container for making arabica coffee

The best Arabica coffee brands

Overall, Arabica coffee is a high-quality coffee that has been our favorite taste for a long time. But, it’s important to get the coffee from an authentic brand that offers the freshest and richest beans of coffee. Here are some of the best brands for getting Arabica coffee from:

  • Lifeboost coffee
  • Koa coffee
  • Volcanica coffee
  • AmazonFresh the bold
  • Coffee bros

Buy Arabica coffee beans online

Arabica is the most well-known coffee and also the most accessible coffee bean to get. Therefore, there’re thousands of Arabica beans from strange brands and with very low quality. Plus, the quality and cost of the Arabica coffee may provide an option for unpopular brands to sell you Arabica coffee beans with a bad taste and higher price.

Coffeevibes can be your reliable source of buying coffee beans easily from any brand and quantity you wish. The only thing you need to do is just check out your favorite Arabica beans and order them with a few clicks whenever and wherever you wish. Coffeevibes offers you a wide range of coffee from authentic brands and at reasonable prices. So, there’s no need to waste a lot of time and money on finding the best coffee beans to buy.

Final thought

You may wonder why Arabica coffee beans are the most loved coffee by coffee lovers. The answer is, the unique aroma and mild flavor with the notes of fruits and chocolates are the factors that someone can hardly ever reject. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a regular coffee drinker, there’s no doubt that getting coffee made from Arabica beans can always put a smile on your face and give you enough joy in drinking coffee. In addition, Arabica coffee beans have a higher quality compared to other types of beans. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend too much time and money on discovering the right type of coffee, Arabica is your way to go.

Are you a fan of Arabica coffee too? What is your opinion about it? tell us in the comments.

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